Ubanx Launches The Blockchain Platform For The Mainstream

The user-friendly and real-world connection to the crypto economy

[Tel Aviv, Israel, June 17th 2018 — ] During the Money Summit conference held at Beit HaHayal, Ubanx announced the launching of the world’s first blockchain platform offering a simple access to blockchain technologies. As company co-founder Mary Saracco stated, it’s platform will be the easiest, user-friendly and real-world connection to the crypto economy.

Ubanx co-founder Mary Saracco, at Money Summit at Tel Aviv.

Ubanx will deploy a retail blockchain platform based on the following three pillars:

▪ Ubanx Wallet app: user-friendly interface enabling mass adoption. The Ubanx Wallet App solves the frictions around buying and selling crypto, allows transition from/to local and international FIAT currencies offering low fees and benefits.

Ubanx Wallet app and Pro Exchange provided for illustrative purposes and may look differently and/or have different services and facilities.

▪ Ubanx Pro Exchange: cryptocurrency trading platform for traders and more experienced users. The Ubanx Exchange aims to be a trader-centric exchange, with low fees, the most convenient Fiat deposit management, and a professional and intuitive trading experience.

▪ Ubanx Spaces: key player in enabling mass adoption and creating trust with the general public. Walk-in retail stores to open your first crypto account with the help of Ubanx blockchain experts. Or, meet and connect with others while enjoying a coffee in the chill area. You can also buy hardware wallets or mining equipment in person.

Images of Ubanx Spaces are computer generated renders, provided for illustrative purposes and may look differently and/or have different services and facilities.

Token: Ubanx will issue a utility token called BANX, an ERC20 Token that powers the Ubanx platform in three ways:

  • Spend: users will be able to pay reduced fees on the Ubanx Wallet App, Ubanx Pro Exchange or on the Ubanx Spaces services and facilities, using the BANX Token.
  • Stake: users will have benefits for holding different amounts of BANX Tokens in their accounts, such as access to free Priority Pass memberships, discounts on retail products and services and participation in Community Discussion Workgroups.
  • Bid: the company will offer rights to operate a Ubanx Spaces in different geographic zones by an auctioning mechanism, run through a smart contract, that can only be won by offering the highest bid in BANX.

Partnerships: will include from hardware wallet providers, to educational institutions and frequent flyer programs. The company currently has a signed partnership with leader companies such us:

  • Priority Pass, which allows premium members to access 1000+ VIP airport lounges.
  • Trezor, which will offer their popular hardware wallets on Ubanx Spaces with special Trezor corners hosted by experts.

Ubanx team has developed the contracts, relationships and core technology to bring crypto to the masses, including the initial agreement with a fully licensed bank, Transatlantic Bank, to bring several banking capabilities to Ubanx, including card issuing, ATM access and access to payment and transfer networks.

Besides their blockchain experience, Ubanx team has vast experience in traditional banking — through the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, the World BankUBS investment bank and launching the first regulated open bank of South America.

Advisors and backers include: Steven Narayoff, a blockchain pioneer co-creator of Ethereum, Lisk, Bancor, tZERO, ZCash; Jeff Pulver, creator of VOIP; Pablo Larguia, CEO of Blockchain Accelerator Buenos Aires; and Stefano Angeli, CEO of Transatlantic Bank.

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