Zilliqa Announces The Launch Of Testnet V3 Codenamed Mao Shan Wang

The code name Mao Shan Wang followed the tradition of naming the project’s testnets after the Durian family of fruits. The earlier versions, version 1 was named Red Prawn and the version 2 was named D24.

Xinshu Dong, CEO at Zilliqa, explains that Mao Shan Wang is the first fully-fledged testnet in the world to implement network, transaction, and smart contract sharding. Also continues saying that this Testnet had some security issues that the security auditors discovered. Thus, necessary safety checks and extra enforcement mechanisms were an advantage to improve the stability of the system.

Mining Guide

Zilliqa team confirmed the launch of Mainnet on Jan 31st, 2019. The public mining guide on how to join Mao Shan Wang public testnet will be live on Monday (Dec 3, 2018). Generally, there are a few specifications to run the node on Testnet :

  • Ubuntu 16.04.5 64-bit OS
  • Intel i5 processor or later
  • 8GB DRR3 RAM or higher
  • Optional: GPU cards (e.g 1 x GTX 1060 with 3GB vRAM)
  • NAT environment with UPnP feature supported on your router or a public IP address.

Key features of Testnet V3

The new key features of testnet V3 are quite similar to the upcoming Mainnet :

  • Implementation of Scilla Programming Language across the network. New nodes are now able to execute contracts.
  • Implementation of Smart contract sharding, transaction sharding and network sharding.
  • Testnet ZILs, public mining is applicable in an eco-friendly manner as GPUs only run at full load for a small fraction of time
  • There are incentive mechanisms that reward nodes.
  • New easier and efficient upgrading protocol

Development Tools Implemented

The development tools include several development goodies that the community is already working on it.

  • Savant IDE is one among them. It is quite developer-friendly, as end users are no longer required to hand-code JSON files. Thus, this works by maintaining an in-memory blockchain.
  • An in-house smart contract testing framework based on RPC named Kaya is also available.

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