When you visit the top immigration consultants in Dubai to get the information about immigration to any other country especially Canada then you will get to know that there are different types of immigrations are present and you can choose any of them. You have to choose any of them according to your need of the time and for your future. If you want to go to Canada then you need to contact with one of the immigration consultants in Dubai for Canada as they will tell you more appropriate information about going to Canada. There are following types of immigration facility is available:

Temporary immigration: As obvious from the name, this kind of immigration is for a small period of time and you have to return back to your home country once this time period is over. You cannot stay there longer than that even if you wish to. You have to go back to your country and then again apply for another temporary visa if you want to go again. This visa is for two purposes; one is student visa to study there for a time limit and the second is visit visa to go there and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Canada. You can use this visit visa for other purposes too like to meet your relatives there or to go for any kind of treatment if recommended by doctors.

Permanent visa: This is for the whole family usually. It is mostly offered by few countries and Canada is one of them. You can apply for the permanent visa once you decided to move there with your whole family. You have to start everything again there from the scratch. But they will also help you and assist you if you want to start any business there for the living and they will also provide assistance for getting new jobs there. In Canada there are many facilities for the citizens as they will get free of cost medical treatment and many other facilities. They have to pay for these facilities through the monthly insurance scheme but the amount is too minor that they will not even think about it and can pay easily. The provide state of the art kind of medical facilities there for citizens.

With all of this information now available to you, it will be easier for you to decide which visa you should apply for.

Saturday, Jun 15, 2024