In many parts of the world, the pets which people are more keen to have are dogs, cats, fish and birds. Choosing a pet entirely depends on your schedule like if you are a working person and barely get time for the house then it would be best to not to have any pet but still if you want one you can have a fish or birds. The fish bowl needs to be cleaned at least once or twice a day.

Services available for cats

Many services are offered for the cats at vets and not just cats but for other animals as well. Vets offer special discounts for rescued pets. The services available for cats include bathing and hygiene, grooming, declawing, boarding, deworming, dentistry, diagnostic imaging, flea and tick, emergency care, medications, laboratory, microchippings, nutrition, kitten care, preventive care, pain management, vaccination, surgery, neutering and spaying.

Before adopting a cat or dog do remember to get them vaccinated against diseases like rabies, panleukopenia, calci virus etc.

What to feed a cat?

 What you can feed your cat is cat food, boiled chicken, boiled chicken and rice, diluted milk and other food that is approved by the vet. Choose the renown and best cat food in order to avoid other complications for the cat because one of the major issues in cats due to poor quality cat food is urinary blockage.

Services offered by vets for dogs

There are many services that vets are offering for dogs and some of these services are vaccinations, surgery, spay / neuter, semi annual wellness exams, senior care, preventive care, puppy care, parasite treatment and prevention, pregnancy, pain management, nutrition, microchip, laser therapy, anti tick and flea treatment which is quite necessary to avoid tick fever that is lethal,  laboratory tests, heartworm prevention, grooming, gastropexy, diagnostic imaging and a lot more.

Dog grooming services include brushing of fur, bathing, and ear cleaning. Dog insurance and cat insurance Dubai are highly preferred by the pet parents and it is available in other parts of the world as well.

Whatever pet you are adopting needs proper care, love and attention. Since animals do not have ability to speak out their problems so you have to stay alert for any unusual activities they are showing or any behavioural change or lethargic activity. This becomes the part of your responsibility. If ever you find any of such changes in your pet, do not waste time in consulting your vet.

Wednesday, Dec 8, 2021