Таблица криптовалют (старая версия)
Название Аббревиатура Алгоритм Дата релиза Сайт Исходники Форум Explorer Спецификация
TenFive Coin 10-5 ScryptN 03/05/2014 http://tenfivecoin.com/ https://github.com/tenfive/tenfivecoin http://explorer.tenfivecoin.com/chain/Tenfive Scrypt Adaptive-N Algo Re-target using Kimoto's Gravity Well 10,500,000 total Coins 1.5 minutes per-block Update targets every four hours First 1050 blocks: Payout of 1.57079632679 per block Next 3150 blocks: Payout of 3.14159265359 per block Next 6300 blocks: Payout of 9.8596 per block Next 9450 blocks: Payout of 19.7192 per block Next 18900 blocks: Payout of 25 per block Next 37800 blocks: Payout of 50 per block Next 75600 blocks: Payout of 25 per block Next 151200 blocks: Payout of 19.7192 per block Remaining blocks: Payout of 9.8596
2chcoin 2CH Scrypt 01/09/2014 http://2chcoin.tk/ http://2chcoin.tk/2chcoin-alpha-005-r.tar.gz http://blocks.2chcoin.in/ Algo: quark Blocks every 60 seconds Block reward halving every 30000 blocks Difficulty retarget every 2 hours Max 2chcoins
365Coin 365 Keccak 02/28/2014 http://365coin.net/ https://github.com/365-Coin/365Coin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=492311.0 http://365coin.net/blockchain/ PoW Algo: SHA3 Keccak Premine: Zero Block Reward: 0.00069445 Blocks Per Day: 1440 Total Mintage: 133225 Block time: 60 Seconds Difficulty retarget: Every Block (Kimoto's Gravity Well) Min transaction fee: 0.00000050 (TX under 1 attracts no fee) Block Maturity: 100 P2P port: 8869 RPC port: 8868
FourtyTwoCoin 42 Scrypt 01/04/2014 http://www.42coin.org/ http://www.github.com/fourtytwo42/42 https://cryptocointalk.com/forum/604-42/ http://altexplorer.net/chain/42 42 coins Max 42 second block time Difficulty re-target every 7 minutes 0.00000010 Block reward for the first 419 blocks Blocks 420+ are 0.00004200 block reward Random 10x SUPERBLOCKS Block 420 is a SUPERBLOCK with 10x the normal block value Tx fees are 0.00000001 RPC port 4242 p2p port 24242 testnet port 42424
66Coin 66 Scrypt 01/26/2014 http://66coin.org/ http://github.com/66maintainer/66coin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=433358.0 66 coins Max 66 second block time Diffi re-target every 660sec (11min) 0.00000066 Block reward for the first 666 blocks after 0.00006600 Random 6.6x superblocks Tx fees are 0.0000000066
666coin 666 Scrypt 05/03/2014 http://www.666-coin.com/ https://github.com/666Coin/666Coin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=590232.0 http://explorer.666-coin.com/ 666 seconds block target Difficulty retargets every block PoW = 66.6 coins PER BLOCK for the first year (43800 blocks). From block 43801 to 66600 (PoW endtime) will be 6 coins. PoS =  every 30days Total Coins 66.6 Milions (sound 66 milions and 600 thousand) Interest on Proof of Stake: Year 1: 100% | Year 2: 75% | Year 3: 50% | Year 4: 25% | Year 5: 10% | Year 6 and ongoing: 5% 3 confirmations per transactions 25 confirmations per blocks 6.66% premine for ongoing development support, maintenance and distribution to community
AsiaCoin AC Scrypt 04/16/2014 http://theasiacoin.com/ https://github.com/AsiaCoin/AsiaCoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=566870.0 http://theasiacoin.com/explorer/ Algorithm:Scrypt Pow + PoS Symbol:AC Block target:60 seconds Block reward:10000 AC Retarget: Every block Max coin:360 Millions - 360,000,000 AC P2P port: 35656 RPC port: 36565 NO IPO Zero Premine
Aiden ADN Other 04/05/2014 http://www.aidencoin.org/ http://www.github.com/chrisfranko/aiden.git https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=558414.0 http://aiden.cryptorus.com/ 50 ADN per block Scrypt-OG 84 million coins 30 second block target NGW (with the timewarp fix)
Android Token ADT Scrypt 08/18/2013 http://adt-crypto.info/ https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B49exKIsGBn5MnZRY3djUEI4OUU/edit?usp=sharing Proof of Stake 0.1%, 30 days/60 Max Weight Tx Fee = 0.1% 180,000,000,000 Max Coins Ever 524288 Coins Per Block, Halving every 100,000 Blocks 30 Second Blocks Retarget every block, with 70 Confirms per block 6 Confirms per TX
AIRcoin AIR ScryptN 02/20/2014 http://teamaircoin.org/ https://github.com/teamAIRcoin/AIRcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=476383.0 http://teamaircoin.org/explorer/ 2 Minute Block Target Kimoto Gravity Well Difficulty Retarget Subsidy Halves ~ 5 years (future versions may increase this time) 0.25% Premined Amount 3.72 Block Reward (at launch, once exchange redundancy is achieved, block reward will dynamically adjust based on average exchange rates and growth of the Investing Pool) 1 Billion Total Coins (future versions may increase this upper limit) 6 Minute Confirmation Time
Alcohoin ALC Scrypt 01/24/2014 http://alcohoin.info/ https://github.com/Alcohoin/Alcohoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=426299.0 http://cryptexplorer.com/chain/Alcohoin Max Coins : 30,000,000 Block time : 60 seconds Tx confirmed after : 6 blocks Difficulty re-target : 5 minutes Reward : 150 ALC per block for the first 27800 blocks, then 50 ALC per block Premine : 1% for promotion RPC Port : 55555
Alphacoin ALF Scrypt 08/28/2013 http://com-http.us/coins/alf/ https://github.com/alphacoin/alphacoin http://blockexplorer.coinworld.us/chain/AlphaCoin 30 seconds block target 4 confirms per transaction. So every transaction will be confirmed in 2 mins. Difficulty retargets every 30 mins, that is every 60 blocks. Also using accelerated retargets at the beginning to completely avoid instamining. Total 210,182,000 coins. To encorage early adoption the coins per block is high for the first 3 days (block time): 1st day: 500 coins per block  2nd day: 200 coins per block 3rd day: 100 coins per block Starting 4th day, it will be 50 coins per block, will be halved every two years (or 2073600 blocks). First 1000 blocks of 1000 coins each are premined. This is used for bounty of various needs. Also the 1000 blocks are used for checkpoints. connection port is 9538, RPC-port 9539 - Scrypt
Americancoin AMC Scrypt 05/29/2013 http://amccoin.com/ https://github.com/AMCcoin/AmericanCoin http://pool.amccoin.com:2751/
AmKoin AMK SHA-256 02/10/2014 http://www.amkon.net/ https://github.com/bryceweiner/amkoin Kimoto's Gravity Well EventHorizonDeviation = 1 + (0.7084 * pow((double(PastBlocksMass)/double(28.2)), -1.228)) BlocksTargetSpacing = 7 * 60 PastSecondsMin = TimeDaySeconds * 0.23 PastSecondsMax = TimeDaySeconds * 1 Blockchain Constant block reward: 0.000023 Maximum coins: 23 20 blocks to mature 6 transactions to confirm Minimum subsidy of 0.00000010 for all transactions Estimated PoW lifespan: 5 years ZERO PREMINE
Anoncoin ANC Scrypt 06/06/2013 https://anoncoin.net/ https://github.com/Anoncoin/anoncoin/archive/master.zip http://explorer.anoncoin.net/ 3.42 minute block targets  Starts with 4.2 coin blocks until block 42000 7 coin blocks until block 77777 5 coin blocks after 77778, then subsidy halves in 306600 blocks (~2 years) A limit on 4,2 Million coins  Native I2P support (Anonymous darknet)
Animecoin ANI Quark 03/14/2014 http://animeco.in/ https://github.com/Animecointeam/Animecoin http://explorer.anime.cf/chain/Animecoin Animecoin based on modified quark algorithm. Super secure hashing: 9 rounds of hashing from 6 hashing functions (blake, bmw, groestl, jh, keccak, skein). 3 rounds apply a random hashing function. CPU mining. Premine: ABSOLUTELY ZERO. Quick block generation: 30 seconds 8192 ANI per block (halving every 120960 blocks ~ 6 weeks) Block reward will never drop below 8 ANI Total of 1.976 billion ANI will be mined in ~ 6 months, after that ~ 8 million ANI p.a. Difficulty retargets every 80 blocks (maximum 10% up or 50% down)
Antimatter ANT Scrypt 02/11/2014 http://antimatter.cc/ https://github.com/staycrypto/antimatter https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=460112.0 http://ant.thedigitalmint.org/ (<)1% Pre Mine PoW : SCRYPT 1 block every 5 minutes Up to block 20, reward is 1000 anti-particles Between block 20 and block 105120 the reward is 1.5 anti-particles thereafter: nSubsidy = 1.5 * ((nHeight / 105,120) - 1)
AlphaOmegacoin AOC Scrypt 02/06/2014 http://www.alphaomegacoin.com/ https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5LDkqGyb3dxX2V3RXJZUjRXS3c/edit?usp=sharing http://www.alphaomegacoin.org/ Progressive difficulty adjustment of every 5-10 blocks 5 min block target S crypt-based mining Reward 35,000 per block 6 confirmations per transaction Blocks Mature at 30 confirmations
Applecoin APC Scrypt 11/19/2013 http://www.applecoin.org/ https://github.com/Applecoin/Applecoin http://coin-base.org/apc_blockcrawler/ Max Coins: 50,000,000 Block Time: 120 Seconds Coin Maturity: 100 Blocks Block Rewards: Block 1-10,000  - 5-1600 Block Reward (each block random) Blocks 10,001-20,000   - 5-750 Block Reward (each block random) Blocks 20,001-25,000   - 5-300 Block Reward (each block random) Blocks 25,001-30,000   - 2-200 Block Reward (each block random) Blocks 30,001-35,000    - 2-125 Block Reward (each block random) Blocks 35,001-250,000  -40 Block Reward Blocks 250,001-500,000  -25 Block Reward Blocks 500,001-750,000  -10 Block Reward Blocks 750,001-2,000,000  -5 Block Reward Blocks 2,000,001 +   -2 Block Reward
ApeCoin APE Scrypt 12/27/2013 http://www.apecoin.org/ https://github.com/apecoin/src http://blockchain.apecoin.org/ 1 billion total coins 10,000 coins per block Re-target every 1 day Confirmations per Tx:  6 120 block maturity Block time:  1 minute
AphroditeCoin APH Scrypt 03/12/2014 http://www.aphroditecoin.org/ https://github.com/Aphrodite-coin/Aphrodite-coin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=511160.0 http://www.coincrawler.de/aph/index.php Block reward: 10 Coins Block time: 5 minutes Retarget: KGW Block halving: No Max supply: 30 million Available coins to mine: 7.5 million
Appcoin APP Scrypt 02/19/2014 http://www.appcoin.info/ https://github.com/Appcoins/Appcoins https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=475160.0 http://explorer.cryptopoolmining.com/chain/Appcoin Scrypt PoW-algorithm Kimoto Gravity Well Confirmations: 40 blocks Block rate: 60 seconds 18,800,000,000 total Appcoins 0.9% premine for bounties, giveaways/faucets & development expenses Block rewards:
Argentum ARG Scrypt 06/11/2013 http://argcurrency.org/ https://github.com/AlphaC4/Argentum http://arg.webboise.com/chain/Argentum Maximum block size increased to 10mb Maximum signature operations per block maximum increased to 100k 32 Second block time Difficulty re-targets every 250 blocks Mined blocks mature after 30 confirms Listen port: 13580 RPC PORT: 13581
Arkhash ARK SHA-256 03/16/2014 http://www.arkhash.com/ https://github.com/Arkhash/arkhash https://cryptocointalk.com/forum/1078-arkcoin-ark/ Algorithm SHA 256 Number of coins 22 222 222 Block time 660 Difficultly 1.0 Block reward 101 No. Premined 224 Port No 2980
Arkenstone ARS SHA-256 05/15/2014 http://com-http.us/coins/ars/ https://github.com/ARSCoin/arkenstone.git https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=608482.0 http://arkenstonechain.mycryptoco.in/chain/Arkenstone SHA-256 1 coin per block 15 minutes block targets (900 seconds) 4 transaction confirmations 200 minted block confirmations Subsidy halves in 105120 blocks (ca. 3 years) 200'000 total coins 2 blocks to retarget difficulty RPC Port: 7700 P2P Port: 7701
AsicCoin ASC SHA-256 09/11/2013 http://asiccoin.org https://github.com/asiccoin/asiccoin Each normal block has 1024 coins 30 seconds block time Difficulty retargets every 60 blocks (approximately 30 mins). mining payout will be halved every 3 months (259,200 blocks) Expected total mined coins will be 675,925,530 coins (not including 1 coin/block maintenance) 4 confirmations for transaction (2 mins) 70 confirmations for minted blocks The minimum payout will be maintained at 1 coin/block.
Astrocoin ASR Scrypt 01/21/2014 http://astrocoin.biz/ https://github.com/astrocoin-project/astrocoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=425367.0 http://cryptexplorer.com/chain/AstroCoin
Auroracoin AUR Scrypt 02/02/2014 http://www.auroracoin.org/ https://github.com/baldurodinsson/auroracoin-project/ https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=446062.0 21.000.000 coins block reward 25 50% premined. The premined coins will be distributed to the entire population of Iceland, commencing on midnight 25th of March 2014. RPC: 12341 NET: 12340
AustraliaCoin AUS Scrypt 04/06/2014 http://auscoins.org/ https://github.com/auscoins/AustraliaCoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=538580.0 Block Times: 30 seconds. Scrypt Port: 17050 RPCPort: 17051 Total Coins- 40 Billion Block Rewards 8000 coins per block halving every 2 years. Fair launch - First 100 blocks will be 0 Coins
BaseCoin BAC Scrypt 01/08/2014 http://www.basecoin.pw/ https://github.com/basecoin/basecoin
BatCoin BAT Scrypt 01/10/2014 http://batcoin.info/ https://github.com/OriginalBatCoin/BatCoin Difficulty retarget time is 1 hour 90 seconds block time 60,000 BAT's per block 6 confirmations for transaction 70 confirmations for mined blocks Total of 91,000,000,000 BAT's ( which is the estimated Bruce Wayne's fortune as of 2013,God, thats one rich ass BAT) 6 Guano blocks a day will deliver X4 more coins, and a super Guano block X10 coins every 4 days. Special reward on block 1337 as a tribute to my l33t hacker nemesis - The Calculator Guano is Bat Shit 2% permine
Babycoin BBC Scrypt 09/26/2013 http://www.baobeicoin.com/  96 million, about 15 years, finished digging. annual production: 6.3 million or so. SCRYPT algorithm used to generate a per-minute blocks each block 12, the first day of each block 60, the output corresponds to five days, and then remained stable Each block 12.
Blackcoin BC Scrypt 03/24/2014 http://www.blackcoin.co/ https://github.com/rat4/blackcoin http://www.blackcointalk.com/ http://blocks.blackcoin.pw/ Scrypt Algo Block time: 1 minute Difficulty retarget: every block Nominal stake interest: 1% annually Min transaction fee: 0.0001 BC Fees are paid to miners Confirmations: 10, maturity: 500 Min stake age: 8 hours, no max age Block reward: 10000 BC, no halving Max height: 10000 (after this network will not accept PoW)
Bytecoin BCN Other 07/04/2012 https://bytecoin.org/ http://sourceforge.net/projects/bytecoin-bcn/files/bytecoin-source.zip/download https://minergate.com/#/blockchain/bcn/blocks Algorithm: CryptoNight Block time: 120 seconds Difficulty retarget each block Block reward decreases each block according to the formula: BaseReward = (MSupply - A)/2
Battlecoin BCX SHA-256 01/10/2014 http://battlecoinxchange.com/ https://github.com/battlecoin/Battlecoinsource http://www.dencoinpools.com/battlecoin/blockcrawler/block_crawler.php SHA-256 pow/pos 100 Million coins total 3% premine 2% early adopters bonus 50 coins a block 1% stake every 10 days with 20 days maturity
BlackDragonCoin BDC Scrypt-Jane 05/05/2014 http://blackdragoncoin.com/ https://github.com/b-desconocido/bdc-project https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=597006.0 Block Distribution: Proof of Work Algorithm: Scrypt-Jane with Adaptive N-factor Block time: 120 Seconds/2 minutes Difficulty Retarget: own implementation of Dark Gravity Wave Confirmations: 6 Confirmations per transaction, 1000 confirmations for mined blocks Block rewards: Block 1- 200:                            1      + 1d4 Block 200-50,000:                 100 + 1d20 (20 roll is critical hit: block reward doubles and miner gets another 100 bonus coins) Block 50,000-100,000:        50   + 1d16 (+ 1/20 chance to get double rewards) Block 100,000-150,000:      30   + 1d8  (+ 1/20 chance to get double rewards[/b]) Block 150,000-200,000:     20   + 1d6  (+ 1/20 chance to get double rewards) Block 200,000+:                    10   + 1d4  (+ 1/20 chance to get double rewards) RPC port: 24042 P2P port: 24142 Premine: 1.5 % of 1 year mining period for coin development and support Approximate number of coins for the first year and for the next years of mining: First year   ~ 14,571,761 bdc next years   ~ 3,258,720 bdc a year Approximately 720 blocks a day. (1440 mins a day, 7200 blocks = 10 days, 50k blocks (block halving interval) = ~70 days)
BeaoCoin BEC Scrypt 09/24/2013 http://www.beaocoin.com/ http://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid=738555483&uk=3676261802 Max coin cap = 20,000,000 @ 1 Minute Blocks Default RPC Port=30001 Default P2P Port=40000 Difficulty Adjustment = Linear (per 10 block) Seed Node / addnode  = Seed Node / addnode  = Proxy TOR hidden services UPNP  and  IRC SSL JSON RPC Connections
Beecoin BEE Scrypt 02/12/2014 http://beecoin.co/ https://github.com/beecoin/beecoin-project https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=461550.0 PoW algorithm:Scrypt 30 seconds block time Difficulty retargets every block Total coins supply 24 billions 3 confirmations for transaction Support transaction message 1-100,000: 0-200,000 BeeCoin Reward 100,001-200,000: 0-100,000 BeeCoin Reward 200,001-300,000: 0-50,000 BeeCoin Reward 300,001-400,000: 0-20,000 BeeCoin Reward 400,001-500,000: 0-10,000 BeeCoin Reward 500,001-600,000: 0-5,000 BeeCoin Reward 600,000+:1,000 BeeCoin Reward
Beercoin BEER Scrypt 03/20/2014 http://www.beercoin.info/ https://github.com/CCPorg/BEER-BeerCoin-Ver-631-Original http://explorer.beercoin.info/ Scrypt Algo 500 Millions total coins Block time: 20 Seconds Difficulty retarget: 60 Blocks with instamining prevention Transacion confirmations: 3 confirmations that means 1 minute transaction duration (20+20+20=60) Minted block confirmations: 30 confirmations Reward halving: 2 Years Default - 50 BEER 1/100 - 100-500 BEER 1/2000 - 1000-5000 BEER 1/30000 - 10000-20000 BEER
Bells BEL Scrypt 02/06/2014 http://com-http.us/coins/bel/ https://github.com/bellscoin/bellscoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=349695.0 Max Coins: 500,000,000 Block Time: 60 Seconds Difficulty Retarget Time: 4 hours Block 1-100 2 Bells 2 Bells Blocks 101-129600 (~1st 90 days) 1% 10000 Bells 5% 1000 Bells 10% 500 Bells 14% 250 Bells 20% 100 Bells 50% 50 Bells 1% 10000 Bells 5% 1000 Bells 10% 500 Bells 14% 250 Bells 20% 100 Bells 50% 50 Bells Blocks 129601-259200 (~2nd 90 days) 1% 5000 Bells 5% 500 Bells 10% 250 Bells 14% 125 Bells 20% 50 Bells 50% 25 Bells 1% 5000 Bells 5% 500 Bells 10% 250 Bells 14% 125 Bells 20% 50 Bells 50% 25 Bells Blocks 259201-518400 (~Next 180 days) 1% 500 Bells 5% 50 Bells 10% 25 Bells 34% 10 Bells 50% 5 Bells 1% 500 Bells 5% 50 Bells 10% 25 Bells 34% 10 Bells 50% 5 Bells
Beli BELI Scrypt 02/11/2014 http://belicoin.com/ http://belicoin.com/assets/belicoin-src-(2).zip https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=460810.0 http://www.coincrawler.de/beli/ Algorithm: Scrypt (Lite) Max Coins: 900 billion Block Time: 90 Seconds Reward 240,000 Beli per block RPC PORT: 33333 P2P PORT: 33334 Premine: %0.8 for expenses, bounties, giveaways, development, support and maintenance, marketing etc.
Benjamins BEN SHA-256 02/02/2014 http://benjaminsbaby.com/ https://github.com/BenjaminsSource/Benjamins https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=444543.0 SHA Based 64 second blocks 100 Coins per block Max BENs: 12,800,000 Halves at 64,000 blocks No Premine and 0 Instamine Binaries and Source provided
Betacoin BET SHA-256 10/24/2013 http://betacoin.org/ https://github.com/betacoindev/betacoin Classic SHA-256 Algo, Proof of Work* Block target: ~4 minutes (2.5x faster than Bitcoin)** Total coin supply: 32 million coin units (will be mined in ~6 years) + small per year supply.*** Block reward 128 coins, halving every 126000 blocks (~1 year) Fast difficulty adjustment - every 6 blocks difficulty changes plus or minus 1-2% from current network. NO PREMINE - this entry was public after the first block was mined.
Butterflycoin BFC Scrypt 09/01/2013 http://butterflycoin.com/ http://bit.ly/16WMssl SHA-256 Algo POW and POS minting Block target is 30 seconds Block reward is 30 coins per block Difficulty changes every 2 blocks Block reward stays constant (30 coins per block) POS minting rewards 3% for each coin held in wallet for 30 days Total coins to be minted is 7 Billion
Billioncoin BIL Scrypt 01/12/2014 http://billioncoin.net/ https://github.com/billioncoin/bil Scrypt Algo Max Coins: 10,000,000,000 BIL Block Time: 60 Seconds Difficulty Retarget Time: 3 hours
Birdcoin BIRD Scrypt 03/02/2014 http://com-http.us/coins/bird/ https://github.com/KungFuCoin/Birdcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=496363.0 http://explorer2.sancrypto.info/chain/birdcoin Block Retargeting: Kimoto Gravity Well Coin Symbol: BIRD Scrypt Type: POW Total Coins: 7 Billion Premine: 2% Port:16050 RPC Port:16051 Block Rewards 1-50000 65536*Coins 50001-100000 32768*Coins 100000-150001 16384*Coins 150001-200000 8192*Coins 200000-250000 4096*Coins 250001-300000 2048*Coins 300001-350000 1024*Coins 350001-400000 512*Coins 400001-450000 256*Coins 450001-500000 128*Coins 500000-550000 64*Coins 550001-650000 32*Coins 650001-750000 16*Coins 750001-850000 8*Coins 850001-950000 4*Coins 950000-105000 2*Coins
Bitstar BITS Scrypt 04/17/2014 http://com-http.us/coins/bits/ http://github.com/bitstar/bitstar https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=574652.0 http://explorer.bitstarcoin.com/ Scrypt,  PoW then PoS total circulation money 54256119 POS interest 35%, 25%, 10% and 1%. Starting with 35% for first year. 30 sec block target difficulty retarget each block Only 4 confirmations for a transacaction 80 confirmations for blocks to mature! Very low transaction fees ( 0.001 )
Bladecoin BLA Scrypt 02/12/2014 http://com-http.us/coins/bla/ https://github.com/thebladerunners/blade/tree/bladec Scrypt 1024 5 minute block times Proof of Work and Proof of Stake There are 2019 tokens awarded per block The stake is set at 10 days minimum coin age and 30 days full weight Coins take 6 confirms to send and 120 to spend after mining The difficulty retargets after each block to give everybody a chance to enjoy it Starting difficulty .2 not zero so no easy mining just because you hop on quick 16,305,444 Proof of Work Coins Are Coded to be produced The proof of stake settings will make sure the network can run forever
Blakecoin BLC Scrypt 02/24/2014 http://www.blakecoin.org/ https://github.com/BlueDragon747/Blakecoin Block reward is 25 coin + inflation (square root of (difficulty + block height)) No halfing of block reward Cap in place to reduce the difficulty jumps upwards Block target time is 3 minutes and retargets every hour 7 Billion coins Block maturity 120
Billaume BLL Scrypt 03/12/2014 http://www.billaume.com/ https://www.github.com/benoitbillaume/billaume Algo : Scrypt Total coins : 200 bilions now Block Reward : 500 000 BLL Block time : 60 sec Retarget difficulty : Every minutes (when block 35000 is reached) Not premined. First block: 26/01/2014 15:44. Optional config file : billaume.conf RPC Port : 65527 P2P Port : 65528
Blitzcoin BLTZ Scrypt 03/10/2014 http://blitzcoin.ga/ https://github.com/blitzcoin/BlitzCoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=509173.0 http://cryptexplorer.com/chain/BlitzCoin PoW Algorithm: Scrypt Retarget: Kimoto Gravity Well Block Time: 60 seconds Transaction: 3 confirmations Maturity: 30 confirmations Block Reward: 10,000 BLTZ Max Supply: 100,000,000 BLTZ Premine: 1% (1,000,000 BLTZ for IPO Hybrid) RCP: 24056 P2P: 24058
Bonuscoin BNS SHA-256 04/25/2014 http://bonuscoin.net/ http://github.com/bonuscoin/bonuscoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=524212.0 http://coinok.pw/explorer/bns/ Algorithm: SHA256 - Proof of Work Block Target: 2 Minutes Block Reward: 2300 BNS + Bonuses (see below) 25% early adopter bonus drops to regular reward at block 50,000 After early adopter blocks, reward halves every 300,000 blocks Solid Difficulty Readjustment Total Coin Supply: 2.5 billion approximately Block reward minimum 10 BNS after all halving completed (inflationary) ~10,000,000 per year ALL transaction fees destroyed to offset any inflation Bonus Rewards and Super Blocks ASIC Compatible 1% premine for Bounties, faucets, games,exchange listings, general marketing, etc. KGW implemented after 2880 Blocks First 2880 blocks are a custom smoothing difficulty algorithm to keep launch fair.
Dobbscoin BOB Scrypt 01/09/2014 http://www.dobbscoin.info/ https://github.com/dobbscoin/dobbscoin-source http://dobbscoin.info/smf http://explorer.dobbscoin.info/chain/Dobbscoin SubGenius BitCoin SCRYPT Clone with larger rewards. 600 Second Blocks (10 Minutes) 50 BOBS Per Block! Block halving rate 210000 (Every 4Years) Maximum coins: 21000000 (21 Mil)
Bountycoin BOC Scrypt 09/01/2013 http://www.bountycoin.org/ https://github.com/bountycoin/BountyCoin https://andarazoroflove.org/explorer/bountycoin/ Proof of work + Proof of stake with 5% POS interest, keep your wallet open to claim this interest Good old SHA256d algorithm compatiable with CPU, GPU, FPGA and ASIC Transacation Comment  like CosmosCoin and FlorinCoin 0.0001 transaction fee  a small fee to pay  miners will still have incomes after all coin has been mined 60 seconds block time  minimize orphans Trade confirm: 3, Mine confirm: 30  fast transcation 5 coins per block Day generation: 7200 coins or 1440 blocks, stable reward after 5 days of launch Total number of coins 1500000000 (1.5 billion) enough to mine over 570 years Diff re-targets every block  no more afraid of coin-hoppers 0.5% premined for bounties Connection Port: 8512 RPC Port:18512
Bones BONES Scrypt 03/18/2014 http://com-http.us/coins/bones/ https://github.com/BonesCoin/Bones https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=521270.0 http://cryptotrends.info/Bones CRYPTOGRAPHY: Scrypt POW (Proof of Work) MAXIMUM COINS: 3,800,000 (on difficulty 3) PREMINE: 2% (bounty, giveaways, exchanges, faucets and pools) BLOCK REWARDS: 7-10 + difficulty bonus rewards BLOCK TIME: 1 Minute DIFFICULTY RETARGET: 6 Hours            1 - 200,000:  7 - 10  + difficulty bonus 200,001 - 300,000:  5 - 8    + difficulty bonus 300,001 - 400,000:  4 - 6    + difficulty bonus 400,001 - 500,000:  3 - 5    + difficulty bonus 500,001 - 600,000:  2 - 4    + difficulty bonus 600,001 - 700,000:  2 - 3    + difficulty bonus 700,001 - 800,000:  1 - 2    + difficulty bonus 800,001 - ***,***:      1         + difficulty bonus
Bosscoin BOS Scrypt 12/07/2013 http://bosscoin.org/ https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6ozLnqqdIhHM2FKM2l4OUkwR0k/edit?usp=sharing http://bosscointalk.org/ Scrypt Proof of Work 140 Character Transaction Messaging 40 coins per block 1 Minute Block Targets 1440 Block Difficulty Adjustments 40,000,000 total coins RPC PORT = 18199 P2P PORT = 18200
Boycoin BOY Scrypt 04/18/2014 http://www.boyscoin.com/ https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9F_Ja3zwf3qaUkzMC1hV00yaEE/ Algorithm: Scrypt Block Time: 30 Seconds Difficulty Retarget Time: 1 hour Premine: under 5% for Miley Cyrus Block 1 – 200,000 : 1-50,000 BOY Reward Block 200,001 – 300,000 : 1-40,000 BOY Reward Block 300,001 – 400,000 : 1-20,000 BOY Reward Block 400,001 – 500,000 : 1-10,000 BOY Reward Block 500,001 – 500,000 : 1-5,000 BOY Reward Block 600,001 – 700,000 : 1-2,500 BOY Reward Block 700,001 – 800,000 : 1-1,250 BOY Reward Block 800,001+ : 500 BOY Reward
BBQCoin BQC Scrypt 07/15/2013 http://bbqcoin.org/ https://github.com/overware/BBQCoin http://bbq.cryptocoinexplorer.com/ Each block generates 42 coins Difficulty adjustment 2016 blocks block generated every 1 minute Will never cease generating coins. “see coin generation schedule” Block reward halves every 24 million blocks or around every 45 years. Uses the Scrypt hashing algorithm RPCPORT=19323
Bestcoin BSC Scrypt 09/02/2013 http://www.bestcoin.tk/ https://github.com/BestCoin/BestCoin/ http://altcha.in/chain/Bestcoin 5 minutes block target 6 confirmations 30 confirms for mined block to mature 1 coin block reward 1,000,000 Total coins difficulty retarget every 60 minutes or 12 blocks block reward halves every 480000 blocks or 4.5 year
BitBar BTB Scrypt 05/03/2013 http://bitbar.biz/ https://github.com/aLQ/bitbar http://www.bitbars.net/forum/ http://btb.cryptocoinexplorer.com/ Ultra rare POW+POS Fast continuous difficulty and reward calculation Fair start: no foreign forum pre release no premine no slow diff corrections for hours of instamining no super-blocks at start reward of 1 BTB per 10 minutes and quickly dropping scrypt hashing
Bitcoin BTC SHA-256 10/31/2008 http://bitcoin.org/ https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin https://bitcointalk.org/ http://blockchain.info/ Bitcoins can be transferred between arbitrary nodes on the network. Transactions are irreversible. Double spending is prevented by using a block chain. Transactions are broadcast within seconds and verified within 10 to 60 minutes. Transaction processing and money issuance are carried out collectively through mining. Transactions can be received at any time, regardless of whether your computer is turned on or off.
Bitcoin sCrypt BTCs Scrypt 09/11/2013 http://bitcoinscrypt.org/ https://github.com/bitcoin-scrypt/bitcoin-scrypt https://cryptocointalk.com/forum/411-bitcoin-scrypt-btc/ sCrypt mining algorithm 50 coins per block 2 minute blocks 21 million coins total
Bytecoin BTE SHA-256 04/01/2013 http://www.bytecoin.biz/ https://github.com/ahmedbodi/bytecoin/ http://p2pool.org/BTE/BlockCrawler/ SHA-256 Algo 50 coins per block Re-target every 2016 blocks 21 million total coins 6 block confirmations
BitGem BTG Scrypt 05/16/2013 http://www.bitgem.info/ https://github.com/bitgem/bitgem http://btg.webboise.com:2750/chain/Bitgem PoW scrypt. PoS, retargeting each 10 min. difficulty adjustement each block, semi-scarce: reward 3 BTG BitGems per block, smoother reward adjustement, providing 3 BTGs as long as possible. latest upstream updates from litecoin, ppcoin, novacoin incluided. built with latest lib dependencies, enterenly with linux tool-chain. installer provided.
Bitleu BTL Scrypt-Jane 03/11/2014 http://www.bitleu.org/ https://github.com/bitleu/bitleu https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=510353.0 5,000,000,000 Billion total coins 2.5 Billion coins Premined 2.5 Billion coins for mining in 16 years Block Time: 60 Seconds Confirmations Mined Blocks: 30 Transaction Confirmations: 5 Port: 22641 RPCPort: 22640 Block 2 - 100,000 = 125 coins Block 100,001 - 200,000 = 250 coins Block 200,001 - 300,000 = 500 coins Block 300,001 - 500,000 = 1000 coins Block 500,001 - 1 000,000 = 2000 coins Block 1,000,001 - 1,500,000 = 1000 coins Block 1,500,001 - 2,000,000 = 500 coins Block 2,000,001 - 2,500,000 = 250 coins Block 2,500,001 - 3,000,000 = 125 coins Block 3,000,001 - 8,500,000 = 50 coins
Bitinium BTN SHA-256 03/09/2014 http://www.bitinum.com/ https://github.com/Bitinum/Bitinum SHA-256 100 coins per block 1 minutes block targets (60 seconds) Subsidy halves in 2.1 mln blocks (ca. 4 years) 999 million total coins 120 blocks to retarget difficulty 2% PREMINE! - will be used for promotion, developing tools, games, casinos, faucets, giveaways and services RPC Port: 3011 P2P Port: 3010
BitPeso BTP SHA-256 03/05/2014 http://www.bit-peso.com/ http://www.bit-peso.com/source/src-linux.tar.gz https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/7398-bitpeso-btp-information-added-to-1st-exchange/ http://www.dencoinpools.com/peso/blockcrawler/block_crawler.php Coin type: SHA256 Halving: 10,0000 blocks Initial coins per block: 1000 coins Target spacing: 5 min Target timespan: 5 h Coin maturity : 40 blocks Max coins: 200000000 coins P2P port 11016 RPC port 21016
CryptoBuck BUK Scrypt 08/31/2013 http://cryptobuck.com/ https://github.com/CryptoBuck/CryptoBuck https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=285224.0 https://andarazoroflove.org/explorer/cryptobuck/block_crawler.php Wallet Prefix = 3 Max coin cap = 10,000,000 @ 3 Minute Blocks POW/POS Advanced Scrypt Algorithm Hybrid Block Generator Default RPC Port=13888 Default P2P Port=12888 Difficulty Adjustment = Linear (per block) Transaction Messaging Seed Node / addnode  = Proxy TOR hidden services UPNP  and  IRC SSL JSON RPC Connections
Burbucoin BUR Scrypt 02/02/2014 http://www.burbuja.info/ https://github.com/burbucoin/burbucoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=442021.0 Algorithm: Scrypt Max Coin Limit:8,400,000,000 Block Reward: 5000 Block Time:: 2.5 minutes P2P Port:8555 RPC Port:8556 Madurity confirmations: 30 Reward adjustment: halving each 4 years Difficulty adjustment:each 5 hours
Coin2 C2 Scrypt 03/13/2014 http://www.coin2-project.org/ https://github.com/coin2-project/coin2 http://cryptotrends.info/coin2/explorer Fully Minted within hours of creating the Genesis Block 97.5% of the coin was given away to the first 1000 people with a wallet. Each of the 1000 initial people received 48,750 coins. 50,000,000 total coins. Subsidy(reward) will change to 0 coin after the first 50,000,000 coins. The network will stay alive to process transactions and 0.01C2 transaction fees will be the reward for miners on the network. The remaining 2.5% of Coin2 will be used for marketing and future projects (i.e. QR code debit card and merchant services). These coins will be sold
CacheCoin CACH Scrypt 01/01/2014 http://cachecoin.org/ https://github.com/kalgecin/CACHeCoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=400389.0 http://explorer.cachecoin.tk/ Algorithm - Scrypt-Jane Difficulty retarget - Every block Target time per block - 15 mins Adjustment Algorithm - logarithmic Coin age to stake - 7 days Reward per block - inversly proportional to the difficulty
CageCoin CAGE Scrypt 01/06/2014 http://www.cagecoin.info/ https://github.com/cagecoin/cagecoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=451389.0 http://www.cagecoin.info/index.php/explorer Max Coins: 100,000,000,000 CAGE Block Time: 60 Seconds Difficulty Retarget Time: 4 hours Premine: 0,075% - For Bounties, Faucets, Giveaways etc. Block 1-100,000: 0-1,000,000 CAGE Reward Block 100,001 — 200,000: 0-500,000 CAGE Reward Block 200,001 — 300,000: 0-250,000 CAGE Reward Block 300,001 — 400,000: 0-125,000 CAGE Reward Block 400,001 — 500,000: 0-62,500 CAGE Reward Block 500,001 - 600,000: 0-31,250 CAGE Reward Block 600,000+: 10,000 CAGE Reward
BottleCaps CAP Scrypt 08/31/2013 http://com-http.us/coins/cap/ https://github.com/bottlecaps-foundation/bottlecaps https://cryptocointalk.com/forum/242-bottlecaps-cap http://bot.webboise.com:2760/chain/Bottlecaps Algorithm: PoW Scrypt with PoS (add 51% resistance with the PoS) Block Time: 60 seconds Difficulty: Started at 0.25 with a 4hr Difficulty target time NO INSTAMINE Reward: 10 coins per block until the end Coincap: 47433600 (9 years) Block confirmations: 5 No Premine Default RPC: 8385 Default P2P: 7685
Cash CASH Scrypt 01/20/2014 http://www.cash-coin.org/ https://github.com/cryptocashnow/cash https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=424421.0 http://altexplorer.info/chains/CASH/block_crawler.php PoW/PoS Hybrid starts at 10% Stake Scrypt No premine (10 blocks were generated for testing)
Catcoin CAT Scrypt 12/21/2013 http://www.catcoins.org/ https://github.com/CatcoinOfficial/CatcoinRelease https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=441402 http://catchain.info/chain/Catcoin PoW algorithm: Scrypt Premine: ABSOLUTELY ZERO! Block reward: 50Ç per block Block time: 10 minutes Max supply: 21 million Reward halving interval: 210,000 blocks
Cataloniacoin CATc ScryptN 03/16/2014 http://www.cataloniacoin.cat/ https://github.com/Cataloniacoin/CataloniacoinS https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=518418.0 http://explorerino.com/chain/CataloniaCoin Proof of Work Algorithm: Scrypt Adaptive N Total Coins: 15.110.000 CATc Premine:49,9%( 7.539.890 CATc) IPO: 0.2%(15.110 CATc) - For Promotions, Bounties, Giveaways... Difficulty adjustment: Every block (KGW) Reward Halving: Every 1 year
ColbertCoin CC SHA-256 04/12/2014 http://com-http.us/coins/cc/ https://github.com/ColbertCoinCC/ColbertCoinCC https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=567491.0 http://explorerino.com/chain/ColbertCoin Coin name: Colbert Coin Symbol: CC Algorithm:   SHA-256 Block reward:   1 Block Time:  60 seconds Max Coins: 1,000,000 Confirmations: 6 P2P Port: 11040 RPC Port: 21040 Coin Maturity (Mined Coins): 100 No Premine
Chococoin CCC Scrypt 01/20/2014 http://chococoin.org/ https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9tSXnQPaiP0VG5aa242ektjSTA/edit?usp=sharing http://chococoin.org/block-explorer SHA256 Proof Of Work Total number of coins: 21M 100 coins per block, halving every two years 10 minutes block target RPC Port: 7777 P2P Port: 5555
CornerstoneCoin CCX Scrypt 04/27/2014 http://cornerstonecoin.org/ https://github.com/cornerstonecoin/cornerstonecoin-POS https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=584550.0 http://cryptoblox.com/chain/CornerstoneCoin POS Interest Year 1: 20%, Year 2: 10%, Year 3 and on: 2% Variable interest POS Starts after 5 days of minimum holding POS maximum holding time is 25 days (open wallet at least every 25d to mint) Scrypt PoW/PoS 4 transaction confirmations 50 minted block confirmations 45 sec block target Random 100000 - 200000 coins per block for the first 18 days (34560 blocks) After 18 days, the PoW block drops to 15 coins / block diff retarget each block Approximately 1.5% of first 10 year's total
Cloudcoin CDC Scrypt 08/27/2013 http://cloudcoin.webs.com/ http://sdrv.ms/13cvmmd PoW+PoS total number is 0.1 billion 60 seconds per block PoW block: normal reward of PoW block is 50 coins daily 1440 blocks with 1 88*50 coins super blocks, 3 18*50 coins super blocks, 10 8*50 coins superblocks, others are normal blocks daily generation: 82400 coins block reward halves every 1036800 blocks (2 year) diff retarget every block start diff is 0.1 transcation need 3 confirm, mine need 30 confirm min coin age is 7 days, max coin age is 30 days transcation comment min transaction fee is 0.00001 coin P2P Port:12344, RPCPort:12345
Canada eCoin CDN Scrypt 03/28/2014 http://www.canadaecoin.ca/ https://github.com/cannucks/thisisourcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=545675.0 http://explore.canadaecoin.ca/ scrypt (USC codebase for merged mining support) 100,000,000 eCoins 30 second block times 100 confirmations per block staggered block rewards: blocks 0-500:25 eCoins, 501-1000: 50 eCoins, 1001-2000:75 eCoins, 2001+:100 eCoins (resuming normal halving schedule after reaching 100 eCoin block rewards block halving interval: every 500,000 blocks (or about every 173.6 days) diff re-target: once per day
Pennies CENT Scrypt 08/04/2013 http://razorlove.github.io/ https://github.com/geocoin/pennies https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/975-pennies-cent-information/ https://andarazoroflove.org/explorer/pennies Based on Scrypt-Jane for CPU centric mining. No decimals, every CENT is a single, indivisible unit. 1,000,000,000 total Proof of Work coins, no halving, no special blocks. 1 Minute Block Targeting, 1 Week NFactor Retargetting, Progressive diff adjustment. 7 Day Coin-Age for Proof of Stake Minting, full coin age after a fortnight. (experimental)
Cryptographic Anomaly CGA Scrypt 02/02/2014 http://com-http.us/coins/cga/ https://github.com/s4w3d0ff/cryptographicanomaly https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=437950.0 http://cryptexplorer.com/chain/CryptographicAnomaly Scrypt Based Block Reward = 0 (unless certain conditions are met, then Block Reward = 1) Block Time = 40 sec Difficulty Refresh = 80 sec / 2 blocks Max Anomalies = 10 Billion If remainder equals exactly 0 then reward is 10 If remainder equals exactly 100 then reward is 100
Cryptogenic Bullion CGB Scrypt 06/28/2013 http://cryptogenicbullion.org/ https://github.com/cryptogenicbonds/CGB http://explorer.cryptogenicbullion.org:2750/chain/CryptogenicBullion Proof of Work/Proof of Stake Hybrid Scrypt Linear difficulty retarget (every 2 blocks) 5 Confirms 60 Second block time 10 Bullion per block (1st 55k blocks) 2% Annual PoS Subsidy halving after every 50k blocks until reward of 0.01 is reached were it will remain forever 1,000,000 CryptogenicBullion with 0.5% annual inflation Default P2P Port: 7695 Default RPC Port: 8395
Charitycoin CHA Scrypt 03/20/2014 http://www.cancercoin.org/ https://github.com/Cancercoin/Cancercoin http://www.coincrawler.de:55/chain/CancerCureCoin Scrypt Algo Max. coins: 500,000,000 CharityCoins Block Time: 2.5 Minutes Retarget time every block (Kimoto Gravity Well) Charitable 500 coins per block Every mined Block will generate 10% directly to the Fund Wallet No premine
ChainCoin CHC Scrypt 01/19/2014 http://com-http.us/coins/chc/ https://github.com/chaincoin/chaincoin 16 coins per block Reward halves every 700800 blocks (2 years) Block time: 90 seconds Total coins: About 23 million Listen Port 11994 RPC Port 11995
ChiCoin CHI Scrypt 02/02/2014 http://com-http.us/coins/chi/ https://github.com/chicoin/chicoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=423620.0 Block reward: 50 Chi coin Retarget: every 168 blocks Starting difficulty: 0.00024414 Max supply Coins: 77,000,000 Block reward halves: after 38500000 Chi coin Hash algorithm: SHA256 Block target time: 28 hours Max difficulty up: 1.05 Max difficulty down: 1.5 Minimum block reward: 0.01 Chi coin RPC Port = 58777 P2P Port = 58778
Cinnamon Coin CIN Scrypt 11/21/2013 http://cinnamoncoin.org/ https://github.com/cinnamoncoin/cinnamoncoin https://andarazoroflove.org/explorer/cinnamoncoin/block_crawler.php Scrypt Proof of Stake 5 Minute Block Target Linear Diff Retarget Block reward < 300 = 1 Coin to mitigate premine/insta-mine 1% proof of stake after 60 days of coin age 64 Coins Per Block, Halving every 2 years ~27,000,000 Million Proof of Work Coins over 10 years .01 Set Tx Fee 40 Confirms for Minted Coins to be spendable POW mining for 14 years 3 block transaction confirmation Public Key Bit: 28
Cinni Cinni Scrypt 04/16/2014 http://www.cinnicoin.co/ https://github.com/Cinnicoin/Cinnicoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=573232.0 http://cinni.coinnuke.com/blockexplorer Total coins: 15 Million Block time: 15 seconds Difficulty retarget: Every block Nominal stake interest: 3.5% annually Transaction fee: 0.005 CINNI Min stake age: 3 days Max age: 100 days RPC port: 31812
Clockcoin CKC Scrypt 01/09/2014 http://clockcoin.net/ https://github.com/clockcoin/clockcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=400477.0 60 seconds block time Difficulty retargets every block Total coins will be 525 000 000 6 confirmations for transaction 50 confirmations for minted blocks 60 coins per block, and 2 Special Blocks. Special Block of 365 CKC every 365 Blocks Special Block of 2014 CKC every 4x365Blocks (1460) The payout will be halved each year (525,600 blocks) Minimum Reward 1CKC
Copperlark CLR Keccak 08/27/2013 https://copperlark.com/ https://copperlark.com/wp-download.php?file=CopperLarkSrc.zip http://blockchain.copperlark.com/ Other Algo Hash = SHA3 (payload + random number) 27.2 Million Total Coins 4 minute blocks 360 block re-target 50 coins per block
CosmosCoin CMC Scrypt 06/28/2013 http://cosmoscoin.org/ http://github.com/cosmoscoin/cosmoscoin http://be.cosmoscoin.org/ Proof of work/proof of stake (Resistence to 51% attack) modified Scrypt algorithm Transacation Comment like FlorinCoin 0 transaction fee - 60 seconds block time 3.5 coins per block Day generation: 5040 coins or 1440 blocks - diff re-target every block Trade confirm: 3 Mine confirm: 30 fair start, no premine port: Connection: 19990 and RPC Port:19991
CHNCoin CNC Scrypt 05/01/2013 http://chncoin.org/ https://github.com/CHNCoin/CHNCoin http://cnc.cryptocoinexplorer.com/ 60 seconds block targets subsidy halves in 2628k blocks (5 years) 462.5 million total coins 88 coins per block 5040 blocks to retarget difficulty Default Port:8106, RPC port:8108
C-Note CNOTE Scrypt 01/10/2014 http://com-http.us/coins/cnote/ http://ubuntuone.com/5ffTJek6sb1tSFxaeSG2SV https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=397916.0 Block Reward – 100 Target Block Time – 100 seconds Difficulty Adjusted every 100 blocks Max Coins - 100 Million, but always pays 100 No Halving No Default Transaction Fee CPU only mining - 6 Separate hashing Functions
Colossuscoin COL Scrypt 08/22/2013 http://com-http.us/coins/col/ https://github.com/muddafudda/Infinitecoin-V2 http://cryptobullionpools.com/blocks/COL/block_crawler.php 700 Billion Coins Total 5,000,000 per block halving every 50,000 blocks. Approx 550 billion mined coins and 150 billion POS possible. Huge overhead for big POS rewards. Proof of Stake 0.5%, 15 days/30 Max Weight TX Fee = 0.1% RPC Port =12543 P2P Port = 12454 25 Second Blocks Retarget every block 70 Confirms per block 6 Confirms per TX Windows-qt Upnp Enabled.
Coino CON Scrypt 01/18/2014 http://coino.org/ https://github.com/coino/coino https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=419873.0 http://cryptexplorer.com/chain/Coino Block reward: 35 CON (First 140 Blocks only 1 Coin for instamine) Block time: 25 seconds Retarget: 1 Hour Starting difficulty: 0.00024414 Max supply: 100 million
CorgiCoin CORG Scrypt 02/02/2014 http://corgicoin.com/ https://bitbucket.org/corgicoin/corgicoin-qt https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=444700.0 http://blockchain.corgicoin.com/chain/CorgiCoin
CoinyeCoin COYE Scrypt 01/08/2014 http://coinyetheco.in/ https://github.com/realcoinyecoin/coinyecoin Algorithm: Scrypt Max Coins: 133,333,333,333 Block time: 90 Seconds Difficulty Re-Target Time: 12 hours Block Rewards: 666,666 COYE Every 100k blocks, the payout halves
CopperBars CPR Scrypt 08/11/2013 http://com-http.us/coins/cpr/ https://github.com/copperbars/copperbars Scrypt-Jane 16 Second Blocks .0064 Block Reward x 80 Billion Blocks for 512 Million total Coins NO SUPERBLOCKS AT ALL 1% Stake with 365 Days of Coin Age Required, 730 days for full weight
CraftCoin CRC Scrypt 08/31/2013 http://craftcoin.net/ https://github.com/craftcoin/craftcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=250343.0 http://crc.cryptocoinexplorer.com/ CraftCoin transfers are instant, both inside the game, and outside of the game. There is no charge to use CraftCoin. (regular network fees apply) CraftCoin is peer-to-peer and de-centralized. No more starting over and grinding to raise up money on a new server. Promotes true open markets. CraftCoins can be generated or "mined" with your computer in its spare time for free, then deposited onto your favorite server. CraftCoin is open source If you no longer need your CraftCoins, you can sell them, or give them away. Your CraftCoins are always under your control. Much much more, CraftCoin has the power to revolutionize Minecraft economies!
Credits CRD Scrypt 01/26/2014 http://futurecredits.tk/ https://github.com/creditCRD/Credit-master https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/3703-credits-crd-information/ http://blockchain4credits.tk/ Algo: Scrypt Total Blocks: 10,010,010 Total Credits:337,337,337 Block Reward: 33,7 Block Times: 30 Seconds Confirmations Mined Blocks: 70 Transaction Confirmations: 6 Port: 17778 RPCPort: 17779 Starting Diff: 0.0002 Retarget time: 1 hour
Cryptoeagle CREA SHA-256 03/03/2014 http://www.cryptoeagle.com/ https://github.com/cryptoeagle/cryptoeagle https://cryptocointalk.com/forum/1002-cryptoeagle-crea/ http://pool.webcoin.us/crea/statistics/blockchain NO PREMINE !!! SHA256 Proof of Work, based on Bitcoin Maximum of 10.000,000 CryptoEagles. 8 CryptoEagle per block. First 120 blocks are 0.5 CryptoEagle blockreward, to adjust difficulty and prevent instamine. Halving every 28349 blocks ~40 days intervals. Minimal Blockreward of 1 CryptoEagle after halving ceases. First day double blockreward for early adopters. 120 seconds block Time. 30 blocks difficulty retarget (approximately 60 mins). After 8 days (approximately 5760 blocks) difficulty algo will switch to "kimoto gravity well". 6 confirmations for transaction (12 mins). 120 confirmations for minted blocks. QR Code Support Level DB Support Addresses start with 'C'
Cryptonium CRN Scrypt 01/13/2014 http://cryptonium.org/ https://github.com/Cryptonium/Cryptonium-Coin-Source/ Scrypt Algo Number of coins per block awarded 33 max number of coins 66.000.000 600 blocks per day per 3 hours retarget difficulty
CasinoCoin CSC Scrypt 07/18/2013 http://com-http.us/coins/csc/ https://github.com/transcoder/CasinoCoin http://casinocoin.blockexplore.com/ proof-of-work algorithm 30 second block time targets 336 million total coins 720 blocks to retarget difficulty 50 coins per block, halves every 3,153,600 blocks (~3 years) fair launch, absolutely no premine
Communitycoin CTC Scrypt 08/27/2013 http://communitycoin.org/ https://github.com/CaptChadd/Communitycoin http://altcha.in/chain/Crimecoin 25 Coins a block 5 Minute Blocks 100 Million Total Coins
Catedoge CTD Keccak 03/24/2014 http://catedoge.com/ http://github.com/catedoge/catedoge https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=528453.0 PoW Algorithm: SHA-3 (Keccak) both CPUS and GPUS! Re-target: KGW Block Time: 30 seconds Initial Block Reward: 100000 Last block reward: 12,500, never dropping below this. Block halving at 36,000 blocks Premine: ~0.25% premine (All to be distributed to cates and doges here!) Total coins: 20b
Continuumcoin CTM SHA-256 01/27/2014 http://www.continuumcoin.com/ https://github.com/slayersher/CTM https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/3795-continuumcoin-ctm-information/ http://ctminsight.buddylabsapps.com/ SHA256 Proof of Work, based on Bitcoin 0.8.99 30 seconds block target 524,288 (2
Cryptobits CYB Scrypt 09/02/2013 http://com-http.us/coins/cyb/ https://github.com/Cryptomaker/Cryptobits https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/849-ann-cryptobits-cyb/ http://altcha.in/chain/Cryptobits Block Rewards- 2 Coins per block. Block Times 2 minutes. Retargets- 5 Blocks. 4 Million coins total. 2 coins per year for 5 years and halves every 5 years.
Doubloons DBL Scrypt 11/01/2013 http://doubloons.net/ https://github.com/geocoin/doubloons.git http://altcha.in/doubloons Another-another-another Litecoin clone. 6.77 coins per block, just like 6.77gms of gold in a real doubloon! Digging can continue until 8 million coins or 5 years, whichever comes first. No block decreases, diff adjustments targeted for twice per day Default RPC Port: 1337 .doubloons/doubloon.conf Need a node? Seed node= Premining? Argh, sure why not, we're pirates. There may be a few hundred blocks on the network once you connect. Diff is low on purpose so get to it.
Dokdocoin DDC Scrypt 03/01/2014 http://www.dokdocoin.org/ https://github.com/dokdocoin/dokdocoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=493712.0 http://lab.dokdocoin.org/ Algorithm : Scrypt Block Target : 60 seconds Block Reward : 100 coins per block (halves every 250,000 blocks) Max Supply : 50,000,000 total coins Difficulty Retargetting : Every block (Kimoto Graivity Well) Premine : 3.4% Covering operation costs of  the dokdocoin organization which support Dokdo promotion.
Deutsche eMark DEM SHA-256 10/12/2013 http://www.deutsche-emark.org/ https://github.com/emarkproject/DEM https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=310939.0 http://blockchain.deutsche-emark.org/ SHA256D, Proof of Work (PoW) + Proof of Stake (PoS) max. 20 Billion Proof of Work Coins (to be reached in year 2051 – 50 years after offical release of EURO) 3.8% stake / annually 50.00 DEM /block 2 minute block targets 100 blocks to coin maturation /allows in keeping jumpers rare
DigiByte DGB Scrypt 01/10/2014 http://www.digibyte.co/ https://github.com/digibyte/DigiByteProject https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=408268.0 http://altexplorer.net/chain/DigiByte 21 Billion Total Coins 60 Second Block Target 1st 3 days reward will be 16,000 per block Then 8,000 DGB Per Block, Reward Halves Every 2 Years 0.5 % Pre-Mine (105 Million) Scrypt, POW Difficulty Re-Target every 2.4 hours or 144 blocks
Digitalcoin DGC Scrypt 05/18/2013 http://digitalcoin.co/ https://github.com/baritus/digitalcoinSource http://dgc.cryptocoinexplorer.com/ Block Time: 20 seconds Enough time to minimize orphans but still provide almost instant transactions. Difficulty: Starts at 0.00024414 It will take 6-8 difficulty adjustments (or ~13000 blocks) to reach desired difficulty of 1. Reward: 20 coins per block, halved every 3 years Maximum coins: 200,000,000
CarpeDiem DIEM SHA-256 03/13/2014 http://www.carpediemcoin.org/ https://github.com/CarpeDiemCoin/CarpeDiemLaunch https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=513599.0 Port: 6480 Symbol: DIEM Algo: SHA-256 Mined DIEM Confirmations: 120 Coin target block time: 8 Seconds Block reward halves once per day Initial block reward: 1,000,000 DIEM For the First Day Total coin supply: 21.6 billion DIEM No premine
Digit DIG Scrypt 05/06/2014 http://digitpayment.org/ https://github.com/DigitSF/Digit https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=597634.0 Scrypt algorithm PoW and PoS. 60 seconds block time Difficulty adjusts every block. Minimum of 1000 DIG per block reward for  first 60 000 blocks. Mining reward smooth decreasing factor. Demand adaptable mining reward. Rising interest rate until mining has been replaced with staking. Interest periods of 30 days. Interest payout periods from 1 day. 3 conformations for transactions. 60 conformations for mined blocks. Default ports:  11100 connection; 11101 RPC.
Dimecoin DIME Scrypt 12/23/2013 http://dimecoin.org/ https://github.com/dimecoinproject/dimecoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=382164.0 http://dimexplorer.lowend.fm/ Based on Quark CPU mining About 460 billion coins 64 sec Block 65536 sec (about 18 hours and 1024 block ) change difficulty  (maximum 10% up or 50% down) 80  confirms 1024 coins per Block  (halving every 512000 blocks ~ 375 days ) Block reward : Block Number % 1024 * base Coins Block 1 is 1024 Block 2 is 2048 Block 3 is 3072 … Block 1024 is 1048576 Block 1025 is 1024 premined 8% for dev, support, bounty, and giveaway etc
Diamond DMD Scrypt 07/13/2013 http://diamondcoin.net/ https://github.com/diamondcoinproject/diamondcoin Proof of work/Proof of stake Each normal block has 1 diamond 1 minute block time 1500 diamonds per day including bonus blocks Difficulty retargets every block Mining will last for 8 years - Expected total coins will be 4,380,000 diamonds 3 confirmations for transaction 50 confirmations for minted blocks Low transaction fees. Every day on average there are randomly: 10 bonus blocks with 2 diamonds each 3 super blocks with 8 diamonds each 1 super+ block with 30 diamonds The default ports are 17771(Connect) and 17772(RPC).
DragonCoin DNC Scrypt 06/21/2013 http://com-http.us/coins/dnc/ https://github.com/hanliumaozhi/DNC https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=240048.0 http://altcha.in/chain/DragonCoin 15 seconds block targets: beat that MinCoin! 😉 42 007 680 total coins no subsidy within the first 3 days and after approximately 5 years; in between: 4 coins per generated block difficulty retargets every 0.35 days currently peers are looked up over IRC only currently no block checkpoints are in the code (but could be easily added) Other than that, this coin is exactly like Litecoin and should by no means be used as a real cryptocurrency. All of the coin parameters are chosen arbitrarily or at most with 'fairness' towards everyone in mind.
DogeCoin DOGE Scrypt 12/06/2013 http://dogecoin.com/ https://github.com/dogecoin/dogecoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=361813.0 http://dogechain.info/ Algorithm: Scrypt Max Coins: 100,000,000,000 DOGE Block Time: 60 Seconds Difficulty Retarget Time: 4 hours Premine: None
Domecoin DOME Scrypt 03/13/2014 http://com-http.us/coins/dome/ https://github.com/domecoin/domecoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=514017.0 Scrypt Algo Block reward - 718 per block for all 718 pokemon. Halving time - Rewards halve every 700,000 blocks. 50% of the coins will be mined by the first halving, 75% by the second, 87.5% by the third, etc. Block time - 30 seconds per block, just like the vote period of democracy mode. Difficulty Adjustment - 30 blocks.
DopeCoin DOPE Scrypt 01/21/2014 http://www.dopecoin.com/ https://github.com/dopecoin-dev/DopeCoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=425366.0 http://explorer.dopecoin.com/chain/DopeCoin Time to Block = 60 seconds Starting Value Per Block = 475 DOPE First Halving = 1 Year 3 confirms per transaction. Total about 575 million coins Block Retarget= 120 Blocks, After Block 5000 Every Block Scrypt Proof-of-Work Kimoto Gravity Well
Kimdotcoin DOT Scrypt 03/31/2014 http://com-http.us/coins/dot/ https://github.com/KimDotCoin/KimDotCoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=550851.0 http://kdc.pools.triplehexxx.net/explorer/block_crawler.php Scrypt Algo - PoW 500 Coin initial block reward Halves every 890000 blocks 30 Second Block Spacing Total of 890,000,000 KimDotCoins
Dollarpounds DPS Scrypt 09/02/2013 http://dollarpounds.org/ https://github.com/DollarPounds/DPS 1.5% interest per year 30 million total coins 1 block per minute 10 coins per block 0.01 transaction fee Difficulty retarget every block Transaction messages
DarkCoin DRK Other 01/18/2014 http://www.darkcoin.io/ http://www.github.com/evan82/darkcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=421615 http://explorer.darkcoin.io/chain/DarkCoin 0.00000% Pre-mined Super secure hashing algorithm: 11 rounds of scientific hashing functions (blake, bmw, groestl, jh, keccak, skein, luffa, cubehash, shavite, simd, echo) Block reward is controlled by Moore's law: (11111 / (((Difficulty+51)/6)
Dreamcoin DRM Other 05/07/2014 http://www.dreamcoin.me/ https://github.com/carsenk/dreamcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=599854.0 http://chain.dreamcoin.me/ Algorithm: X11 PoW & PoS Ticker: DRM Total coins: ~1.85 Million with PoW Block reward: Starts at 500 coins per block and drops to 100 coins per with a random 350 coins after block 3500: Reward-----Blocks 500 500 250 1500 350 3500 100 10000 PoW last: 10000 ~7 days (About a week) PoS starts after block 8000 Block Generation Time: 60 seconds PoS Minimum Age: 8 hours PoS Maximum Age: Unlimited Difficulty Readjusts every block Confirmations on Transactions: 10 CoinBase Maturity: 50 Stake interest: 15% per year No Premine
Datacoin DTC Primechain 10/08/2013 http://datacoin.info/ https://github.com/foo1inge/datacoin Perpetual data storage in blockchain (no one can censor and delete info!) Fast transactions, 1 minute between blocks CPU-mining coin Primecoin hashing algorithm
DuckDuckCoin DUCK Scrypt 02/10/2014 http://www.duckduckcoin.com/ https://github.com/duckduckcoin/duckduckcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=448221.0 http://altexplorer.net/chain/DuckDuckCoin Algo: scrypt Block reward: 0.000121 Max money - coins: 121! Extremely rare and valuable coin. (Think rare hunting game) Mined over: 12.1 months - get in now! This is the wildlife enthusiasts trophy coin! Block time: 40 sec Super duck blocks (WOW): .00121 - every 1210th block up to 300000 Super duper trophy duck blocks (WOW
Devcoin DVC SHA-256 08/05/2011 http://www.devtome.com/ https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=34586.0
EarthCoin EAC Scrypt 12/31/2013 http://earthcoin.biz/ https://github.com/earthcoinproject/earthcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=379236.0 60 seconds block target Diff retargets each block Total coins will be 13.5 billion coins 5 confirmations for transaction 50 confirmations for minted blocks support transaction message normal block on average 10000 coins per block, varies seasonly The block payout will be halved every year, minimum payout 1 coin per block The default ports are 15677 (Connect) and 15678 (RPC)
Electronic Benefit Transfer EBT Scrypt 02/02/2014 http://ebt-coin.com/ https://github.com/EBTCoin/EBT https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=437660.0 http://altexplorer.info/chains/EBT/block_crawler.php 250 million coins 30 second block time PoW Reward: 1,000 halving every 100k blocks - final subsidy of 1 coin after block 1,100,000 PoS Reward: Begins on day 30, mature at day 90 rpc Port: 3136 p2p Port: 3133 1% (2.5m) pre-mine for giveaways/bounties (see below)
ECCoin ECC Scrypt 03/06/2014 http://www.eccoin.cc/ https://github.com/eccoin/eccoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=503236.0 http://explorer.eccoin.cc/ ~18 Billion is the total of coins in the POW stage.. 50 Billion coins after 10 years Scrypt,  PoW then PoS 45 sec block target difficulty retarget each block 4 confirmations for a transacaction 50 confirmations for PoS blocks to mature Low transaction fees
EcoCoin ECO Scrypt 09/01/2013 http://www.ecocoin.info/ https://github.com/ecogroup/ecocoin.git http://forum.ecocoin.info/ http://explorer.ecocoin.info/ Scrypt-Jane/PPCoin based Starting 19 coins per block descreasing as diff increases 7 coins per block @ stable stage 45 secs block spacing 2.25 minutes block retarget Daily Retarged @ 691 blocks Difficulty starts @ 0.00024889 Maximum of 10,200,000 coins 5 Confirmations for blocks 20 Confirmations for minted blocks NFactor from 4 to 30 Proof-Of-Work/Proof-Of-Stake CoinControl from YaCoin
EdisonX3 EDISON Scrypt 03/20/2014 http://www.edisonx3.com/ https://github.com/EdisonX3/EdisonX3 https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/8561-edisonx3-edison-information/ Algo = Scrypt Max coins = 950,000,000 Block time = 30 minutes Difficulty re-targets every block Block reward = 1922 Block reward decreases by 10% every month for the first year. By the year 3000 block reward will be 50 EDISON's per block. There will be total of 950,000,000 coins created in 1000 years of mining EdisonX3. First 100 blocks .1 block reward.
EagleCoin EGC Scrypt 07/22/2013 http://com-http.us/coins/egc/ https://github.com/eaglecoin/eaglecoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=260484.0 3 minute block targets subsidy halves in 4380k blocks (~25 years) 4380 million total coins 500 coins per block 1440 blocks to retarget difficulty (~3 days) 56883 RPC port 56884 P2P port 51883 Testnet port
Elacoin ELC Scrypt 05/13/2013 http://elacoin.org/ https://github.com/elacoin/elacoin https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/130-elacoin-elc-information/ http://elc.webboise.com/ Block Time 2 minutes Elastic block reward algorithm based on the difficulty and Moore's Law The more computational power the network throws at it, the more each block will give
ElephantCoin ELP Scrypt 07/15/2013 http://elephantcoin.wordpress.com/ https://github.com/elephantcoin/elephantcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=256501.0 http://www.exploretheblocks.com/elephantcoin/block_crawler.php
Einsteinium EMC2 Scrypt 03/01/2014 http://www.einsteinium.org/ https://github.com/einsteinium/einsteinium https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=494708.0 http://cryptexplorer.com/chain/Einsteinium Algorithm Scrypt PoW Total Einsteinium 299,792,458 Initial block value 1024 Reward Reduction Method Block Halving Block Target Time 60 seconds Difficulty Re-targeting KGW RPC Port xxxx P2P Port xxxx Donation to The Einsteinium Charitable Fund (per block) 2% To Faucets, give-aways and marketing (per block) 0.5%
Emerald EMD Scrypt 06/16/2013 http://emeraldcoin.wordpress.com/ https://github.com/emeraldproject/emerald https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=235870.0 http://blockexplorer.coinworld.us/chain/emerald Ports: Connection port is 12127, and RPC-port 12128. The block reward is 5 emeralds per block halved every 2 block years Total emeralds released will be 31,499,000 Difficulty will be re-targeted every block hour, or every 180 blocks
EonCoin EON Scrypt 04/16/2014 http://www.eoncoin.net/ https://github.com/EonCoin/eoncoin.git https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=573459.0 http://cryptexplorer.com/chain/EonCoin Algorithm : Scrypt Pow + PoS Symbol : EON Block target : 30 seconds Block reward : 5000 EON Retarget  Every block Max PoW coins : 1 Billions EON P2P port : 7201 RPC port : 7200 NO IPO Premine - 0.50 % For Bounties
EternalCoin ETC Scrypt 01/20/2014 http://com-http.us/coins/etc/ https://github.com/eternalcoin/eternalcoin.git https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=423626.0 http://cryptexplorer.com/chain/EternalCoin Encryption: Scrypt Target Block Time: 3 minutes (1.5 minutes after block 11,800) Difficulty Calculation: every 10 blocks (Kimoto Gravity Well after block 11,800) Confirmations: 1 for transaction (allows individuals to use better judgement), 28 for mined block. Total Number of Coins: 210,000,000 Block Reward: 500 ETC (250 ETC after block 11,800) Block reward will not change. Pre-Mine: 1,300,000 ETC (600,000 of which, will be awarded through bounties, 50,000 will be given away on launch to 50 people) 300,000 ETC+ has already been given out through Bounties, The initial giveaway, and tips
EuroCoin EUC Scrypt 03/04/2014 http://www.eurocoin.info/ https://github.com/Eurocoin-EUC/EuroCoin.git https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=499294.0 Algorithm Scrypt Total coins 740 million Halving 200 000 blocks Initial coins per block 50 coins Target spacing 4 min Target timeSpan 75 h Coinbase maturity 15 blocks Premine: 1.05% for marketing, givaways and network testing Port: 10161 RPCPort: 10160
Extremecoin EXC Scrypt 08/17/2013 http://extremecoin.org/ https://github.com/CaptChadd/Extremecoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=276609.0 https://andarazoroflove.org/explorer/extremecoin/block_crawler.php 200 coins until block 17280 and then 1 coin per block there after. The 1 coin has been added as transaction fee's alone will not be enough at this point. 2 Minute blocks Difficulty adjustment every 2 blocks
Execoin EXE Scrypt 03/13/2014 http://www.execoin.net/ https://github.com/execoin/execoin http://explorer.execoin.net/ Algorithm: Scrypt-Progressive-N with optimized schedule (scientific name: scrypt Salsa20/8(N, 1, 1), PBKDF2(SHA2)) Max Coins: 84 million Block time: 45 seconds Subsidy: halves every 840,000 blocks (~437 days) Difficulty Re-Target Time: Every 1920 blocks (~24 hours) Block Rewards: 50 coins per block Premine: Absolutely no premine!
Exilecoin EXN Scrypt 02/21/2014 http://www.exilecoin.com/ https://github.com/BinaryThor/Exilecoin http://blockexplorer.just4dns.co.uk/index.php Scrypt & PoS 64 Coins In initial Block, it actually is 77 coins, the 64 was only discussed because of 2
EZcoin EZC Scrypt 05/30/2013 http://com-http.us/coins/ezc/ http://github.com/ezcoin/ezcoin http://ezc.p2pool.nl/ Difficulty retargets every 240 blocks. Block target: 1 minute First 500 blocks - 2000 EZC per block Next 2000 blocks - 500 EZC per block Next 2500 blocks - 250 EZC per block Thereafter 50 EZC per block
FCK BANKS COIN FCK Scrypt 01/11/2014 http://fckbanks.org/ https://github.com/fckbankscoin/fckbankscoin/ https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=407447.0 http://fckbanks.altstrade.cc/ Premine: 3% Total coins: 84 000 000 000 Initial block reward: 100000 Block halving rate: 100000 Block time: 60 seconds Difficulty retarget: every 2 hours RPC port: 21778 P2P port: 21779
FantomCoin FCN Other 05/06/2014 http://fantomcoin.org/ https://github.com/amphibia/fantomcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=598823.0 PoW algorithm: CryptoNight (64-bit CPU-only); 60 sec blocks; emission curve 22 => 50% coins will be emitted in 6 years; block reward decreases according to the formula (264 - 1 - A)*2-22*10-12 where A = supply mined to date; difficulty retargets every block; merged mining with Bytecoin (BCN) or BitMonero (BMR)
Ferretcoin FEC Scrypt 08/28/2013 http://com-http.us/coins/fec/ https://github.com/ferretcoin/ferretcoin http://altcha.in/chain/Ferretcoin 23 coins per block 123456789 total coins 1.5 minute block targets subsidy halves in 1752k blocks (~5 years) 960 blocks to retarget difficulty (~24 hours) maximum difficulty retarget 123/55 (~+123%) and 55/123 (~-55%) respectively initial nodes are automatically discovered via IRC p2p port 33033 - rpc port 33032
FreeCoin FEC Scrypt 08/07/2013 http://www.free-coin.org/ https://github.com/freecoin/freecoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=269669 http://be2.free-coin.org/ Release Time:Wed, 07 Aug 2013 15:59:59 GMT POS+POW based on YaCoin and scrypt-jane P2P port: 38887, RPC port: 38888 Total coins: 0.1 billion 45 seconds a block Reward per block: initial 88 coins, reduced by 12.95% everyday(1*1920 blocks) for 5 days, when reduced to 50% (5 days), the block reward varies based on the diff and hash power Annual interest: 0.88% - No premine Transaction comment - we decide to abondon this features considering the size of block data - Mining need 88 confirm, transaction need 3 confirm Min stake age: 5 days, max stake age: 20 days - support of more than 40 languages
Ferengicoin FER SHA-256 03/20/2014 http://www.ferengicoin.org/ https://github.com/Ferengicoin/fer https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=484841.0 SHA-256 algorithm (just like Bitcoin to mine with ASIC, GPU or CPU) Block Rate (in seconds) 180 Initial value per block 10,000 coins Block halving rate 50,000 blocks  (104 days) Maximum coins: 1,000,000,000 coins (1 billion coins) Target timespan (adjustment of difficulty) every 6 hours (re-target every 120 blocks) Coinbase maturity 200 blocks (only after 10 hours newly mined coins will become spendable to avoid double spending of new coins) 1% pre-mined
FireFlyCoin FFC SHA-256 10/25/2013 http://fireflycoin.com/ https://github.com/FireFlyCoin/FireFlyCoin 120 Coins per block 700 Billion total Coins 60 Second Blocks SHA256 POW COIN RPC 5534 P2P 5535
FlappyCoin FLAP Scrypt 02/14/2014 http://flappycoin.info/ https://github.com/flappycoin-project/flappycoin http://flapplorer.flappycoin.info/ Algorithm: Scrypt Max number of coins 100,000,000,000 FLAP in circulation after 1.5 years Block Time: 60 Seconds Difficulty Retarget Time: 4 hours Premine: None Block 1-100,000: 0-1,000,000 Reward Block 100,001 — 200,000: 0-500,000 Reward Block 200,001 — 300,000: 0-250,000 Reward Block 300,001 — 400,000: 0-125,000 Reward Block 400,001 — 500,000: 0-62,500 Reward Block 500,001 - 600,000: 0-31,250 Reward Block 600,000+: 10,000 Reward
FloridaCoin FLC Scrypt 03/24/2014 http://www.floridacoin.co/ https://github.com/sfutchko/Florida_Coin/tree/master/Florida https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=528967.0 Scrypt Algo. 10 billion coins. 30 second block time. 10000 coins per block. Re-target every block using KGW. NO PREMINE
Florin FLO Scrypt 07/17/2013 http://www.florincoin.org/ https://github.com/pascalguru/florincoin http://florinexchange.com/explorer/ Block target spacing: 40 seconds Difficulty retargets every 90 blocks Block reward: 100 FLO, halving every 800,000 blocks (about 1 year) Maximum coins: 160 million FLO Network port: 7312 RPC port: 7313
FlutterCoin FLT Scrypt 03/10/2014 http://www.fluttercoin.us/ https://github.com/thekidcoin/fluttercoin http://explorer.fluttercoin.us/ Scrypt Algo Random Proof-Of-Work Mining (POW) Rewards (halving every 262,800 blocks) Earn Flutter Coins through Proof-Of-Work, Proof-Of-Stake, or Proof-of-Transaction mining. There is no maximum number of coins, proof of work for the first 7 years is roughly a minimum 500 million and maximum 5 billion. Block 1 - 3263: Random 500 5000 (1 minute blocks) Block 3264 - 22000: Random 1000 10000 (Begin 2 minute blocks) Year 1: 5000.00 Year 2: 2500.00 Year 3: 1250.00 Year 4: 625.00 Year 5: 312.50 Year 6: 156.25 Year 7: 78.125 Year 8 on: 50
FoxCoin FOX Scrypt 01/17/2014 http://foxcoin.info/ https://mega.co.nz/#!TU9libBa!Akh8vCNQEz8R0j7S0Ujg1TPVGYhX7M3adihpYvi1OOM https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=420727.0 http://foxchain.altpool.pw:5000/chain/FoxCoin Block Distribution: PoW Algorithm: Scrypt Maximum Coins: 1 Billion (1,000,000,000) Block Retarget: 60 Seconds Difficulty Retarget: Kimoto Gravity Well Ports: RPC: 9919, P2P: 9929 Confirmations: 2 Confirmations per transaction Block Reward: See below. Premine: 25,000 FOX (0.000025%)
Freicoin FRC SHA-256 12/21/2012 http://freico.in/ https://github.com/freicoin/freicoin/ http://www.freicoin.org/ http://frc.cryptocoinexplorer.com/ blocks every 10 minutes coin supply* 100 million coins will be available difficulty adjustment 2016 blocks hashing algorithm SHA-256 Arithmetically decreasing reward 4.89% annual demurrage  80% block subsidy goes to foundation for the first 3 years (about 500 coins for each of first 161280 blocks, total 80m)
Franko FRK Scrypt 05/11/2013 http://frankos.org/ http://www.github.com/franko-org/franko http://frk.cryptocoinexplorer.com/ 30 second block targets 0.25 block reward 11,235,813 Total coins difficulty retarget 4x per day block reward halves every 22471626
FairQuark FRQ Scrypt 02/05/2014 http://fairquark.com/ https://github.com/jdgdredd/FairQuark http://finder.fairquark.com/ Super secure hashing: 9 rounds of hashing from 6 hashing functions (blake, bmw, groestl, jh, keccak, skein). 3 rounds apply a random hashing function. 247 million FairQuarks will be mined in ~ 12 months, after that ~ 1 million FRQ annually Block average time: 60 seconds Difficulty retarget time: 1 hour (max. 10% up or 50% down) Block reward: 2048 at first, halving every 42 days approx Network port: 8008 RPC port: 9008
Forexcoin FRX Scrypt 03/15/2014 http://www.globalforexcoin.com/ https://github.com/forexcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=517319.0 http://browser.globalforexcoin.com/ 1 minute per block target subsidy halves in 100k blocks 10 billions total coins 50000 coins per block 1 block to retarget difficulty
Frycoin FRY Scrypt 02/05/2014 http://com-http.us/coins/fry/ https://github.com/frycoin/frycoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=449648.0 http://cryptexplorer.com/chain/FryCoin
FastoinSHA FSS SHA-256 03/10/2014 http://com-http.us/coins/fss/ https://github.com/raziel420/fastcoinsha http://fss.daymining.com/ SHA-256 Algo Block halving every 2 weeks (or 40320 blocks) Payouts 10 FSS per block Blocktimes 30 seconds per block Total coins, a lot, like one hell of a lot, should take 400 years before it hits fee only mining. Currently 10 billion coins, but it should hit 1 coin per block payouts in 6 weeks from genesis block. Difficulty adjusts every block NEW feature, bonus mining payouts for each block after subsidy block (120960)
FastCoin FST Scrypt 05/29/2013 http://www.fastcoin.ca/ https://github.com/fastcoinproject/fastcoin http://altcha.in/chain/Fastcoin 12 seconds block target 4 confirms per transaction. So every transaction will be confirmed in 48 seconds! Difficulty retargets every hour. Using accelerated retargets at the beginning (similar algorithm as that in Luckycoin), so to eliminate instamining. 32 coins per block, halves every 12 months (2,592,000 blocks) Total 165,888,000 coins connection port is 9526, RPC-port 9527 - Scrypt
Feathercoin FTC Scrypt 04/16/2013 http://www.feathercoin.com/ http://github.com/FeatherCoin/FeatherCoin http://ftc.cryptocoinexplorer.com/ Default port is 9336 Forwarding this port can help if you have connection problems Default RPC port is 9337  This is the port is point your miners towards if solo mining 2.5 minutes block target 504 blocks to retarget difficulty 41.4% maximum change on difficulty retarget Block reward halves every 840,000 blocks
Fuckcoin FUCK Scrypt 01/18/2014 http://fuckco.in/ https://github.com/fuckcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=421182.0 http://blockchain.fuckco.in/ Scrypt algorithm 69 seconds block target 69 minutes Re-Target 69 FUCKs block reward 100696969 total FUCKs Reward halfes every 696969 blocks (~ 556 days) Premined (< 5%)
Frozen FZ Scrypt 12/10/2013 http://frozencoin.org/index.php http://www.mediafire.com/download/m3bcc37vj50hmc9/Frozen-Qt.rar Super secure hashing: 9 rounds of hashing from 6 hashing functions. 3 rounds apply a random hashing function. CPU mining Quick block generation: 30 seconds 50 Fz per block. Difficulty retargets every 20 blocks (maximum 10% up or 50% down. Only 7.7 million Fz available
Gaelcoin GAC Scrypt 03/07/2014 http://www.gaelcoin.org/ https://github.com/GaelCoin/GaelCoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=506076.0 http://block.gaelcoin.org/chain/Gaelcoin PoW Algorithm: Scrypt Retarget Time:  48 min Block Time: 2 Min Initial Block Reward: 50 Max Supply: 640 Million Pre-Mine : 1% or 6.500.000 GAC , 5.000.000 will go towards the Early Adopters based in Ireland.
GayCoin GAY Scrypt 02/14/2014 http://www.gaycoin.eu/ https://github.com/Gaycoins/Gaycoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=465940.0 Maximum Coins: 777,777,777 GAY Block Time: 60 Seconds Difficulty Retarget Time: 4 hours RewardsBlock 1-200,000 : 0-99 GAY Reward Block 201,000 -300,000 : 0-88 GAY Reward Block 301,000 -400,000 : 0-77 GAY Reward Block 401,000 -500,000 : 0-66 GAY Reward Block 501,000 -500,000 : 0-55 GAY Reward Block 601,000 -700,000 : 0-44 GAY Reward Block 701,000 -800,000 : 0-33 GAY Reward Block 801,000+ : 22 GAY Reward
Grand Coin GDC Scrypt 07/12/2013 http://grandcoin.org/ https://github.com/grandcoin/grandcoin http://grandcoin.org/blocks/ 45 second block time 6 blocks transaction confirmation 50 minted block maturity 30 block difficulty retarget accelerated diff re-targeting Supports transaction messages coins per block halves every year, or 700800 blocks 0 premine tx fee 0.1% 45 sec block 80 blocks per hour 1920 blocks per day 57600 blocks per month 700800 blocks per year (365 days) expect total 1,420,609,614 coins Normal Payout per block: 1000 coins per block  Ports: - Connection: 12377  RPC: 12378
Global Denomination GDN Other 04/21/2014 http://www.globaldenomination.org/ https://github.com/GlobalDenomination/GDN https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=578574.0 http://www.gdexplorer.org/ Target block times of 1 minute, Block reward of 40 GDN, Rewards mature after 5 Blocks, Rewards halve after 700k Blocks (+ 1 Year). Super Secure X11 Hashing Algorithm Difficulty is recalculated by Kimoto’s Gravity Well Patched For Time Warp. A total of 56 million GDN to be mined (21 Million in 1st year.)
GeoCoins GEO Scrypt 09/02/2013 http://andarazoroflove.org/cryptocurrency/geocoin/ https://github.com/geocoin https://andarazoroflove.org/explorer/geocoin/ Scrypt Algo Difficulty Re-target every 20 blocks 33 coins per block 1 billion total coins Transaction Messages Block maturation 25 confirms
GermanyCoin GER Scrypt 03/20/2014 http://www.germanycoin.net/ https://github.com/germanycoin-src/germanycoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=523083.0 http://explorer.germanycoin.net/ Proof of Work algorithm: Scrypt Total coins: 42,000,000 GER Premine: ~50% to german people / small part (< 0,5%) for bounties/development Initial Coins per block: 25 GER Block reward decreasing 1 coin every 40 days Block reward on german reunion day (Third October) will be 100 coins Block target: 1 minute Difficulty adjustment: every block , KGW p2p port: 12667 rpc port:12666
GiftCoin GFT Scrypt 01/16/2014 http://com-http.us/coins/gft/ https://github.com/GiftCoin/giftcoin-release https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=392465.0 PoW algorithm: Scrypt Block reward: 50 GFT Block time: 5 minutes Retarget: 2,016 blocks Starting difficulty: 0.00024414 Max supply: 50,000,000 Block rewards: Halves after 200,000 blocks
Ghostcoin GHC Scrypt 03/10/2014 http://ghostcoins.org/ https://github.com/Ghosthy/Ghostcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=509522.0 http://ghostbe.cipherpool.com/ 750,000,000 Total Coins 30 Second Blocks Confirmations Mined Blocks: 40 6 Confirmations on Transactions Long Term ASIC Resistance POS/POW Hybrid POS 20% for first 2 years POS 25% for the next 2 years POS  30% for the following 2 years After that POS will remain at 5% per annum. Port 14070 RPC Port 14071 1% Premine for Development, Future Projects, Maintenance and Distribution to Community.
Giarcoin GIARCOC ScryptN 03/28/2014 http://giarcoin.com/ https://github.com/Geckoin/Giarcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=545529.0 Algorithm: Adaptive N-Factor Scrypt. Block Reward: 50 GIARCOC. First 200 Blocks: 5 GIARCOC. Block Time: 1 min. KGW: After mined 180 blocks. Premine: NO Ports: default Port 55984 default RPC port 55983 Max amount: 50000000 Subsidy halves in 420,000 blocks
Gil GIL Scrypt 07/14/2013 http://com-http.us/coins/gil/ https://github.com/hydroponica/gil http://altcha.in/chain/Gil 45 Second target block time Transactions require 3 confirmations Difficulty adjusts every 150 blocks Max coins, 180,000,000
Girlcoin GIRL Scrypt 04/18/2014 http://www.girlcoin.org/ https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9F_Ja3zwf3qN2llcHpmb200Q2c/ Algorithm: Scrypt Block Time: 30 Seconds Difficulty Retarget Time: 1 hour Premine: under 5% for Miley Cyrus Block 1 – 200,000 : 1-50,000 GIRL Reward Block 200,001 – 300,000 : 1-40,000 GIRL Reward Block 300,001 – 400,000 : 1-20,000 GIRL Reward Block 400,001 – 500,000 : 1-10,000 GIRL Reward Block 500,001 – 500,000 : 1-5,000 GIRL Reward Block 600,001 – 700,000 : 1-2,500 GIRL Reward Block 700,001 – 800,000 : 1-1,250 GIRL Reward Block 800,001+ : 500 GIRL Reward
Globe GLB Scrypt 12/07/2013 http://com-http.us/coins/glb/ https://github.com/Sphere2013/GlobeCrypto https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=360255.0 60 second block time (fast but secure) 10 coins per block for first two months 5 coins thereafter + 4% annual inflation -adjusted every day (every 1440 blocks) 20% tax on coins 10% for reserve fortress and price stabilization mechanism. 10% to dev. team for bounties, advertising and future development. In an attempt to be truly transparent monthly reports displaying tax collected, reserve levels and state of price stabilization mechanism will be provided. P2P Port = 8684 RPC Port = 8682 Add node =
GlobalCoin GLC Scrypt 08/27/2013 http://global-coin.net/ https://github.com/cryptoparts/Globalcoin http://blockchainx.com/chain/Globalcoin Total Coins: 70 million Block target: 40Secs Difficulty retargets: every block Confirms: 8 Halves every year or 288400 blocks
Gold Coin GLD Scrypt 06/11/2013 http://www.gldcoin.com/ https://github.com/goldcoin/gldcoin http://gld.cryptocoinexplorer.com/ 2.5 minute block targets up till block 44999 2 minute block targets thereafter 504 blocks per difficulty retarget up to block 44999 60 blocks per difficulty retarget thereafter
Gollumcoin GLM Scrypt 03/29/2014 http://www.gollumcoin.com/ https://github.com/gollumcoin/gollumcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=548093.0 http://cryptoblox.com/chain/GollumCoin algorithm: scrypt 60 seconds blocktime block reward: 50 GLM 17.000.000 GLM to be mined block rewards halfs every month difficulty retargets every 60 Blocks KGW implementation starts after 48h bonus blocks for early adopters (1st 32h) 0.9% premine for bounties, giveaways & marketing after 12 months blockreward = 1 GLM/block = 525600 GLM per year i.p.
Galleon GLN Keccak 03/20/2014 http://www.glncoin.com/ https://github.com/GalleonBank/galleon Algorithm : Keccak SHA-3 Proof of Work Symbol : GLN Block target : 30 seconds Block reward : 2000 GLN Difficulty : Retargeting using Kimoto Gravity Well algorithm. Total coin supply : 2 billions Confirmations: 4 Maturity : 120 P2P port : 5601 RPC port : 5600
Galtcoin GLT Scrypt 01/23/2014 http://galtco.in/ http://sourceforge.net/projects/galtcoin/ 42,000,000 Coin Maximum Scrypt Algorithm 600 Second Block Rate Halving every 420,000 blocks
Galaxycoin GLX Scrypt 08/27/2013 http://galaxycoin.wordpress.com/ https://github.com/galaxycoin/galaxycoin http://glx.webboise.com:2790/chain/Galaxycoin Proof of work/proof of stake Scrypt 30 seconds block time 64 coins per block Retarget every block using last 10 blocks average Trade confirmation: 3 Mint confirmation: 50 Total number of coins 538,214,400 (8 Years) Fair start, no premine Ports: Connection 15521 and RPC Port 15522
Gamecoin GME Scrypt 09/01/2013 http://www.gamecoin.cc/ https://github.com/Petr1fied/gamecoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=263600.0 http://gme.p2pool.nl/chain/Gamecoins 2.5 minute block targets 48 blocks (2 hours) to retarget difficulty subsidy halves every 840,000 blocks (~4 years) ~1.67 billion total coins 1000 coins per block Default P2P port is 9776 Default RPC port is 9777
Genesiscoin GNS ScryptN 03/16/2014 http://genesiscoin.info/ https://github.com/GenesisCoinTeam/genesiscoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=518258.0 http://explorerino.com/chain/GenesisCoin Algorithm: Scrypt-Progressive-N with the N-Adapter increasing every 365 days, starting at N=2048 and ending at N=1899504000 Start time: 06:00:00 P.M. (GMT) Monday, March 17, 2014 Symbol: GNS Max Coins: 30 billion Block Time: 60 seconds Block Rewards: 20000 coins per block Decrease: 5% every 86400 blocks (~60 days) Difficulty Re-Target Time: Starts with 0.000244. From block 1 to 1439: retarget every 40 blocks. From 1440 onward all block will be using Kimoto Gravity Well algorithm to calculate difficulty Coin Maturity: 120 blocks Each block you have a 0.138% chance to get a 'Gold' block (payout x10), 0.27% to get a 'Silver' block (payout x6), and a 0.55% chance to get a 'Bronze' block (payout x3). That works out to having roughly 2 Gold, 4 Silver, and 8 Bronze blocks per day.
Goatcoin GOAT Scrypt 01/27/2014 http://com-http.us/coins/goat/ https://github.com/GOATCoin/GC SHA-256 Algo 6 million total coins 0.6 Goat per block Block halving at 5,000,000 blocks 3 min block targets
MtGoxCoin GOX Scrypt 02/10/2014 http://mtgoxcoin.com/ https://github.com/mtgoxcoin/mtgoxcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=506287.0 http://explorer3.sancrypto.info/chain/MtGoxCoin/ Start date: Mon, 10 Feb 2014 11:00 PM GMT Algo: Scrypt - Proof Of Work Coins per block: 25 GOX Block time: 3 Minutes Difficulty retargeting: 10 Blocks Total coins: 1B/83years Premine: 0.09%/972k Unit: GOX Birth of genesis block: Fri, 28 Feb 2014 Code: Based on with our own custom algorithms fixes Rpcport: 9988 P2port: 9977 Wallet Update: Block 16000
Gold Pressed Latinum GPL Scrypt 09/02/2013 http://com-http.us/coins/gpl/ https://docs.google.com/file/d/0Bx1G7d6xWpRaeWU4V3lxWC05VFE/edit?usp=sharing http://www.gpl.cryptocoinexplorer.com/ Scrypt-Jane Proof of Work+Proof of Stake 0.2 coins per block 1 million total coins 30 second blocks 2% transaction fee RPC Port = 23640 P2P Port: 23641
GPUCoin GPUC Scrypt 03/13/2014 http://www.gpucoin.net/ http://www.github.com/micryon/GPUcoin http://www.gpucoinforum.com/ http://explorer2.sancrypto.info/chain/GPUCoin PoW Algorithm: Scrypt-N Retarget: Every block using KGW Initial Block Reward: 20,000 Max Supply: 13.5 billion Block Halving Rate: 250,000
Graincoin GRA Scrypt 12/07/2013 http://graincoin.webs.com/ https://github.com/grain-crypto/grain https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=361503.0 http://coinblockchain.com/grain/ 30 seconds block target 1024-2048 grains per block for normal blocks 8 times or 64 times the regular payout per block for super blocks depends on the number of 9s in the previous hash Difficulty retargets every block mining payout will be halved every 90 days (259200 blocks) minimum payout per block 1 coin Total grains will be 50 billions 6 confirmations for transaction 50 confirmations for minted blocks Ports: 11054 (connection) and 11055 (RPC)
GridCoin GRC Scrypt 10/25/2013 http://www.gridcoin.us https://github.com/gridcoin/Gridcoin-master Re-target difficulty: 30 minutes 2.5 min block targets, for quick confirmations for merchants. Block reward: VARIABLE:    5 to 150 subsidy.    5 is rewarded if you mine with a miner like cgminer without Boinc running on the machine, 6-150 if you mine with boinc running, you will receive a calculated subsidy based on boinc utilization. Total coins: 84 million
Greececoin GRCE Scrypt 03/15/2014 http://www.greececoin.net/ https://github.com/Greececoindev/Greececoin Scrypt Algorithm Total Supply: 32,000,000 Million Block Target: 2 mintues Block Reward: 32 coins Difficulty retarget: KGW (every block) Block Reward halving every 250,000 blocks
Graphene GRP Scrypt-Jane 03/23/2014 http://www.grpcoin.com/ https://github.com/GrapheneCoin/graphene https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=527890.0 ASIC-resistant : Scrypt Jane Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake Mining Block time : 2.5 Min Block Reward : Start from 3000 GRP, Inversely proportional to the difficulty Difficulty : Adjustment every block. Adjustment algorithm : Logarithmic. Transaction Maturity : 4 Confirmations Block maturity : 200 blocks Total supply : 5 Bln GRP Coin age to Stake : 10 Days RPC Port : 5200 Net Port : 5201 Premine : 0.1%
Grumpycoin GRUM Scrypt 02/07/2014 http://grumpycoins.com/ https://github.com/grumpycoin/grumpycoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=403936.0 Algo: Scrypt Total coins: 50,000,000,000 (50 billion) Block Time: 2 minutes Block reward: 500,000 coins Block Halving: Every 20,000 blocks Diff Retarget: Every 8 h Premine: 0.24 %  (For bounties and giveaways)
GrowthCoin GRW Scrypt 08/27/2013 http://www.growthcoin.org/ https://github.com/growthcoinproject/growthcoin Each normal block has 100 coins 45 seconds block time Difficulty retargets every block Mining payout will be halved every 3 months (or every 172,800 blocks) Expected total mined coins will be 37,368,000 coins 3 confirmations for transaction 50 confirmations for minted blocks Support transaction messageHourly random bonus block of 500-1000 coins (that is, 1/80 chance to get a bonus block). The default ports are 17177(Connect) and 17178(RPC).
Gatescoin GTC Scrypt 01/01/2014 http://www.gatescoin.com/ total of 33 million coins produced per 1 minute a block each block area returns to 100 GTC difficulty adjusted once every 10 days compensation reduced by half block area
Guncoin GUN Scrypt 05/01/2014 http://www.guncoin.info/ https://github.com/guncoin/guncoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=498671.0 http://gunchain.com/ CRYPTOGRAPHY: Scrypt POW (Proof of Work) MAXIMUM COINS: 500,000,000 PREMINE: 10% (50,000,000) for IPCO Contributors BLOCK REWARDS: Only 1 for the first 180 blocks for launch. Adjusted to 200 after block #180 BLOCK TIME: 2 Minutes DIFFICULTY RETARGET: DigiShield implemented at block #30 REWARDS HALF: Every 500,000 Blocks
H2O Coin H2O ScryptN 03/20/2014 http://www.h2ocoins.org/
Hashcoin HASH Other 05/03/2014 http://www.hashcoin.me/ http://github.com/carsenk/hashcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=568453.0 http://chain.hashcoin.me/ Block time: 60 seconds Difficulty retarget: Every Block with Dark Gravity Well Min transaction fee: 0.0001 HASH Confirmations: 6 P2P port: 64698, RPC port: 64699 Max coins: 44,000,000 HASH Algorithm: X11 (blake, bmw, groestl, jh, keccak, skein, luffa, cubehash, shavite, simd, and echo)
HoboNickel HBN Scrypt 07/24/2013 http://hobonickels.info/ https://github.com/Tranz5/HoboNickels/tree/master/src http://hobo.gets-it.net/ Based on bottlecaps. uses the proven amazingly stable CAP algo. Proof of Stake scrypt 5 coin blocks 30 secs 120 million minted quick transactions 30 seconds is pushing the speed barrier
Hirocoin HIRO Other 03/15/2014 https://www.hirocoin.org/ https://github.com/HiroSatou/Hirocoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=516349.0 http://explorer.hirocoin.org/ 60 Second blocks 400 Coins a block Subsidy at 840,000 block (~1.6 years) Total Coins 672m Client Port 9348 RPC Port 9347
HongKongCoin HKC SHA-256 03/16/2014 http://www.hongkongco.in/ http://www.hongkongco.in/hongkongcoinsource.zip https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=518669.0 http://hkc.exploreblocks.com:2754/chain/HongKongCoin Type: SHA256 Coin Halving: 50000 Blocks Coins per block: 6000 Blocktime: 1 min Target timespan: 5 h Coin maturity: 50 blocks Max coins: 600000000 P2P port: 11077 RPC port: 21077 Distribution Premine 2.5%
Hotcoin HOT Scrypt 12/26/2013 http://www.hot-coin.org/ https://github.com/hotcoin/hotcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=382947.0 Based LiteCoin, Scrypt algorithms, secure and reliable Generate a block every two minutes A total amount of 29,000,000 To be fair, the first 30 days of each block contains 20 coins, 30 days after each block contains 40 coins, each block of 290,000 coins in half. Revenue recognition period is 120 blocks Difficulty adjusted once every three days Sound alert
Huitong HTC Scrypt 10/25/2013 http://huitongbi.com/ http://pan.baidu.com/s/15QWJC Scrypt-HTC Algo (CPU only). 100 coins per block. 21 million total coins. Block every 5 minutes. Re-target every 12 hours.
HTMLCoin HTML Scrypt 03/08/2014 http://www.htmlcoin.com/ https://github.com/HTMLCOIN/SOURCE_CODE https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=507215.0 http://html.exploreblocks.com:2780/chain/HTMLcoin Scrypt Proof of Work RPC Port = 28777 P2P Port = 38777 Total Coins = 100000000000 Coin Per Block = 50000 1 Minute Blocks 8 Hour Retarget Time Blocks found per day = 1440 * Dependant on hashrate Initial Seed node =
Huntercoin HUC Scrypt 01/27/2014 http://huntercoin.org/ https://github.com/chronokings/huntercoin http://huc.explorer.dot-bit.org/ Human Mining – Control Hunters to harvest coins in another dimension using strategy, time & teamwork. 1 Minute Block Times. Dual Algorithm –SHA256 + Scrypt. Each algo has separate difficulty, both targeting 2 minute blocks. Both are Merge Mineable.. See http://wiki.chronokings.com/index.php?title=Mining Total 10 coins Per Block – 1 to the miner, 8.75 onto the Map. Crown of Fortune – 1 Unique Item on the map which will generate 0.25 HUCs per block When a Hunter harvests coins and brings them back to a spawn area, the coins will materialize in their wallet, Miners will receive 10% of these ‘banked’ coins (TAX) When a Hunter is killed, 4% of the coins they held will be taken by miners. The rest will be dropped to the ground. Hardware Miners should receive in total (over time) 20% of the Block Reward (2 Coins) + Player Death Taxes. 42 Million Total Coins Retarget Every block based on last 2016 Blocks (for each algo separately) - (PPC Style) Can be considered a basic decentralized P2P MMOCG (Massively Multiplayer Online Cryptocurrency Game), which takes place within the block chain. Includes all relevant features of other crypto currencies. Integrated Client Chat – Player can chat per block. Starting cost per Player is 1 HUC
Heavycoin HVC Other 03/08/2014 http://heavycoin.github.io/ https://github.com/heavycoin/heavycoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=506774.0 http://heavychain.info/ ASIC-resistant: Introduces HEFTY1, a novel approach to ASIC-resistant proof-of-work Ultra-secure: combines SHA-256, Keccak-512, Grøestl-512, BLAKE-512 in a secure way Block time: 2 Min Retarget up: Every 5 blocks (max 100%) Retarget down: Every block (max 400%) Starting block reward: 0 (for first 100 blocks ~ 3.3 hours) Block reward: 1024 max (decentralized block reward voting) Total supply: 63M to 128M HVC (depending on decentralized block reward voting) Multipool protection: Temporal Retargeting Premine: 1-2% (depending on total supply) for future development, support and maintenance Bounties: 1-2% (depending on total supply) for strategic direction and promoting of heavycoin IPO: 4-8% (depending on total supply) already distributed over 172 stakeholders
Helixcoin HXC Keccak 02/26/2014 http://helixcoinproject.com/ https://github.com/HelixCoin/HelixCoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=489172.0 http://explorer.helixcoinproject.com/ Another scrypt crap-coin? No! Only the great sha-3 keccak algorithm is worthy of the helix fossil! Block reward? 151 coins per block to honor the first 151 pokemon . Subsidy halves every 6 months Block time? 40 seconds per block, the delay of twitch controls Difficulty? Kimoto Gravity Well retargeting Eleventy billion coins? No! 120,000,000 total coins ever to be mined Premine? Premines are going out of style. Only a fair 0.16% premine
Hypercoin HYC Scrypt 09/01/2013 http://www.gigabytestorm.com/hypercoin-hyc-now-trading-on-cryptsy-com/ https://github.com/hypercoin/hypercoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=218737.0 http://explorer.hycco.in/chain/Hypercoin Ultra-fast 40 second blocks 25 coins per block Only 75,000,000 ever minted Near instant transactions Only a few pre-mined for bounties (not 100k or 500k, more like 8k)
I0coin I0C Scrypt 08/27/2013 http://i0coin.snel.it/ http://github.com/rsnel/i0coin/
iCoin IC Scrypt 01/10/2014 http://icoin.pw/ https://github.com/captainhooks/icoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=407866.0 http://ichain.altpool.pw:5000/chain/iCoin Transaction confirmations: 3 Starting diff: 0.000244 Block reward: 100 ICOIN Block time: 3 minutes Retarget: 480 blocks Reward halving interval: 128,000 blocks Port: 9889 RPCPort: 9888
Infinitecoin IFC Scrypt 06/05/2013 http://infinitecoin.org/ https://github.com/infinitecoin/infinitecoin http://exploretheblocks.com:2750/chain/Infinitecoin 30 seconds block target Initially 524,288 (2
ImperialCoin IMP SHA-256 03/01/2014 http://imperialcoin.pw/ http://github.com/ImperialCoin/ImperialCoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=493737.0 SHA-256d ASIC friendly Trading POW 1,024,000,000 total coins Initial 1,024 block reward Reward halves every 102400 blocks
INKcoin INK Scrypt 03/13/2014 http://www.inkcoin.org/ https://github.com/inkcoin/inkcoin-project http://inkcoin.org/explorer/index.php Algorithm: SHAvite-3 How many coins? 11,000,000 max coins 50 coins per block Reward halves every 110,000 blocks NO PRE-MINE Difficulty re-targets every 7 days
Imperial Coin IPC Scrypt 02/20/2014 http://www.imperialcoin.org/ https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B8h8dMv3613DaTVzMEVOMGpKYUk     Currency Name: Imperial Coin     Currency Symbol: IPC     Total Available Coins (In Network): 1,600,000,000 (1.6 billion)     Coins/Block: 1,000     Block Time: 5 Minutes     RPC Port: 36980     P2P Port: 36981
Isracoin ISR Scrypt 03/26/2014 http://www.isracoin.org/ https://github.com/israelcoin/Isracoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=529409.0 http://blockexplorer.israelcoin.org/ Algorithm: Scrypt Block Time: 1 minute Difficulty Retarget: 1 minute + DigiShield Premine: 10% - Airdrop distribution Mining Launch Date: March 26 2014 Next Reward Halving: 3 years
ItalyCoin ITC Scrypt 09/19/2013 http://www.italycoin.org/ https://github.com/corryl/ItalyCoin 5 Billion coin maximum. A new block every 60 sec. 50 coin per block. 2 days retarget RPC Port: 9004
iXcoin IXC SHA-256 08/10/2011 http://www.ixcoin.co/ https://github.com/FrictionlessCoin/iXcoin http://block.al.tcoin.info/chain/Ixcoin Launched (first block mined): April 29, 2011 21 million maximum coin cap 10 minute block times 2016 block difficulty reset period 96 coin block reward
Junkcoin JKC Scrypt 05/04/2013 http://www.jkcoin.com/ https://github.com/Hartland/JKC http://jkc.cryptocoinexplorer.com/ Total coins will be around 107 millions 1 minutes block target Difficulty re-targets once per day Coinbase: 50 coins per block. It will also be halved about every two years (every 1036800 blocks). Mining will be shut down after 12 years. In regular mining (after first 4 bonus days), there will be 1% chance a block will yield triple of the normal coins (e.g. in the first 2 years there's 1% chance you get 150 coins per block). There is also 1/10,000 (0.01%) chance that a block will yield 1000 coins. This is valid for all 12 years of the mining. The default ports are 9771 (connect) and 9772 (json rpc).
Jerkycoin JKY Scrypt 01/09/2014 http://www.jerkycoin.com/ http://www.jerkycoin.com/jerkycoin.zip Algo: SHA-256 Total coins: 76 million , Block reward: 144 JKY Block reward halves every 400,000 blocks Block target is 40 seconds. Difficulty changes every 300 blocks. Interval dif @ .03 Nfactor start:8 Catch-phrase for pzTime: It’s the Jerky Standard of exchange
JennyCoin JNY Scrypt 03/23/2014 http://com-http.us/coins/jny/ https://github.com/JennyCoin-Project/JennyCoin.git https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=527919.0 http://cryptotrends.info/JNY Total Coins - 867530900 1 Minute Blocks Difficulty will change every block Algo - Scrypt Block Reward 867.5309 Coins mature after 30confirms Transactions take 5confirms Blocks 1-10 1% Premine total of 8,675,309JNY Blocks 11-60 0 coins mined before launch to mature premine Blocks 61-100 10 coin block reward Blocks 101-500 50 coin block reward Blocks 501-1000 100 coin block reward Block 1001 867.5309 coin block reward
J-Coin JPU Scrypt 09/09/2013 http://com-http.us/coins/jpu/ https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B9cvOfoOekSddVJGVC1DZEhJM3M/edit?usp=sharing 21 million coin cap POW; 20 million POS; 41 million total POS/POW Scrypt Jane SSDRA Retarget System ArtForz timetravel patch 1 coin per block Only 250 coins premined on bounties 30 second blocks 520 confirms required to mint a block transaction based demurrage of .00005 to .0001 coins per block block subsidy halves every 400,000 blocks to a minimum susidy of .0777 N doubles every 4000 retarget cycles. each cycle is longer over time 5% interest on stake UPNP support, no conf file necessary Life span of many years, no unfair premine.
Karmacoin KARM Scrypt 02/04/2014 http://www.karmacoin.info/ https://github.com/karmacoin-team/karmacoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=447657.0 http://explorer.karmacoin.info/ NO PRE-MINING Mac, Windows, and Linux wallet Scrypt based 1 minute block targets subsidy halves in 2.1M blocks (~4 years) Approximately 92 billion total coins 10,000 coins per block with an additional bonus payout based on the block number being mined 240 blocks to retarget difficulty port 9432
KlondikeCoin KDC Scrypt 01/09/2014 http://klondikecoin.com/ https://github.com/klondikecoin/klondikecoin http://explorer.klondikecoin.com/ 1 block per minute. 77 coins per block. 1440 Blocks Per Day. Subsidy halves in 129k blocks. 19948654 total coins. Difficulty retarget every 24 hours
Kudos KDS Scrypt 10/12/2013 http://com-http.us/coins/kds/ https://github.com/cryptoftw/kudos.git Based on latest Litecoin ( code scrypt PoW No premine / Instamine First 100 blocks - reward is 1 KDS After first 100 blocks - reward is 100 KDS Reward halving every 86400 blocks (~90 days) Minimum reward is 1 KDS until cap at 100 000 000 KDS Block time is 90 seconds RPC Port: 9765 P2P Port: 9766
Klingon Darsek KED Scrypt 09/02/2013 http://com-http.us/coins/ked/ https://github.com/scificoin/Darsek http://www.ked.cryptocoinexplorer.com/  Pos/Pow     0 transation fee     1 minute blocks     3.5 per block  1440 blocks a day     no super blocks
Futurecoin kFC Other 05/02/2014 thefuturecoin.org https://github.com/thefuturecoin/futurecoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=592473 Algorithms: Skein, Groestl, SHA256 Block rewards: Starts at 100 kFC (see block schedule below) 3 minute block time, 1 min per algo nDefaultPort = 10900 nRPCPort = 10901 Proof of Work 1-526,000 blocks - 500 kFC - From 2014-2015 526,000-1,052,000 - 250 kFC - From 2015-2016 1,052,000-1,578,000 - 125 kFC - From 2016-2017 1,578,000-2,104,000 - 67.5 kFC - From 2017-2018 2,104,000-2,630,000 - 33.25 kFC - From 2018-2019 2,630,000-∞ - 16.625 kFC - From 2019-∞
Krugercoin KGC Scrypt 06/30/2013 http://www.krugercoin.co/home/ https://github.com/krugercoinproject/krugercoin http://altcha.in/chain/Krugercoin Extremely low difficulty 0 Block Time: 15 Sec. Confirmations: 4 Difficulty Retarget: About 8.4 hours Block Reward: 32 coins halved every 2 years (4,147,200 blocks) Coins: 265,420,800 Default Port:8771, RPC port:8772
Killercoin KILR Scrypt 03/27/2014 http://killercoin.eu/ https://github.com/killercoin/killercoin-master https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=530736.0 http://blockchain.killercoin.eu/chain/block_crawler.php Coins per block = 1000 KILR Max coins available = 2 Billion Block retargeting = Block 0 - 1000 we will try to produce 60 blocks every 2 hours... LOL but we all know that won't happen!, so Kimoto Gravity Well retargeting will kick in at block 1001, just to irritate all you instaminers and pool hoppers! (DIGISHILED switch over at block 42000 due to recent vulnerability found) Based on the Litecoin code, but with a Killer Finish! Bonus blocks:
Kakacoin KKC Scrypt 01/30/2014 http://www.kakacoin.com/ https://github.com/Mr-alex/kakacoin http://explorer.kakacoin.com:8888/ Scrypt GPU and CPU 1024 Coins In initial Block 60 Second as Block Interval Halving Every 2048 Blocks 12 Millions will be mined in 2 years 30 Millions in Total after 2020
Ekrona KRN Scrypt 02/02/2014 http://com-http.us/coins/krn/ https://github.com/ekrona/ekrona https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=421376.0 scrypt PoW 40 coins per block 3.3 minutes block targets (200 seconds) Subsidy halves in 500k blocks (ca. 3.3 years) 40 million total coins 324 blocks to retarget difficulty 0 PREMINE! RPC Port: 9444 P2P Port: 9445
KashmirCoin KSC Scrypt 03/30/2014 http://www.kashmircoin.org/ http://github.com/kashmircoin/kashmircoin.git https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=550728.0 http://abe.kashmircoin.org:10017/ 1001 coins max Algo: scrypt Block time: 101 seconds Retarget: every 10 minutes Transaction: 3 confirmations RPC port 10011 P2P port 11010 Tx fees: 0,00001
Latium LAT Scrypt 05/15/2014 http://www.latium.cc/ https://github.com/LatiumCoin/Latium/ https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=610614.0 Algorithm: PoS (100% proof of stake) Coin Symbol: LAT Block Time: 150 Seconds Coinstake Maturity: 48 Blocks Interest Rate: 50% APR Transaction Fee: .01 LAT Minimum Stake age:  6 Hours Maximum Stake Age: 7 Days
Lebowskis LBW Scrypt 07/21/2013 http://lebowskiscrypto.wix.com/lebowskiscrypto https://github.com/lebowskis/Qt/archive/master.zip http://lbw.webboise.com:2796/chain/Lebowskis PoW/PoS hybrid based on bottlecaps Mining Algorithm: Scrypt 19.98 Lebowskis per block - (The Big Lebowski was released in 1998) Block Target is 1 minute Difficulty Retarget occurs every block 17,439,163 Total Lebowskis will be mined - (Number of Dollars The Big Lebowski grossed at the box office, May 25th, 1998) RPC Port=8245
Leafcoin LEAF Scrypt 01/24/2014 http://leafco.in/ https://github.com/leafcoin/leafcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=430091.0 http://explorer.leafco.in/ PoW algorithm: Scrypt Premine: first <100 blocks where mined for checkpoints and giveaways Retarget: 240 minutes Starting difficulty: 0.000 Max supply: 21 billion Reward halving interval: block 15,000
Logicoin LGC Other 04/11/2014 http://logicoin.info/ https://github.com/Logicoin/logicoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=567114.0 http://chainz.cryptoid.info/lgc/ 0% Premine 10 Million Coins total Generates blocks every minute 50 Coins per block initially Halves Each month for the first 6 months. X11 Hashing Algorithm – Thanks to Evan Duffield of Darkcoin Difficulty retargets every block via DGW – Thanks again to Evan Duffield
Legendary Coin LGD Scrypt 03/25/2014 http://legendarycoin.com/ http://github.com/legendarycoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=530175.0 POW Block Rewards 3600 Blocks double payout 7 Coins per block 14 Coin Superblock every hour 56 Coin Superblock every day 10000000 Max Coins Halved every 64,800 blocks POS Rewards LGD will generate if held and not moved for 5-15 days. Annual stake rate of 50% Aprox. 3.44% monthly Data Port: 8877 (18877 Testnet) RPC Port: 7777 (17777 Testnet) Transaction fee destruction 2 minute block time 6 confirmations for transactions 50 confirmations for minted blocks Transaction messaging
Lucky7Coin LK7 Scrypt 09/16/2013 http://lucky7coin.pw/ https://github.com/lucky7coin/lucky7coin 60 seconds block target 77 coins per block for normal blocks 777 or 7777 coins per block for super blocks depends on the number of lucky 7s Difficulty retargets every block mining payout will be halved every half year (259200 blocks) mining coins per block will not be lower than 1 coin per block Expected total mined coins will be 99,792,000 coins 7 confirmations for transaction 77 confirmations for minted blocks Total coins (hard limit): 500 millions Ports: connection 17777 -  RPC 17778
LuckyCoin LKY Scrypt 09/15/2013 http://luckycoin.cc/ https://github.com/LuckyCoinProject/Luckycoin https://cryptocointalk.com/forum/188-luckycoin-lky/ http://lky.p2pool.nl/chain/Luckycoin 1 min block target 3 confirms per transaction Difficulty retargets every 4 hrs with accelerated diff adjustment in the beginning Initially 88 coins per block, halves every 2 years (1,036,800 blocks) Total around 200 millions coins connection port is 9917, RPC-port 9918
LemonCoin LMC Scrypt 02/11/2014 http://lemoncoin.org/ https://github.com/lemoncoin/lemoncoin/ https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=456597.0 http://explorer.lemoncoin.org:2075/chain/LemonCoin Algorithm: Scrypt Block reward: 10.000 Block time: 60 seconds Retarget: 60 blocks - 1 hour Total coin: (10 billions) The blocks at height: 1, 1001, 2001,...10001,11001,... is called Lemon Blocks. Reward for those blocks will be 10x normal
CryptoLOOT LOOT SHA-256 02/13/2014 http://www.crypto-loot.com/ https://github.com/CryptoLOOT/loot-master https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/5092-ann-cryptoloot-sha-256-get-your-loot/ 4,000,000 TOTAL LOOT 100 coin blocks every 5 min Halving every 20,000 blocks maturity is 25 blocks
LottoCoin LOT Scrypt 12/12/2013 http://com-http.us/coins/lot/ https://github.com/lottocoin/lottocoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=368153.0 http://coinbomb.biz/lotblocks/ 30 seconds block time, Which means Fast confirming transactions Difficulty retargets every block, so diff chasers cant stripmine Initially random 256 - 65536 (256*256) coins per block Hourly, semi-daily and daily superblocks: Hourly lotto 131072 coins per block Semi-daily lotto 262144 coins per block Daily lotto 1048576 coins per block 4 confirmations for transaction. This zap-fast 2 minutes confirmation time 60 confirmations for minted blocks Total coins will be around 18,406,979,840 coins Premine 2%, for dev, support, bounty, and giveaway etc Transaction messaging The payout will be halved every 3 months. The minimum payout per block will be 1 coin. Connect: 16383 RPC: 16384
Lovecoin LOVE Scrypt 12/12/2013 http://com-http.us/coins/love/ https://github.com/lovecoin-project/lovecoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=367898.0 2.5 minute block targets subsidy halves in 100k blocks (~6 month) ~10 million total coins 50 coins per block 10 blocks to retarget difficulty
LeproCoin LPC Scrypt 01/07/2014 http://leprocoin.org/ https://github.com/deemkeen/leprocoin 4 coins per block 15 sec block target difficulty retargets every 2016 blocks 42 007 680 total coins no subsidy after approximately 5 years
LiteBar LTB Scrypt 02/21/2014 http://litebar.biz/ https://github.com/rspublishing http://ltb.thedigitalmint.org/ Block Time: 3 minutes block target Confirmations: 4 tx confirmations Transaction fees: 0.001 Algorithm: Scrypt as Proof of Work (PoW) protocol Difficulty Retargets: Once per block (using Kimoto Gravity Well) Total LiteBars Rewarded: 1350000 (1.35M) only. This is a rare bar! Design Type: Linear designed LiteBar production (reward will halve once only to a minimum reward of 1 LiteBar) Mining Lifespan: LiteBar generation process will last for 5 years only after which it will lay in a state of perpetuity (2014-2019) Starting Blocks: First 7200 starting blocks (15 days) will have 5 LiteBars per block Hereafter it will drop to 2 LiteBars per block and /2 once after 2.5 years (or 438000 blocks) Ports: The default ports are 9065 (connect) and 9055 (json rpc)
Litecoin LTC Scrypt 10/13/2011 https://litecoin.org/ https://github.com/litecoin-project https://litecointalk.org/ http://ltc.block-explorer.com/ Scrypt Algo Proof of Work Block time 2.5 minutes Re-target 2016 blocks 50 coins per block 82 million total coins Reward halfs every 840,000 blocks
LiveCoin LVC Scrypt 01/09/2014 http://livechains.net/livecoin.html https://github.com/LiveChains/Live-Coin Time To Block=150 Seconds Total Coin Supply=Est 250,000,000 Value Per Block=200 Halves Every=2 Years Block Retarget=Every Block Launch Type=LiveChains Site Only Windows QT=Windows XP / Vista (Y U Run This we have no idea) / 7 / 8.x Linux/Unix SRC=GitHub Stores Accepting=LiveChains Store ( Prices to be determined ) Exchange=No where near ready for exchange Pools for Launch=Our Own, PROP Payouts 2% Fee Bounties=No Premine nothing to give away
Lycancoin LYC Scrypt 02/16/2014 http://lyccoin.org/ https://github.com/lycancoin/lycancoin-release https://cryptocointalk.com/forum/913-lycancoin-lyc/ http://explorer.lyccoin.org/ 2 hour block difficulty retargeting 2.5 minute block target 6 confirmations for transactions 30 confirmations for minted blocks 2970 coins per block 4,950,000,000 total coins Difficulty halving at 800k blocks (@ 3.8 years)
Machinecoin MAC Scrypt 01/26/2014 http://machinecoin.de/ https://github.com/Gitju/machinecoin Machinecoin is a crypto currency that uses scrypt as a proof-of-work algorithm. 2.5 minute block targets subsidy halves in 840k blocks (~4 years) 84 million total coins 50 coins per block 2016 blocks to retarget difficulty
Magicoin MAGI Scrypt 04/08/2014 http://www.cryptomagic.com/ https://github.com/magicoin/magicoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=548368.0 http://www.magichain.info/ Algorithm: Scrypt Magicoin distributes coins using the pattern similar to LTC; simply count its value by comparing with LTC, however, we do magicoins, see below for details 2.5 minute block targets Subsidy halves in 840k blocks (~4 years) ~84 million total coins 90% coins distributed "normally", i.e., halving every ~4 years, while 10% coins distributed magically (details explained below) In average, 50 coins per block 2016 blocks to retarget difficulty (use Kimoto Gravity Well - KGW algorithm)
Maki MAKI Scrypt 03/11/2014 https://makicoin.com/ https://github.com/itamae/Makicoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=511252.0 http://explorer3.sancrypto.info/chain/Makicoin
MaxCoin MAX Keccak 01/29/2014 http://www.maxcoin.co.uk/ https://github.com/Max-Coin/maxcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=438150.0 http://max.cryptoexplore.com/ Scrypt or SHA-256? Keccak (SHA-3) How many coins? 250,000,000 Block reward? 96 MaxCoin per block, halving every ~12 months Difficulty? Retargeting using Kimoto Gravity Well algorithm. Block time? 30 seconds
Mybrocoin MBC Scrypt 01/17/2014 http://mybrocoin.com/ https://github.com/mybrocoin/mybrocoin https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/3335-mybrocoin-mbc-information/ Algorithm: Scrypt Based on latest Litecoin v0.8.6.2 Reward: 100 MBC per block, halved every 840,000 blocks Max Coins: 100,000,000 MBC Block Time: 120 Seconds Difficulty Retarget Time: 24 hours
Megacoin MEC Scrypt 05/29/2013 http://www.megacoin.co.nz/ http://sourceforge.net/projects/megacoin/files/megacoin-0.8.993-source.zip/download http://blockexplorer.coinworld.us:7750/chain/MegaCoin/ Core: Bitcoin v0.8.2 (Actually 0.8.99). No fundraiser required. Algorithm: Scrypt Coins: 42 million Block Target: 2.5 minutes Difficulty Retarget: 22.5 minutes The Beginning: 1st 5 months, 21 million coins will be generated Every 21,000 blocks (1 month) the reward steps down from 500, 250, 125, 75, 50. Continued Use: Through the next few decades the remaining 21 million will be generated Every 420,000 blocks (2 years), The reward starts at 25 and is halved each period 10.5 million come from first 2 Years of 420,000 blocks
Mediterraneancoin MED Scrypt 02/07/2014 http://www.mediterraneancoin.org/ https://github.com/mrtexaznl/mediterraneancoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=397831.0 1 minute block targets about 6 hour to retarget difficulty Special reward system: random block rewards depending on block number: block number reward 1-100k random 1-100 MediterraneanCoins reward 100k - 200k 1-200 MediterraneanCoins reward 200k - 300k 1-150 MediterraneanCoins reward 300k - 400k 1-100 MediterraneanCoins reward 400k - 500k 1-70 MediterraneanCoins reward 500k - 600k 1-40 MediterraneanCoins reward > 600k 20 MediterraneanCoins reward (flat) after that, subsidy halves in 1036k blocks (~1 year) 200 million total coins protocol port: 9373 rpc port: 9372
Megcoin MEG Other 05/03/2014 http://megcoin.com/ https://github.com/Megcoin/megcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=603892 http://cryptexplorer.com/chain/Megcoin PoW Algo: Scrypt-8-4 (scrypt-n-r) Premine: 0% Total: Infinite (20K final block reward) Block time: 60 seconds Reward halved: Every 200,000 blocks Rewards mature: 120 blocks (~2 hours) Difficulty adjustment: Every block (Digishield) Wallet forked from Bitcoin 0.9
Memecoin MEM Scrypt 05/27/2013 http://memecoin.org/ https://github.com/muddafudda/Memecoin-v2.0.0.0-Beta-Release https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=217526.0 http://altcha.in/chain/MemeCoin Block times are targeted at 30 seconds Difficulty increasing every 600 blocks (5Hrs). Confirms every 25 blocks.
Kittehcoin MEOW Scrypt 12/09/2013 http://com-http.us/coins/meow/ https://github.com/kittehcoin/ https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=383068.0 http://kitexplorer.tk/ 30 second Block Targets 1 Hour Diff Readjustments Total of ~ 50,000,000,000 coins. Special reward system: Random block rewards with a minimum 1,000 MEOW per block Blocks 1 — 200,000: 1,000 - 100,000 MEOW Reward Blocks 200,001 — 400,000: 1,000 -   50,000 MEOW Reward Blocks 400,001 — 600,000: 1,000 -   25,000 MEOW Reward Blocks 600,001 — 800,000: 1,000 -   12,500 MEOW Reward Blocks 800,001 — 1,000,000: 1,000 -  6,250 MEOW Reward Blocks 1,000,001 — 1,200,000: 1,000 -  3,125 MEOW Reward Blocks 1,200,000+ — 1,000 Reward (flat)
CryptoMETH METH Keccak 03/29/2014 http://cryptometh.com/ https://github.com/cryptometh/cryptometh https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=500175.0 PoW algorithm: Keccak SHA-3 80 000 000 coins Block time: 2 minutes Difficulty retarget handled by KGW 99,1% pure Crypto Meth, (0,9% Pre-cook) Block Revard Halve: 129705 blocks BLOCK REWARDS: 8 - 129705: 326 coins 129706 - 259410: 163 coins 259411 - 389115: 81,5 coins 389116 - 518820: 40,75 coins
Mintcoin MINT Scrypt 02/06/2014 http://mintcoin.cc/ https://github.com/mintcoinproject/mintcoin http://www.mintcointalk.com/ http://mintcoin-explorer.info/ 30 seconds block target 100000 - 900000 coins per block initially PoW payout will be halved every week for the first 5 weeks After 5 weeks, the PoW payout will be fixed at 1 coin per block Difficulty retargets every block PoS variable interests: Total coins will be 70 billions 4 confirmations for transaction, thus fast 2 mins confirmation for transactions 50 confirmations for minted blocks 1% premine for bounties, giveaways, development, support and maintenance, new feature developments etc.
Milancoin MLC Scrypt 01/17/2014 http://www.milancoin.org/ https://github.com/milancoin-project/MLC http://www.milancoin.org/explorer 50 000 000 total coins 2 Minute Block Times 120 Confirmations on Mined Coins. Blocks       1 -   10,000       - 90-1600 Block Reward (each block random) Blocks  10,001 -   20,000       - 80-750  Block Reward (each block random) Blocks  20,001 -   25,000       - 70-300  Block Reward (each block random) Blocks  25,001 -   30,000       - 60-200  Block Reward (each block random) Blocks  30,001 -   45,000       - 50-125  Block Reward (each block random) Blocks  35,001 -  250,000       - 40 Block Reward Blocks 250,001 -  500,000       - 25 Block Reward Blocks 500,001 -  750,000       - 10 Block Reward Blocks 500,001 -2,000,000       - 5  Block Reward Blocks 2,000,001 +              - 2  Block Reward
MemoryCoin MMC Scrypt 12/15/2013 http://memorycoin.org/ https://github.com/memorycoin/memorycoin https://bitsharestalk.org/index.php?board=35.0 http://mmc-chain.com/ POW Hash: Momentum (64K XOR AES-CBC x 50) with SHA512 Generation Block target: 6 minutes Port: 1968 Codebase: ProtoShares 0.8.6 (Bitcoin 0.8.5) Block reward: 280 MMC, 5% reduction every 1680 blocks Total Coins: 10 Million coins in the first 2 years, 2% inflation thereafter Difficulty Retargeting: Every block with the Kimoto ‘Gravity Well’
MinCoin MNC Scrypt 04/03/2013 https://mincoin.io/ https://github.com/vipah/mincoin http://mincoinforum.com/ http://mnc.cryptoexplore.com/ Only 10 million coins total will be generated 1 minute block targets for ultra fast transactions To encourage early adoption block values for first 3 days are :- 500 MNC, 100 MNC, 50 MNC After first 3 days block value will be 2 MNC per block until all coins mined which will take roughly 10 years Difficulty Retarget Every 60 Blocks
Mjollnircoin MNR Other 05/04/2014 http://brokkir.github.io/mjollnircoin https://github.com/brokkir/mjollnircoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=577437.0 Algorithm: HEFTY1 (ASIC-resistant) Ultra secure: SHA-256, Keccak-512, Grøestl-512 & BLAKE-512 Total supply: 42 million mjollnircoins (42,000,000) Block time: 2 minutes Block re-target up: Every 10 blocks (Max 100%) Block re-target down: Every block (Max 500%) Block reward: 50 coins per block Multipool defence: Temporal re-targeting Block halving: Every 420K blocks (~2 years) Starting block reward: Increased for the first 4000 blocks Multipool protection: Temporal Retargeting Premine: 0.75% for public fundraiser, bounties and giveaway Mining: CPU and/or GPU Features: Coin Control,QR Code support and UPNP
Molecule MOL Scrypt 12/16/2013 http://www.moleculecoin.com/ https://github.com/moleculecoin/molecule http://molecule.kvvs.nl/ 200,000,000 max molecules will be created 784 molecules per block Reward halves every 120,960 blocks (~42 days) 30 second block targets Low starting diff Difficulty retargets every 20 blocks, max adj. 100% up/200% down 140 confirms per block NO PREMINE (premine was deleted in forked blockchain)
Monacoin MONA Scrypt 01/04/2014 http://monacoin.org/en/index.html https://github.com/monacoinproject/monacoin http://abe.monash.pw/ Algorithm: Scrypt Block reward: 50 MONA Block time: 1.5 minutes Retarget: 1056 blocks Totalcoins: 168 million
Mooncoin MOON Scrypt 12/28/2013 http://www.mooncoin.info/ https://github.com/realmooncoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=389403.0 http://mooncoin.info/abe/chain/Mooncoin Algorithm: scrypt Max coins: 384,400,000,000 MOON (yes, billion!) Block time: 90 Seconds Difficulty re-target time: 8 hours Pre-mining: None
Maplecoin MPL Scrypt 09/06/2013 http://www.maplecoin.info/ https://github.com/MapleCoinProject/MapleCoin http://explorer.maplecoin.org/ NO Pre-Mine Based on latest Bitcoin/LiteCoin 0.8.99 source Using Scrypt Mining Block Target: 120 seconds Difficulty Re-Targets every 4 blocks based on last 90 blocks (Quick Difficulty Readjustment) Block reward: 5000 MPL halving every 241920 blocks (about 12 month) Total coin mined: 2.4192 billion MPL 2.4192 billion coins will be mined in approx. first 5 years Transaction Confirmations Needed: 6 Listen port: 11425
microCoin MRC Scrypt-Jane 01/03/2014 http://microcoin.alcurex.info/ https://github.com/microcoinsource/microcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=397679.0 Algorithm: Scrypt-Jane, Proof-Of-Stake, Proof-Of-Work with modified nFactor Block Time: 32 seconds Max money supply: 100,000,000,000 MRC No Premine
Marscoin MRS Scrypt 01/27/2014 http://marscoin.org/ https://github.com/marscoin/marscoin http://www.mars-project.org/ http://explore.marscoin.org/ scrypt litecoin-based cryptocurrency 1 block per 2 Mars minutes 50 coins per block 590 Blocks Per Mars Day Difficulty retarget every 24 hours 39 Minutes (Mars day) Subsidy halves every Mars Year ~33 million total coins 300k donation premined for non-profit MarsOne
Murraycoin MRY Scrypt 02/04/2014 http://www.murraycoin.com/ https://github.com/murraycoin/murraycoin http://cryptexplorer.com/chain/MurrayCoin Scrypt Algo 100 second block targets Subsidy halves every 300k blocks (~350 days) 60 coins per standard block 36 blocks to retarget difficulty with 504 sample and .25 damping 67% maximum change on difficulty retarget Total Coins: 58 Million 1st month, ~16 Million Coins will be generated 1st Year, ~34 Million Coins will be generated Through the next few decades the Remaining 24 Million will be generated. 19.5 Million come from first 2 Years of 300K Blocks
MasterCoin MST Scrypt 07/13/2013 http://com-http.us/coins/mst/ https://github.com/mastercoin/MasterCoin-Source Reward halves every 2703085 blocks, ~ 3 years. Max Coins 180,205,714 2469 Blocks per day Reward halves every 2703085 blocks, ~ 3 years. Max Coins 180,205,714
Marinecoin MTC Scrypt 01/15/2014 http://marinecoin.org/ https://github.com/maritimecoin/marinecoin/ https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/3276-marinecoin-mtc-information/ http://mtc.livechains.net/explorer/block_crawler.php Scrypt Algo Re-target every 24 hours 1 coin per block 2 minute block target 9.999.999.999 max coins 1000 years of mining
Metiscoin MTS Other 01/20/2014 http://www.metiscoin.org/ https://github.com/metiscoin/metiscoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=424517.0 http://www.coincrawler.de/mtc/ UNIQUE ALGORITHM: keccak / sahvite / fugue Total coins: 81,000,000 max coins will be created 50 coins per block Reward halves every 810,000 blocks NO PREMINE Listen Port: 1198 RPC Port:1098
Muniti MUN Other 03/31/2014 http://com-http.us/coins/mun/ http://github.com/muniti/muniti https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=545886.0 http://chainz.cryptoid.info/mun/ Name: Muniti Abbreviation: MUN Algo: X11 Block reward: 39 coins per block, reducing 1% every two weeks with compound Block generation: 1.5 minutes Difficulty retarget: Kimoto Gravity Well (KGW) 76000000 total coins to be issued Coins reserved for premine: 32% D2D method of distribution (door-to-door)
Moneyenom MYM Scrypt 03/12/2014 http://moneyenom.nl/ https://github.com/drunkart/mnom Max Coins : 92,000,000,000 Block time : 15 seconds Tx confirmed after : 6 blocks Sender pays every Txcosts: 0,01 blockPremine : 100%
Myriadcoin MYR Scrypt 03/13/2014 http://www.myriadcoin.org/ http://github.com/myriadcoin/myriadcoin http://myriad.theblockexplorer.com/ No premine Block time: 2.5 minutes per algorithm Block reward: 1000 MYR Total coin supply: 2 billion MYR Scypt,SHA256D,Qubit,Skein or Groestl Difficulty adjusts every block Each algorithm has separate difficulty Reward halves every 967680 blocks P2P port: 10888 RPC port: 10889
Mazacoin MZC SHA-256 02/23/2014 http://www.mazacoin.org/ https://github.com/MazaCoin/MazaCoin http://explorer.mazacoin.org/ MazaCoin 1.2 Treaty Version Symbol: MZC Two-Phase Pre-Mine Based on latest Bitcoin/ZetaCoin 0.8.99 source Using SHA-256 Proof-Of-Work Mining (ASIC's Welcome) Block Target: 120 seconds Difficulty Re-Targets every 4 blocks based on last 90 blocks (Quick Difficulty Readjustment) Block reward: 5000 MZC, halving every 241920 blocks (about 12 month) - not dropping below 1 MZC (inflationary minimum) Total coin mined: 2.419200000 billion MZC + yearly inflation 2.419200000 billion coins will be mined in approx. first 5 years Thereafter around 1 million per year (inflationary). Listen port: 12835
NanoToken NAN Scrypt 08/28/2013 http://nanotokens.com/ https://github.com/muddafudda/Nanotoken http://blockexplorer.coinworld.us/chain/Nanotoken 80 Million Coins 90 Second Block Targets Block 10,000 pays 10,000 re-imagined blockchain to offer faster network Synchronization as the block height increases by reversing current block order. 4 confirms per transaction 20 Block Maturity
NBcoin NBC Scrypt 09/01/2013 http://nbcoin.org/ https://github.com/nbcoin/nbcoin http://forum.nbcoin.org/ SHA-256 Algo Proof of work scheme 2.5 minutes block targets 50 coins per block Subsidy halves 4 years (every 840,000 blocks) 84 million total nbcoins
Nybble NBL Scrypt 05/18/2013 http://com-http.us/coins/nbl/ https://github.com/digitalindustry/nibble.git http://nib.p2pool.nl/stats/  Crypto algorithmic sCrypt - Salsa type  Launch date time approx - May 18th 2013 @ 11PM - UTC  Total units will be 21,000,004 total.  2 1/2 minute blocks.  Ascending reward system that proved effective and prevented insta-mining, pre-mining, unfair rewards for early adopters.  no large block bonus rewards, no questionable blocks or confirmation schemes.  nibble's 1st 12,096 blocks produced only 127,054 NBL up until around difficulty 1.  639,555 total blocks.  2016 Block Difficulty Retarget.
NoodlyAppendageCoin NDL Scrypt 01/06/2014 http://www.noodlyappendagecoin.com/ https://github.com/His-Holy-Noodliness/noodlyappendagecoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=396227.0 Every Friday (or something not terribly far off) is a holy day, with triple block rewards. Block subsidy halves every 525600 blocks (once per year) Total generation: 13.798 billion NDL, one for every year since His Noodly Appendage first touched our universe. 60 second blocks, difficulty retargets every 60 blocks. The default ports are 40021 (Connect) and 40022 (RPC)
Neocoin NEC Scrypt 07/27/2013 http://neocoin.org/features https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=262114.0 Proof-Of-Work (POW) + Proof-Of-Stake (POS) security of the network, resistence to 51% attack energy-efficient cryptocurrency hard cap of 80,000,000 coins in the code 100 seconds block time exponential moving average'difficulty/reward adjustment QR code support 35 languages supported
NetCoin NET Scrypt 09/05/2013 http://www.netcoin.pw https://github.com/netcoinproject/netcoin 60 seconds block time Difficulty retargets every 60 blocks Total coins will be 320,636,160 6 confirmations for transaction 50 confirmations for minted blocks 1024 coins per block, and a random super block each hour that has 8X the normal payout (8096 coins) The payout will be halved each 3 months (129,600 blocks) The default ports: Connection 11310, and RPC 11311
Incakoin NKA Scrypt 10/28/2013 http://www.incakoin.com/ https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B49exKIsGBn5cFpiZ3J1amVTa2M/preview?pli=1 SHA-256 ASIC Friendly Proof of work/Proof of Stake Starting addy will be letter N or NK 420NKA per block not to drop below 2 Max coins 190 million coins half every 6 months 5000 blocks to mature 5 blocks to re target Transaction messaging 30sec/blocks Only 3 confirms for transaction UPNP & QR support
Guldencoin NLG Scrypt 04/04/2014 http://www.guldencoin.com/ https://github.com/nlgcoin/Guldencoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=554412.0 http://guldenchain.mycryptoco.in/chain/Guldencoin Algorithm:  scrypt PoW KGW Transaction confirmations:  6 Total coins:  1680M Premine:  168M (+/- 10%) Starting diff:  0.00244 Block reward:  1000 NLG Block time:  150 seconds Retarget:  576 blocks (KGW) Reward halving interval:  840.000 blocks
Namecoin NMC SHA-256 04/18/2011 http://namecoin.info/ https://github.com/namecoin/namecoin/tree/vQ.3.72 http://explorer.bit/ Different blockchain, port, IRC bootstrap and message header New transaction types: new, first-update, update Validation on the new transaction types RPC calls for managing names Network fees to slow down the initial rush
NobleCoin NOBL Scrypt 01/07/2014 https://www.noblemovement.com/ https://github.com/jlcurby/NobleCoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=402667.0 http://noblepool.zapto.org/block_crawler.php 60 second block target. Difficulty re-targets approximately every 30 blocks. Total amount of coins mined will be 15 billion coins. NobleCoin supports transaction messages. Block average payout is 5,000 coins. 50 confirmations are required for minted blocks. 5 confirmations are required for transactions. Transaction time of less than 30 seconds (often much faster).
DNotes NOTE Scrypt 02/24/2014 http://dnotescoin.com/ https://github.com/DNotesCoin/DNotes/ http://altexplorer.net/chain/DNote Scrypt PoW 500,000,000 Total Coins 60 second Blocktime Kimoto's Gravity Well Block Reward: 250 Coins Block Reward Halving Interval: 500,000 blocks Blocks 250 - 33,250 reward an additional 750 coins
Noirbits NRB Scrypt 08/28/2013 http://www.noirbits.com/ https://github.com/ftcminer/Noirbits http://nrb.webboise.com/chain/Noirbits 2 minute block time 30 to block confirm 20 coins per block 50 million total coins expected run time ~ 9 years 6 confirms tx Hourly retarget
Nucoin NUC Scrypt 09/02/2013 http://com-http.us/coins/nuc/ https://www.github.com/nucoin/nucoin 7 billion total coins Coins per block: 300 Re-target time: 1 day Block time: 2 min
NutCoin NUT Scrypt 01/09/2014 http://www.nutcoin.com/ https://github.com/dmx374/nutcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=397938.0 http://www.nutchain.info/ 40 second block targets 20 000 coins per block, halves every ~6 months difficulty retarget every ~2 hours supply: 92 000 000 000 (92 billions of coins) current block count for the launch : 0 (no premine, nada, niet, queudchi)
Novacoin NVC Scrypt 02/11/2013 http://novaco.in/ https://github.com/CryptoManiac/novacoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=143221.0 http://nvc.cryptocoinexplorer.com/chains 10 minutes stake spacing 30 minutes PoW spacing Balanced PoW blocks and stakes weighting The PoW subsidy halves every x64 multiply of PoW difficulty The PoS interest halves every x64 multiply of PoS difficulty Maximum PoW reward is 100 coins Maximum PoS reward is 10 coins ~ 2 billion total coins
Networkcoin NWC Scrypt 12/21/2013 http://networkcoin.org/ https://github.com/davedavy/NetworkCoin http://cn.networkcoin.org/ Scrypt Algo 30 million total coins 1 minute transaction confirmations 60 second block times
Nxt NXT Scrypt 11/30/2013 http://nextcoin.org/ http://nxtalk.org/ Nxt is a brain wallet, a very long and secure passphrase MUST be used to generate your account. As stated, to forge (AKA mine) for transaction fees, your client must be running and unlocked on your machine. The software is currently java based, and closed source.  Pieces of the code are available for review upon permission of the devs, but the full code will not be released until Jan2014 official launch. Many people refer to this as 100% pre-mined, but this isn’t really accurate since there *is* no mining, and the PoS system depends on all coins being distributed out.
Nyancoin NYAN Scrypt 01/05/2014 http://com-http.us/coins/nyan/ https://github.com/nyancoin-release/nyancoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=402085.0 http://nyancha.in/ 337 000 000 Coins 337 coins per block 1% premine for bounties, giveaways & dev support (not 10%!) 1 Minute Blocks Subsidy halves in 337k blocks Difficulty Retarget Time: 3 hours RPC port 33700
Naanayam NYM Scrypt 11/05/2013 http://www.naanayam.org/ https://github.com/jmsanto123/NaanaYaM https://andarazoroflove.org/explorer/naanayam/block_crawler.php SHA256 PoW/PoS 10 second block target, linear (per-block) difficulty readjustment 1 Coin Per Block 100,000,000,000,000 (unlimited) total coinage via Proof of Work 100 Confirms for Coin Maturity 140 Character TX Messaging 3% Annual Stake, 90 days to stake, 120 days to full weight Default RPC Port = 14444 Default P2P Port = 14445
CthulhuCoin OFF Scrypt 09/16/2013 http://com-http.us/coins/off/ https://github.com/thegreatoldone/offerings http://off.cryptocoinexplorer.com/ Fork/Clone of Quarkcoin, may or may not work with Quark standalone miner. RPC Ports = 1928 (testnet 11928) P2P Ports = 20000 (testnet 20001) In Wallet Mining = Console, "setgenerate true" addnode=; addnode= 60 Second Block Target, Diff Retarget every 20 Blocks, .0675 Starting Difficulty 30 Confirms for spendable-coins 5 Coins Per Block, halving after 6 months, ~5 years worth of mining, min block reward .001 4-week+5day Ritual Special Blocks, Once per day special rewards, special blocks will become checkpoints 10K Coins Pre-mined in block 1, will be overtaken by rewards within 48 hours.
OnlineGamingCoin OGC Scrypt 01/02/2014 http://ogcoin.info/ https://github.com/OnlineGamingCoin/OnlineGamingCoin Algorithm: Scrypt Max coins: 150 million Reward: 500 OGC for first 1440 blocks, then 100 OGC Block time: 1 minute Transaction confirmed after: 6 blocks Retarget: each 60 blocks (each hour) Starting difficulty: 0.00024414 Reward halving interval: 150,000 blocks Premined: 10 blocks for bounties and promotions
OlympicCoin OLY Scrypt 02/07/2014 http://olympiccoin.pw/ https://github.com/olympiccoin/olympiccoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=453085.0 1st 2 days the payout will be 1.5 times! (including medals) 3 minutes block target Difficulty retargets each block During the first month 1894 - 2014 coins per block randomly and specials*! Specials during first month: every hour there will be a random Bronze Medal Block that has 5,000 coins. Every 6 hours there will be a Silver Medal Block with 7,000 coins, and every 12 hours there will be a Gold Medal Block with 10,000 coins. After the first month, the coin payout block will decrease gradually: 3 transaction confirmations 50 minted block confirmations Total coins will be 322,649,400 coins The minimum payout of each block will be 1 coin Difference retargets each block 1% premine for giveaways, bounties, dev, support, promo etc
OmniCoin OMC Scrypt 03/29/2014 http://www.omnicoin.pw/ https://github.com/Omnicoin-Project/ https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=543740.0 http://omnicha.in/chain/OmniCoin Max Coins: 13,371,337 Block Reward: 66.85 Block Target Time: 180 Seconds Difficulty Retarget: KGW Reward Halving Time (Blocks): 100010 P2P Port | Testnet: 4872 | 14872 RPC Port | Testnet: 4873 | 14873
Onecoin ONC ScryptN 05/09/2013 http://com-http.us/coins/onc/ https://github.com/onecoin/onecoin http://ppcoin.org/market/login Maximal money amount is one coin (actually 0.999999999987 because of rounding). Scrypt-jane implementation from Yacoin. Currently only CPU mining is possible. 2 minutes block target. Difficulty retargets each block (PPCoin's implementation). Maximal block reward: 500 nano-OTC. The first 1000 blocks will have no reward, then the reward will gradually grow up every 500 blocks to 500 nano-OTC during first 25500 blocks, and after that default rules will apply. This will ensure that the launch is fair. No premine! TX fee: 10 pico-OTC. Subsidy is cut in half every 1000000 blocks, which will occur approximately every 3.8 years. Decimal precision is changed from 8 digits to 18. Additional display units added to the QT client to make amounts more readable: nOTC, pOTC, fOTC, aOTC. Default port: 8555 (18555 for testnet). Default RPC port: 8554 (18554 for testnet). Onecoin is based on the latest Bitcoin sources and will follow Bitcoin updates closely.
OnionCoin ONI Scrypt 02/08/2014 http://com-http.us/coins/oni/ https://github.com/OnionCoin/OnionCoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=449964.0 Algorithm: Scrypt Premine: 500k (0.5%) (bounties, promotions, giveaway) Block time: 60sec Difficulty Retarget: Kimoto Gravity Well Max supply: 100 milion (first 20 years ~~ after that 500k ONI annually) Reward halving: 2 years first 250 blocks 1 ONI (no instamining) 50%   -   20 ONI 25%   -   40 ONI 12.5%   -   80 ONI 10%   -   100 ONI 2,5%   -   400 ONI
Orbitcoin ORB Scrypt 07/31/2013 http://orbitcoin.org/ https://github.com/Orbitcoin/Orbitcoin/ http://orbitcoin.kicks-ass.net/block_crawler.php 30 second block time Advanced scrypt algorithm pow/pos 5 blocks transaction confirmation 200 minted block maturity accelerated diff re-targeting Difficulty Re-targets every block mining halves every year Total 31,000,000 coins 0.25 coins per block secure from 51% attacks rare less than 700 mined daily I2P/TOR ready First implementation of 0% proof of stake auto detects new nodes Default RPCPort=15299 Default P2PPort=15298
Orobit ORO SHA-256 03/09/2014 http://orobit.co/ https://github.com/orobit/orobit http://explorer.cryptopoolmining.com/chain/Orobit Algorithm: SHA-256 Block target: 180 seconds Coins per block: 50 Halves every: 210,000 Difficulty retarget every: 2100 Total coins: 21 000 000
Ocoin OSC SHA-256 09/11/2013 http://com-http.us/coins/osc/ https://github.com/OCoin/OSC https://cryptocointalk.com/forum/413-ocoin-osc/ https://andarazoroflove.org/explorer/opensourcecoin/block_crawler.php Algorithm: Sha256 POW/POS+ TX messages 1 year stake Total Coins: 21 million Subsidy: .0777 - 22.5 coins Halving: 400,000 blocks Minimum Subsidy: .0777 Block Times: 2.5 minutes Retarget: Static/SSDRA
Paccoin PAC Scrypt 12/20/2013 http://www.pacifica-nation.com/paccoin https://github.com/wmcorless/paccoin.git SHA-256 Algo 500 coins per block 1 minute block time
Pandacoin PAND Scrypt 01/04/2014 http://pandaforum.org/ https://github.com/pandacoindev/panda_release https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=399127.0 http://panda.argakiig.us:2751/ Max coins: 21 000 000 Coins per block: starting from 91.146, decreasing a little every 24 houres. Block time: 2.5 minutes Difficulty retarget time: every block (Kimoto Gravity Well) Premine: 2% for coin support, promotion & buyout of prev. dev. coin
Pawncoin PAWN Scrypt 03/20/2014 http://pawncoin.co/ https://github.com/projec/pawncoin http://www.pawncoin.co/forum/ http://cryptoblox.com/chain/PawnCoin PoW Algorithm: Scrypt Re-target: Every block with KGW Block Time: 2.5 minutes Initial Block Reward: 500 Block halving: 84,000 Max Supply: 84 million
ProCoin PCN Scrypt 03/11/2014 http://www.teamprocoin.com/ https://github.com/getprocoin/Source/ https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=511678.0 http://cryptexplorer.com/chain/ProCoin PoW Algorithm = Scrypt Max Coins = 1,000,000,000 Block Time = 60 Seconds Block Reward =  Starts at 1,000, and reduces by 5% every 30 days (one period).  At the start of period 75 maximum reward per month stays at 1 million indefinitely (23 coins per block). Difficulty Retarget = Every half hour (30 blocks) Premine = 2% in public ledger and all going to the ProCoin community
PeaceCoin PEC Scrypt 02/02/2014 http://www.peacecoin.us/ https://github.com/peacedevelop/peacecoin.git http://coincrawler.de:55/chain/Peacecoin 90 seconds block time Total coins will be 900.000.000 900 coins per block 0.5% Premined 6 confirmations for transaction
Penguincoin PENG Scrypt 02/08/2014 http://com-http.us/coins/peng/ https://github.com/penguincoin/penguincoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=442876.0 http://www.coincrawler.de:55/chain/Penguincoin Algorithm: Scrypt Max Coins: 92,000,000,000 Penguincoin Block Time: 2.5 minutes Block Reward: 1-500,000 Difficulty Retarget: Every 40 minutes Block reward halves every: 100,000 blocks Premine: 0.4% - For Bountys, giveaways & promotion and to pay the other dev to help make this re-launch happen.
Pangucoin PGC Scrypt 09/17/2013 http://pangubi.com/ Generating a block per minute Each disk block 10 coins Revenue recognition period is 520 blocks Difficulty adjusted once a day Biennial production halved Total 30,000,000
Phicoin PHI Scrypt 02/08/2014 http://phicoin.cc/ https://github.com/Project-Phi/phi https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=449104.0 http://phichain.info/ Scrypt (Litecoin) Based Block rewards : 1.6 Φ Blocktime : 2.5 Minute Rewards halving interval : 70 000 (Halving three times in a year) Total coins : 569 581 Φ Difficulty re-target : Every 25 Block Premine : % ~0.8 Daily Coin : % 0.161803 of Total coin
Nautiluscoin PHI Scrypt 05/01/2014 http://www.nautiluscoin.com/ https://github.com/nautiluscoin/nautiluscoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=591114.0 Scrypt 159.39 coins per block 1 minute block target 16,180,000 total coins 1% reduction every week DigiShield difficulty retargeting 1% premine
Philosopherstone PHS Scrypt 07/28/2013 http://philosopherstonecoin.wordpress.com/ https://github.com/philosopherstonecoin/philosopherstone  Each normal block has 64 Philosopherstone  2 minutes block time  Difficulty retargets every block  Mining payout will be halved every 3 months (or every 64800 blocks)  Expected total mined coins will be 8,891,840 Philosopherstones  4 confirmations for transactions  50 confirmations for minted blocks  Support transaction message  Maximum number of Philosopherstones to be generated is 2 billion  Random bonus blocks are (on average):  1 superblock of 512 Philosopherstones every day  1 superblock of 128 Philosopherstones every hour (24 such blocks per day)  When getting superblocks, different images will displayed, so it is easy to see.  The default ports are 16281(Connect) and 16282(RPC).
Piggycoin PIG Scrypt 02/26/2014 http://piggy-coin.com/ https://github.com/piggycoin/piggycoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=487017.0 http://piggycha.in/chain/Piggycoin Number of Coins: 2,100,000,000 Block Time: 2 minutes/block Block Reward: 1-500,000 Difficulty Retarget: Kimoto's Gravity Well Block reward halving: NEVER Premine: 1% - For Bountys and Giveaways
Pikacoin PIKA Scrypt 02/02/2014 http://com-http.us/coins/pika/ http://www.mediafire.com/download/becaoudtwsv4gt8/pikacoin-src.tar.gz https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=440337.0 Max Coins: 21 million Block Reward: 50, halves every 210,000 blocks Block Time: 60 sec RPCPort: 9336 Premine: 255 blocks
Piratecoin PIR Scrypt 01/10/2014 http://www.piratecoin.co/ https://github.com/kebian/Piratecoin http://blockexplore.piratecoin.co/ Scrypt Algo 1 min block target Difficulty retargets every 20 min with accelerated diff adjustment in the beginning Initially 100 coins per block, halves every 2 months (100,000 blocks) Total around 20 millions coins
Pixcoin PIX Scrypt 05/07/2014 http://pixcoin.org/ https://github.com/PIXDO/pixcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=599443.0 Difficulty retargets every 40 blocks no halving minimum payout per block 5 coin Total coins will be 200 million Coin difficulty changes every 40 blocks. Algorithm: scrypt Ports RPC: 40307, NET: 40302 5   coins at 90% chance for one block 10   coins at 9%  chance for one block 25   coins at 0.9% chance for one block 100  coins at 0.1% chance for one block 4000 coins at Rare jackpot for one block 40 confirmations for minted blocks
PokerCoin PKR Scrypt 02/10/2014 http://www.pkrcc.com/ https://github.com/pkrcoin/pkr https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=455854.0 http://cryptexplorer.com/chain/PKRCoin Based on Litecoin ( - Scrypt Total coins: 69,000,000 PKR Block time: 90 seconds Difficulty retarget: Kimoto’s Gravity Well Premine: 2.1%* Block rewards: check graph below Ports: RPC port = 8776 | P2P port = 8779
PLNcoin PLN Scrypt 03/10/2014 http://plncoin.org/ https://github.com/plncoin/plncoin Algorithm: Scrypt Max supply: 38 540 000 Half reward: 438 000 Monets per block: 44 Premining: 2 000 000 Difficulty rising after every 6 hours 6 confirmations per transaction
PlayToken PLT Scrypt 09/02/2013 http://playtoken.org/ https://github.com/Playtokens/playtokens https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=266521.0
PremineCoin PMC SHA-256 01/23/2014 http://premineco.in/ http://explorer.fellatioco.in/download/premine_0.8.6-src.zip https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=427519.0 http://cryptexplorer.com/chain/Premine Distribution: PoW Algorithm: SHA256 Total coins: 500,000 Premined: 100% Block Reward: TX Fees Only Block Time: Variable Trade Confirms: 6 blocks P2P Port: 9336 RPC Port: 9335
Pandacoin PND Scrypt 04/13/2014 http://thepandacoin.net/ http://bamboohouse.info/bin/pandacoin-latest-src.zip https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=568529 http://pandachain.net/ Symbol: PND Algorithm: Scrypt Premine: 0% Max coins: 32,000,000,000 (See FAQ) Block Rewards: 1 Minute Block Targets, KGW Reward system: 50,000 per block until we switch over to PoS. Block time: 1 minute Difficulty retarget: every block Nominal stake interest: 2.5% annually Min transaction fee: 0.1 PND (Fees are paid to stakeholders) Confirmations: 3, maturity: 720 Min stake age: 72 hours, no max age P2P port: 22444, RPC port: 22445
Pokercoin POK Scrypt 09/02/2013 http://com-http.us/coins/pok/ https://github.com/superblocks/Pokercoin http://altcha.in/chain/Pokercoin 22 Million Coins Total Block time: 60 seconds Difficulty starts at .00032432 Confirms: 6 Blocks Matures: 20 Blocks. Re-targets every 60 blocks or 1 hour. Block Rewards Half Yearly
Popular Coin POP Scrypt 01/31/2014 http://popcoin.biz/ https://bitbucket.org/popcoin/popcoin http://pool.webcoin.us/pop/statistics/blockchain Scrypt Algo– PoW .85 minute blocks 999 Coin Block rewards for first 1.1 Years and then begins to Halve Total of 19,999,999,999 POP COINS 5x coins 4 per hour 10x coins 1 per hour 25x coins 12 per day 100x 1 a day               Super POP Rewards 500x 1 a week 1000x 1 a month 5000x 6 a year 100,000x Super Epic POP Block every 9,999 Blocks
PotCoin POT Scrypt 01/21/2014 http://potcoin.info/ https://github.com/potcoin http://potchain.potcoin.info/ PoW algorithm: Scrypt Premine: first 55 blocks where mined for checkpoints (Coins will be given away on launch  Wink ) Retarget: 2016 blocks Starting difficulty: 0.000 Max supply: 420 million Reward halving interval: 840k blocks (~4.20 years)
Peercoin PPC SHA-256 08/10/2012 http://www.ppcoin.org/ https://github.com/ppcoin/ppcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=99735.0 http://ppc.cryptocoinexplorer.com/  First implementation of hybrid proof-of-work/proof-of-stake  Long term energy non-dependence (meaning if hashrate drops network is still protected)  Long term energy efficiency (assuming the continuation of Moore's law)  Proof-of-work mint rate is a function of difficulty (every 16x in difficulty mint rate is halved)  Proof-of-stake mint rate is less than 1% annually  Centrally broadcasted checkpoint for transaction settlement and defend against 51% attacks  No premine  No tax  Open source  Same license term as Bitcoin to help advancing cryptocurrency technology
PeopleCoin PPL Scrypt 09/17/2013 http://com-http.us/coins/ppl/ https://github.com/PeopleCoin/PeopleCoin Proof of Work / Proof of Stake 1 minute block target time Difficulty starts from 0, retargets every block 50 confirms for minted blocks 4 confirms for trading RPC Port = 17776 P2P Port = 17777 Transaction fee = 0.0001 About 1,440,000 coins total Transaction messaging (in plain text) No premine
Prospercoin PRC Scrypt 01/29/2014 http://prccoin.com/ https://github.com/inmean/prospercoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=438433.0 http://prccoin.com/index.php/block-explorer Scrypt Algo Developer modified Difficulty Adjustment Prosper coin implements Kimoto's Gravity Well re-target every hour Reward is 10 COINs per block 120 seconds block time 1 Prosper Day per month - Full 24 hours nonstop bonus, it happens on a random day each month Bonus Coins on Prosper day! (Prospercoin is giving an additional 20 coins to 39 coins, increasing by 1 coin upto 39 after this it then reset to 20 again) Payout will be halved every 2 years Every 100 blocks pay in full (no half rule applied)
Particle PRT Scrypt 12/31/2013 http://www.getparticles.com/ https://github.com/moonmooncoin/particle https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=392804.0 http://particle.kvvs.nl/
Platinum PT SHA-256 03/09/2014 http://www.platinumcrypto.com/ https://github.com/PlatinumTokenCrypto/Coin/ http://platinumcrypto.com/block/ Sha256 Algo Each normal block has 78 coins 120 seconds block time Difficulty re-targets every 60 blocks (approximately 30 minutes) Mining payout will be halved every 3 months (259,200 blocks) Expected total mined coins will be 195,084,000 coins 4 confirmations for transaction (2 minutes) 100 confirmations for minted blocks
PesetaCoin PTC Scrypt 01/11/2014 http://www.pesetacoin.info/ https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=en&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=es&tl=en&u=https://github.com/mp2apps/pesetacoin/&usg=ALkJrhjQ_7TaVNVdWvGTZ_TlQ_Lh2vFcYA https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=403378.0 http://www.cryptomp.com/explorer/ Scrypt Algorithm (POW) / Scrypt Algorithm Proof Of Work Total number of coins / Total number of coins: 166 386 000 PTCs 166 (.386) coins per block (down by half each year) / 166 (.386) coins per block (halving every year). Block target: 1 minute / 1 minute block target Change difficulty: every 120 blocks (2 hours) / retarget Difficulty: every 120 blocks (2 hours) RPC Port: 16638 P2P Port: 16639
ProtoShares PTS Scrypt 11/05/2013 http://invictus-innovations.com/protoshares https://github.com/InvictusInnovations/ProtoShares http://bitsharestalk.org/index.php?board=1.0 http://btsblock.com/chain/ProtoShares POW Hash: Momentum (2
PowerCoin PWC Scrypt 05/13/2013 http://powercoin.net/ https://github.com/Powercoin/Powercoin 30 sec block target Difficulty retargets twice per day (every 12 hrs) Initially 40 coins per block, halves every 2 years (2,073,600 blocks) 166 million coins total
Pwnycoin PWNY SHA-256 03/20/2014 http://www.pwnycoin.com/ https://github.com/pwnycoin/pwnycoin http://pool.webcoin.us/pwny/statistics/blockchain SHA256 algo NO PREMINE! PWNY to be mined 2048 PWNY blockreward 30 sec blocktime 60 blocks diff retarget (approx. 30 min) 1st 33 blocks contain only 3 PWNY 1st three days miner get triple reward Blockreward will halve every 2 months (172800 blocks) after 7 days DIFF ALGO will switch to "kimoto gravity well" blockreward will not halve below 1 PWNY
Phoenixcoin PXC Scrypt 05/20/2013 http://phoenixcoin.org/ https://github.com/ghostlander/Phoenixcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=305584.0 http://explorer.phoenixcoin.org/ standard Scrypt (N = 1024, r = 1, p = 1, etc.) ~98 million total coins block target is 1.5 minutes block reward is 50 coins block reward halves every 1 million blocks retargets every 20 blocks (~30 minutes) 2% max. change on every retarget advanced averaging: 100 + 500 blocks 0.1 damped advanced checkpointing against 51% attacks the default P2P port is 9555, RPC port is 9554
PixelCoin PXL Scrypt 01/11/2014 http://www.pxlcoin.com/ https://github.com/tripmode/pxlcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=418088.0 http://explorer.pxlcoin.com/ 10,000,000 Total Coins 100 Second Blocks 25 PXL Coins Per Block Block Reward halves every 200,000 blocks NO PREMINED COINS
PayCoin PYC Scrypt 08/06/2013 http://www.paycoin.co/ https://github.com/paycoin/paycoin Proof of work / Proof of stake Scrypt algorithm Support transaction message Fair start, no premine No transaction fee Diff re-target every block 3 coins per block 60 seconds block time 5 confirmations for transaction 60 confirmations for minted blocks Total 30 million coins to be mined Port: Connection: 9288 and RPC Port: 9289
Qubit Q2C Scrypt 01/12/2014 http://www.q2c.cc/ https://github.com/qubitcoin/QubitCoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=411065.0 http://qubitchain.info/ Super secure hashing: 5 rounds of hashing  functions (luffa, cubehash, shavite, simd, echo). CPU mining Qubit block generation: 30 seconds Firsts 1000 blocks - block reward will be 1 Q2C 2048 Q2C per block (halving every 60480 blocks) Total of 248 million Q2C. Difficulty retargets every 20 blocks.
Quebecoin QBC Other 04/19/2014 http://www.qbc.io/ https://github.com/jpgagnon/qbc https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=552561.0 http://cryptexplorer.com/chain/QuebeCoin 2.5 minute block time 26 coins per block Subsidy halving at 420480 blocks (~2 years) Total coins : 42 Million Premine : 21 Million - 50% for the population of Québec IPO : 1% of the 50% Premine (210k QBC) (0.5% of the total) Bounties : 0.1% of the 50% Premine (21k QBC) (0.05% of the total)
Cubits QBT Scrypt 11/07/2013 http://qbtcoin.com/ https://github.com/gorgorom/cubits.git http://qbt.cryptocoinexplorer.com/ SHA256D, Proof of Work Max 20 million Coins 150 Coins Per Block, halving at 1 month intervals, minimum reward of 1 Coin 33 second block targets - 78500 blocks per month 50 blocks to coin maturation pszTimeStamp: "All this has happened before, and all this will happen again. premine-ZERO Address Key: 28 "C" RPCPort = 17428 P2PPort = 17427 addnode= Config File Location: %appdata%Cubits2Cubits.conf
QuazarCoin QCN Other 05/08/2014 http://www.quazarcoin.org/ http://github.com/quazarcoin/quazarcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=600658.0
Quick Quick Coin QQC Scrypt 12/28/2013 http://qqco.in/ https://github.com/qqcoin/qqcoin http://qqco.in/forum http://qqc_blockcrawler.miners-point.com/ Total Coins: 30,000,000 Block Times: 20 Seconds Confirmations Mined Blocks: 50 Transaction Conformations: 5 Port: 20111 RPCPort: 20112
Quark Coin QRK Quark 07/21/2013 http://quarkcoin.org/ https://github.com/MaxGuevara/quark Super secure hashing: 9 rounds of hashing from 6 hashing functions (blake, bmw, groestl, jh, keccak, skein). 3 rounds apply a random hashing function. CPU mining Quick block generation: 30 seconds 2048 QRK per block (halving every 60480 blocks ~ 3 weeks) Block reward will never drop below 1 QRK Total of 247 million QRK will be mined in ~ 6 months, after that ~ 1 million QRK p.a. (~ 0.5% p.a inflation) Difficulty retargets every 20 blocks (maximum 10% up or 50% down)
Radioactivecoin RAD Scrypt 01/10/2014 http://radioactivecoin.com/ https://github.com/CryptoBubble/radioactivecoin http://forum.radioactivecoin.com/ http://radexplorer.minersbest.com/ 150,000,000 Total Coins Block Times: 3 Minutes Confirmations on Mined Blocks 100 Confirmations on Transactions 5 Port: 23555 RPCPort:23556
RainbowGoldCoin RAIN Scrypt 03/17/2014 http://www.rainbowgoldcoin.com/ https://github.com/rainbowgoldcoinadmin/RAINCoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=509203.0 Algorithm: Scrypt - Kimoto Gravity Well Max number of coins 100,000,000,000 RAIN in circulation after 1.5 - 2 years Block Time: 60 Seconds Difficulty Retarget Time: 1 minute Hundreds of Millions in bounties and development. Coin will be given away until exhausted. We need the community to help us finish this coin hence the "Community Driven, Community Built" slogan. Block 1-100,000: 0-1,000,000 Reward Block 100,001 — 200,000: 0-500,000 Reward Block 200,001 — 300,000: 0-250,000 Reward Block 300,001 — 400,000: 0-125,000 Reward Block 400,001 — 500,000: 0-62,500 Reward Block 500,001 - 600,000: 0-31,250 Reward Block 600,000+: 10,000 Reward
Richcoin RCH Scrypt 08/28/2013 http://richcoin.net/ https://github.com/richcoin/richcoin http://richcoin.net:2888/ Each block rewards 88 coins, it will be halved about every 508 days. Target block time is 88 seconds. The diffculty will be retargeted every 88 blocks (or 2 hours 9 minutes and 4 seconds). Richcoin will have a total number of 88,888,888 coins! Richcoin has a very low transacftion fee, only 1% of the current other crypto coins. It has a 3 confirmations for transaction, and 88-confirmation maturity for newly mined coins.
Reddcoin RDD Scrypt 01/20/2014 http://www.reddcoin.com/ https://github.com/reddcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=423597.0 http://blockexplorer.reddcoin.com/ Max Coins: 109 billions RDD Block Time: 60 Seconds Difficulty Retarget: Every block using Kimoto’s gravity well. Block halving rate: 500,000 blocks Reward 100,000 RDD per block Special block reward Block 0 – 9,999 = reward 300,000 coins Block 10,000 – 19,999 = reward 200,000 coins Block 20,000 – 29,999 = reward 150,000 coins
RealCoin REC Scrypt 08/28/2013 http://www.realcoin.org/ https://github.com/realcoin/realcoin http://realcoin.org:38888/chain/realcoin Algorithm: scrypt Block Time: 30 seconds- Enough time to minimize orphans but still provide almost instant transactions. 3 confirms per transaction Difficulty retargets every 6 hrs with accelerated diff adjustment in the beginning Total around 1.8 billion coins connection port is 20001, RPC-port 20002 200 coins per block
Redcoin RED Scrypt 06/30/2013 http://redcoin.pw/ https://github.com/redcoinproject/redcoin http://redcoin.pw/bc/  1 minute block time  Difficulty retargets every 20 blocks (or 20 mins)  Total coins will be around 329 millions, Every 3 years, the prize halves  6 confirmations for transaction  50 confirmations for minted blocks  Normal blocks are 50-150 coins per block, randomly.  Every 500 blocks there is a bonus block with 500-1000 coins.  super blocks of 5000-10000 coins on average every 20,000 blocks.  The default ports are 11361(Connect) and 11362 (RPC).  Transaction Messaging
Riecoin RIC Primechain 02/03/2014 http://riecoin.org/ https://github.com/riecoin/riecoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=446703.0 http://chainz.cryptoid.info/ric/ Blocks every 2.5 minutes Block reward of 50RIC, halving every 840000 (about 4 years) Cap: about 84 million RIC PoW: custom, prime constellations Difficulty adjustments every 288 blocks (targeted every 12hs) RPC port 28332, or 38332 for testnet P2P port 28333, or 38333 for testnet
RonPaulCoin RPC Scrypt 12/29/2013 http://www.ronpaulcoin.com/ https://github.com/ronpaulcoin/ronpaulcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=389070.0 http://rpc_blockcrawler.miners-point.com/ Scrypt-based (off the latest litecoin source code) and ASIC-resistant. 2,100,000 total coins (to make it rare like gold which Ron Paul is a big supporter of) 1 coin per block for first 4 years. Halving reward every 4 years thereafter. 2 minutes per block. Difficulty retarget time is 1 day. Like gold. RPC is rare. ZERO pre-mining. This is a true holder-of-value coin. This is not a pump-n-dump coin. It is too rare to pump and you'd be silly to dump it for that same reason.
Rapidcoin RPD Scrypt 01/08/2014 http://getrapidcoin.com/ https://github.com/rapidcoin-project/rapidcoin http://explorer.getrapidcoin.com/ 80 RPD Block Reward 60 Second Blocks Diff Retarget 60 Blocks (~1 Hour) Total Coins ~ 55 Million
Rotocoin RT2 ScryptN 03/22/2014 http://roto2.me/ https://github.com/rotocoin/rotocoin/ https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=516138.0 http://explorerino.com/chain/RotoCoin Scrypt Adaptive N Algo 2 coins every 288 seconds 288,000 total coins Dark Gravity Wave Block time 288 seconds / 2 coins * block
RastaCoin RTC Scrypt 02/02/2014 http://com-http.us/coins/rtc/ https://mega.co.nz/#!5N5lxB6K!rwiIJ7sxEYOJqo9a1u_u-_samYf8OaoonTgISJyE-iw https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=441606.0 Algorithm Scrypt Premine: 135 blocks for testing the blockchain. Quick block generation: 120 seconds 420 RTC per block Max coins 352800000 Difficulty retargets 14 * 24 * 60 * 60
Rubycoin RUBY Scrypt 02/11/2014 http://www.rubycoin.org/ https://github.com/rubycoinorg/rubycoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=459622.0 http://explorer.rubycoin.org/ Algorithm: Scrypt Block Reward: For the first 5 months, rewards step down from 500, 250, 125, 75, 50. Block Target: 150 seconds Difficulty Retargetting: Every block Max Supply: 60 million
RupayaCoin RUP Scrypt 03/18/2014 http://rupayacoin.org/ https://github.com/rupayacoin-project/rupayacoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=521251.0 http://coinok.pw/explorer/rup/ Algorithm : Scrypt Symbol : RUP Block target: 60 seconds Block reward : 50 RUP halving to 25 RUP after block 7860 Difficulty : Retargeting using Kimoto Gravity Well algorithm. Total coin supply : 400 Million Maturity : 60 Confirmations: 4 P2P port : 6799 RPC port : 6771 Premine : 1% future development, support and maintenance, marketing, rewards and services Bounties : 5% of the 1% premine
RoyalCoin RYC Scrypt 08/31/2013 http://royalcoin.net/ https://sourceforge.net/projects/royalcoin/files/royalcoin-source.zip/download https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=199839.0 http://block.al.tcoin.info/chain/RoyalCoin 3 min between blocks Subsidy half every 600,000 blocks 140,000,000 total coins Retargets once per day (every 480 blocks) 100 coins per block No premine Default port is 9556 Default RPC port is 9557
SaturnCoin SAT Scrypt 02/02/2014 http://www.saturncoin.net/ https://github.com/saturncoinnet/Saturncoin/archive/master.zip http://saturncointalk.org/ http://saturnchain.net/ Algorithm: Scrypt Coins: Blocktime: 80 secs Blocks confirm: 2 confirms Retarget: 30 mins Starting Diff: 0.03 Block rewards: 1-250,000 Reward halving interval: 30.000 Blocks
SavingCoin SAV Scrypt 09/01/2013 http://savingcoin.net/ https://github.com/savingcoin/savingcoin.git https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=285621.0 2 minute block target 512 coins per block Difficulty retargets every block mining payout will be halved every month (21600 blocks) Expected total mined coins will be 23,224,320 SavingCoins 3 confirmations for transaction 50 confirmations for minted blocks Total coins (hard limit): 500 millions Ports: connection 17110, RPC 17111.
StableCoin SBC Scrypt 06/07/2013 http://com-http.us/coins/sbc/ https://github.com/stablecoin/StableCoin http://coinminer.net:2750/chain/StableCoin Block reward is 25 coins per block, with a block target time of 40 seconds. Difficulty will be recalculated every 90 blocks, which is much lower than other coin releases. It allows the network to find it's natural difficulty much faster, ensuring a fair and accurate spread of coins. It prevents blockchain stalling from ever happening. No one likes having to issue a hardfork.
Stalwartbucks SBX Scrypt 01/10/2014 http://stalwartbucks.com/ https://github.com/stalwartbucks/stalwartbucks http://chain.stalwartbucks.com/chain/Stalwartbucks Algorithm: Scrypt Max Coins: 100,000,000,000 SBX Block Time: 60 Seconds Difficulty Retarget Time: 4 hours
Silkcoin SC Scrypt 05/07/2014 http://www.silk-coin.com/ https://github.com/shnurf/silkcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=599438.0 http://explorer.silk-coin.com/ Block time: 1 minute Maximum POW supply: 100 million Difficulty retarget: every block Stake interest: 2% annually Min transaction fee: 0.0001 SC Fees are paid to miners Confirmations: 10, maturity: 350 Minimum stake age: 12 hours - No max age P2P port: 16666, RPC port: 16667 Block reward: 5000 SC, no halving First stage POS-POW : block 1 to 10 000 (~7 days & ~50 million coins) Second stage Full POS : block 10 000 to 50 000 (~30 days) Third stage POS-POW : block 50 000 to 60 000 (~7 days & ~50 million coins) Last stage - Full POS at 2% per year and 12 hours maturity
sCoin SCO Scrypt 01/09/2014 http://www.s-coin.org/ https://github.com/nakamotoSAMtoshi/sCoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=400825.0 Modified Scrypt based on Litecoin's lastest version ASIC-resistant ATM 2.5 minutes per block 2016 blocks to retarget difficulty 120+ confirmations 5 million coins per block  (halving every 840,000 blocks) Total coins: No UPPER cap (soft cap), will reach about 4.2 trillions at 840K blocks Pre-mine at about 3200 blocks for devs support, bounties, and exchanges listing
Scotcoin SCOT SHA-256 03/20/2014 https://www.scotcoin.org/ https://github.com/scotcoin/scotcoin https://www.scotchain.com/ Symbol: SCOT Total Economy – 1 billion Amount pre-mined – 980 million Network Allocation – 20 million Block reward: .01 Block target is 123 seconds. Difficulty changes every 250 blocks Interval dif @ .01 Nfactor start:1
Seedcoin SDC Scrypt 09/20/2013 http://www.seedcoin.org/ http://www.seedcoin.org/downloads/seedcoin.tar.gz Scrypt Proof of Work 1.3 Billion total coins Blocks of 800 Coins, halving every 1.6 Million Blocks 2.5 Minute Block Targeting Diff adjustment every 1300 Blocks Default RPCPort=8722 Default P2PPort=8723
SHACoin SHA SHA-256 03/12/2014 http://www.shacoin.co/ https://github.com/SHACoinProject/SHACoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=512808.0 http://explorer.shacoin.co/ Algorithm:SHA256 Pow + PoS Symbol:SHA Block target:60 seconds Block reward:10000 SHA Retarget: Every block Total coin supply:640 millions Confirmations: 10, maturity: 500 P2P port: 25666 RPC port: 25655 No Premine, NO IPCO
SherlockCoin SHC Scrypt 02/09/2014 http://www.sherlockcoin.org/ https://github.com/sherlockcoin/sherlockcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=454981.0 http://cryptexplorer.com/chain/SherlockCoin Scrypt 221 coins Max 221 second block time Kimoto Gravity Well Implemented (KIMOTO GRAVITY WELL (c) Courtesy of inventing Dr. Kimoto!) Difficulty re-target every 10 minutes 30 Confirmations for Mined Blocks Fast Transaction Confirmations (3 Confirmations) 0.00000010 Block reward for the first 221 blocks (Conveniently set to allow you to get your miners running) Blocks 221+ are 0.0000221 block reward Random Block Rewards/Super Blocks! Smiley Block 212 is a Special Block with More Rewards than the normal block value (0.000221 Coins) Tx fees are 0.00000001 RPC port 55883 p2p port 55884 0.01% (0.221 coins) Premine for Testing/Bounty and Giveaway Purposes.
Sifcoin SIC Scrypt 06/23/2013 http://com-http.us/coins/sic/ https://github.com/sifcoin/sifcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=240894.0 http://rghost.ru/47044633 Based on code Bitcoin 0.8.2 (append fix 0.8.3) Start: 2013-06-23, 00:00 GMT Coin: infinity in time Block target: 5 minutes Dif retarget: every block, +-1% of mean last hour 1 Coin = 100'000 Satoshi Block reward = 1Coin + bonus bonus = sqrt(Diff * block#) Satoshi (eq 0 in start, hundreds in far future) Hash-mining: chain in sha-3 candidate-finalis-win function Blake=>BMW=>Groestl=>JH=>Keccak=>Skein. While only cpu-mining (built-in qt miner)
Skeincoin SKN Skein 11/04/2013 http://www.skeincoin.org/ http://github.com/skeincoin/skeincoin POW Hash: Skein-SHA2 Block target: 2 minutes Block reward: 32 SKN, halving every year (262,800 blocks) No premine. The first 100 blocks will return a reward of 0.0001 allow miners to setup and difficulty to adjust. Total coins: Around 17 million Default RPC Port: 21230 P2P Port: 11230
Slothcoin SLOTH Keccak 03/12/2014 http://slothcoin.org/ https://github.com/thimod/Slothcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=512903.0 Algorithm: SHA3 keccak Block Time: 60 Seconds Difficulty Retarget Time: 4 blocks using Kimoto's Gravity Well 100 Billion total coins Block 1-100:  10,000 Sloth Block 100-100,000:  500,000 Sloth Block 100,000-200,000:  250,000 Sloth Block 200,000-300,000:  125,000 Sloth Block 300,000-400,000:  62,500 Sloth Block 400,000-500,000:  31,250 Sloth Block 500,000-600,000:  15,625 Sloth
SolarCoin SLR Scrypt 02/06/2014 http://solarcoin.org/ https://github.com/solarcoin/solarcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=429119.0 http://solarcoin.zapto.org/ Scrypt Algorythm 98.1 billion total coins 100 coins per block, halving every 525,600 blocks (once a year) 1 Minute Block Targets 1440 Block Difficulty Adjustments 140 Character Transaction Messaging RPC PORT = 18188 P2P PORT = 18181
Sambacoin SMB Scrypt 03/27/2014 http://www.sambacoin.info/ http://github.com/sambacoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=537890.0 http://be.sambacoin.info/ Algorithm: Scrypt Max coins: 891.500.000 Block Time: 1 minute 30 Seconds Difficulty Retarget Time: 4 hours Premine: None 400 coins per block
SmartCoin SMC Scrypt 01/06/2014 http://getsmartcoin.com/ https://github.com/smartcoin-project/smartcoin http://smartcoinforum.com/ http://chain.getsmartcoin.com/ PoW Algorithim: Scrypt Block Interval: 40 seconds Starting Difficulty: 0.00024414062 Difficulty Retarget: Every 60 blocks (40 minutes) Total Coin Supply: ~51,200,000 Block 1: 400,000 SMC Block 2-999: 1 SMC Block >1000: 64 SMC
Snowcoin SNC Scrypt 12/07/2013 http://www.reddit.com/r/snowcoin https://github.com/snowcoin/snowcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=359948.0 SHA256 hashing - almost no alt coins using this algo/allows for coins to be mined using Bitcoin ASICs GPU/ASIC mining Blocks are generated every 2 minutes Block rewards: blocks 1-10000: reward 5000 SNC/block, 10001-25000: 2500 SNC, 25001-50000: 1250 SNC, 50000-...: 625 SNC Maximum coins: 10,000,000,000 SNC P2P port: 24351 RPC port: 24352
SocialCoin SOC Scrypt 01/12/2014 http://www.soccoin.com/ https://github.com/SocialCryptoCoin/SocialCoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=412331.0 http://cryptexplorer.com/chain/SocialCoin  2 minutes block target  Total coins will be 900 million coins (900,000,000)  6 confirmations for transaction  120 confirmations for minted blocks  normal block on average 10,000 coins per block, halved every 50,000 blocks  The default ports are 8915 (Connect) and 8946 (RPC)
Sochicoin SOCHI Scrypt 02/10/2014 http://sochicoin.com/ https://bitbucket.org/sochicoin/sochi http://sochi.ramcloud.ru/crawler/ Scrypt ALGO POW NO Premine (first block start: 7.02.2014 20:14 UTC+04:00 (Moscow)) Reward 294 coins Half reward every ~2year when starting next olimpic games random bronze superblock probability 1/22 block (~32 minutes) x2 = 588 coins random silver superblock probability 1/294 block (~7 hours) x4 = 1176 coins random gold superblock probability 1/2014 block (~50 hours) x8 = 2352 coins 88 seconds block target Difficulty retargets each block (kimoto gravity wall) Total coins will be ~400M coins 5 confirmations for transaction, fast transaction time 50 confirmations for minted blocks minimal payout 0.01
Solcoin SOL Scrypt 01/07/2014 http://solcoin.wordpress.com/ https://github.com/solcoin-project/solcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=402170.0 http://solcoin-explorer.tru.io/ Scrypt as proof-of-work 72 confirmations for block maturity 1772 coins per block Subsidy halving every 131072 blocks, down to a permanent reward of 27 coins after ~4.5 years No maximum number of coins 3.14 minute block target Starting difficulty of 0.125 - read more below Difficulty adjustment each block, using Kimoto Gravity Well Pre-mining: 2 blocks - read more below
Spaincoin SPA Scrypt 03/04/2014 http://spaincoin.org/ https://github.com/SpainCoinProject https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=500511.0 http://explorer.spaincoin.org/ Proof of Work algorithm: Scrypt Total coins: 50,000,000 SPA Coins per block: 100 SPA Block target: 2 minutes Difficulty adjustment: every block (KGW) Block reward halving every 8 months (non-linear, recalculated every block to avoid big jumps in block reward) All coins will have been mined after 4.8 years Mined coins mature in 120 blocks
SpeedCoin SPC SHA-256 04/14/2014 http://speedcoin.net/ https://github.com/SureshMatsui/SpeedCoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=570526.0 http://speedcoin.net:443/chain/SpeedCoin 35 second block time 140 second difficulty retarget time block halving will occur at every 500,000 blocks current block reward is 1 SpeedCoin per block. 21 million coins will ever be mined 20 million have been pre-mined for interest payment purposes 1 million coins remain to be mined by the public
Spots SPT Scrypt 10/18/2013 http://www.igotspots.com/ https://github.com/spots-project/spots http://altcha.in/chain/Spots Fair Launch, No Premine - Windows - Mac - Linux 2 Pools available - Free Faucet for Spots 2 Fast and accurate Block Explorers Quick Confirmation Times Fast Difficulty Retarget 205x Superblocks Stable Nodes Fast Mining
SecureCoin SRC Scrypt 08/28/2013 http://com-http.us/coins/src/ https://github.com/securecoin/Securecoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=270852.0 Reward Per Block: 5 Time Between Blocks: Every 1 minute Difficulty Retarget: 500 blocks. Difficulty can only move a maximum of 100% up, or 50% down. Reward halves: Every 2.1 million blocks Block confirmations: 40 Transaction Confirmations: 1. Meaning transactions take ~1 minute to fully confirm. Total Coin Supply: 21 million Algorithms: Grøstl, Skein, BLAKE, BLUE MIDNIGHT WISH, JH, SHA-3 GUI: Unique design and optimizations Launch: Fair launch with ascending rewards Pre-mine: None
SURGE SRG Scrypt 04/05/2014 http://www.surgecoin.info/ https://github.com/surgecoin/Surge https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=529227.0 PoW Algorithm: Scrypt Difficulty Re-target : KGW Block Time: 60 seconds Initial Block Reward: 50 Coins per block First 500 blocks : 0 Coin per block Max Supply: 50 Million Coins
STLcoin STL SHA-256 01/29/2014 https://www.stlcoin.org/ https://github.com/stlcoin/stlcoin Block Rate: 70 seconds Value per Block: 70 coins Maximum Coins: 70,000,000 The power of Seven!
Starcoin STR Scrypt 09/02/2013 http://www.starcoin.info/ https://github.com/starcoinproject/starcoin https://cryptocointalk.com/forum/294-starcoin-str/ 30 second block time Transaction Messaging Scrypt algorithm with pow/pos 4 blocks transaction confirmation 70 minted block maturity accelerated diff re-targeting Difficulty Retargets every block 4 transaction confirmations 70 minted block confirmations mining halves every year (1,051,200 blocks) Total 227,334,008 coins 100 coins per block
StoriesCoin STY Scrypt 02/12/2014 http://www.cryptostories.org/ https://github.com/CryptoStories/Stories https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=451343.0 http://stories.altstrade.cc/ Algorithm: SHA256 Alternative Algorithm: Story Telling (addressed in release) Block Reward: 3,000 Block Time: 2 Minutes Block halving: 10,000 Blocks Total coins: 60,000,000 Trade Confirms: 6 blocks Currency symbol: ς
SUN Coin SUN Scrypt 02/07/2014 http://com-http.us/coins/sun/ https://github.com/suncoin/suncoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=452873.0 http://explorer.suncoin.biz/ Based on the Scrypt algorithm 10 Coins per block (rare!) 6 hour difficulty retargeting 60 Seconds Per Block 92,955,807 Total coins (this is number of Miles to the Sun from Earth)
SexCoin SXC Scrypt 08/27/2013 http://www.sexcoin.info/ http://github.org/sexcoin-project/sexcoin http://blockexplore.nl:81/ BlockTime: 60sec Confirmations: 6 Difficulty: Retargets about 8 hours Coins: 250,000,000 Reward: 100 coins per block, halved every 600,000 block Premined first 2 blocks for bounties and giving back to miners. Block 3-5000: 200 sxc/block Block 5001+: 100 sxc/block Lucky chance to have x5 or x50 sxc block. Port: 9560
Syncoin SYN Scrypt 03/14/2014 http://synco.in/ http://github.com/syncoin-project/syncoin Algorithm: sCrypt Max Coins: 250 bn Block Reward: Calculated based on difficulty (see below) Difficulty: Retarget achieved using Kimoto Gravity Well Block Time: 4 min
Sync SYNC Other 05/13/2014 http://www.synclub.net/ https://github.com/MsCollec/sync https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=607919.0 http://explorer.synclub.net/
TagCoin TAG Scrypt 10/24/2013 http://tagbond.com/ https://github.com/tagcoin Starting difficulty: 0.5 Pow/PoS hybrid (1.5% yearly interest, PoS blocks generated after 30 days of coin age) Coins per block: 30 PoW Subsidy reduction: 1% every 3 months, minimum reward of 3 coins Time between blocks: 4 minutes Retarget: Every 2 hours, with a 25% limit in either direction Network Port: 8623 RPC Port: 9624
Takcoin TAK SHA-256 02/08/2014 http://www.projecttak.com/ https://github.com/takeicoin/takeicoin SHA256 Algo Total coins: 7,515,187,520 ABBREV: TAK NO PREMINE! NO INSTAMINE! FORCED FAIR LAUNCH! Blocks: 1-240 = 1 coin per block >240 = 1000 coins per block Block Spacing: 30 seconds Difficulty Retarget: 5 blocks
TheBotCoin TBN Scrypt 03/25/2014 http://thebotcoin.com/ https://github.com/TheBotCoin/TheBotCoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=530303.0 http://coin-base.info/tbn_blockcrawler/ PoW Algorithm: Scrypt Re-target: Every block with KGW Block Time: 300 Seconds Initial Block Reward: 50 Block halving: 10,00,000 Max Supply: 100,000,000 Premine: ~ 0.07% (For Giveaways and Bounties)
Tenebrix TBX Scrypt 09/26/2011 http://com-http.us/coins/tbx/ https://github.com/Lolcust/Tenebrix Scrypt(128K,1,1) Proof of work only Block Time, sec: 300 Reward, coins per block: 25 Total coins: ? Premine: 7700000 Difficulty cycle, blocks: 2016
TacoCoin TCO Scrypt 04/21/2014 http://tacocoin.net/ http://tacocoin.net/download.html http://tacochain.info/ Coin type Litecoin (Scrypt) Halving 50000 blocks Initial coins per block5 00 coins Target spacing 1 min Target timespan 10 h Coinbase maturity 25 blocks Premine 0 % Max coinbase 50000000 + 0 = 50000000 coins P2P port 11042 RPC port 21042
Teacoin TEA SHA-256 01/27/2014 http://teacoin.net/ https://github.com/teacoind/teacoin http://www.teachain.info/ SHA256 No Premine Based on latest Zetacoin source Block target: 30 seconds Difficulty retargets every 4 blocks based on last 90 blocks (Quick difficulty readjustment) Block reward: 1000 TEA, halving every 20160 blocks (about 1 week), not dropping below 1 TEA (inflationary) Total coin supply: 40 million TEA + yearly inflation 40 million coins will be mined in around 4 months Thereafter around 1 million per year (inflationary)
Tekcoin TEK SHA-256 09/07/2013 http://com-http.us/coins/tek/ https://github.com/maxxine/tekcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=289490.0 sha256 pos/pow A fast modern Sha256 coin based on PPC 100 million coins 1 coins per block 1 minute per block defport 8514 def rpc 18514
TeslaCoin TES Scrypt 01/18/2014 http://www.teslacoins.com/ https://github.com/Teslacoin-project/ http://www.dencoinpools.com/tesla/blockcrawler/block_crawler.php Hybrid POS/POW 172 coins per block with 18.56% Subsidy every 30 days 30 Second blocktimes , 25 block confirm 299,792,458 total coins
Tigercoin TGC SHA-256 09/06/2013 http://com-http.us/coins/tgc/ https://github.com/tigercoin/tigercoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=289312.0 Each normal block has 128 coins 45 seconds block time Difficulty retargets every 20 blocks (approximately 15 mins). mining payout will be halved every 3 months (every 172800 blocks) once the payout reaches 1 coin/block, it will stay there to sustain the mining Expected total mined coins will be 47,011,968 coins (not counting the one coin per block inflationary sustaining blocks) 4 confirmations for transaction 50 confirmations for minted blocks
Hempcoin THC Scrypt 03/09/2014 http://hempcoin.org/ https://github.com/hempcoin-project/thc/ https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=506320.0 http://hempcoin.org/bc/block_crawler.php 250 Coins Per Block Halving at 500,000 Block Intervals Minimum Reward of 1 Coin Per Block 50,000,000 Total Proof of Work Coins First 25K Blocks are 4x Reward Blocks 25001 - 35001 are 2x Reward 45 Day Coin Age Requirement for 5% Stake (Growing Season) Season lasts for 45 additional days and then can be started again
Thorcoin THOR Scrypt 03/01/2014 http://com-http.us/coins/thor/ https://github.com/thorcoin/Thorcoin Total coins: 15 Billion Premine: 1.5% Block time target: 1 minute Block reward: 200,000, halving every three weeks down to a minimum of 500 per block. Difficulty retarget: Every 30 Minutes First 1000 blocks are random 10,000-200,000 to help everyone load their clients. NFactor start 4 max 30 Mined block confirmation: 40 Transaction confirmation: 5
Fedoracoin TIPS Scrypt 12/21/2013 http://fedoraco.in/ https://github.com/invisibel/fedoracoin http://fedorachain.info/chain/Fedora Algorithm: Scrypt Max Coins: 500,000,000,000 Block Time: 60 Seconds Difficulty Retarget Time: 10 minutes Premine: None
Lottery Tickets TIX Scrypt 09/19/2013 http://com-http.us/coins/tix/ https://github.com/LotteryTickets/LotteryTickets Ports  7997-7998 Block Time 32 seconds First subsidy is 32,000,000,000 Max moneysupply 100,000,000,000 No premine | INSTANT Transactions
Timekoin TK Scrypt 05/27/2011 http://timekoin.org/ http://timekoin.org/images/downloads/timekoinclient_v1.1.zip http://forums.timekoin.org/ Direct person-to-person purchasing Universal payments No processing fees No central or controlling authority creates currency No other digital currency is truly decentralized like it
TopCoin TOP Scrypt 01/27/2014 http://topcoin.pw/ https://github.com/topcoinproject/topcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=445007.0 zero-premine 30 seconds block target Difficulty retargets each block Total coins will be 11.52 billion coins 4 confirmations for transaction, thus 2 mins fast transaction time 50 confirmations for minted blocks The default ports are 18381 (Connect) and 18382 (RPC)
Templecoin TPC Scrypt 03/25/2014 http://templecoin.com/ https://github.com/9cat/templecoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=529440.0 Proof of Work algorithm: Scrypt Total coins: 2,718,281,828.45904523 TPC Premine: 99.81% Coins per block: 0.001 ~ 1 / minute  (one block takes 5 minutes, you might have max 5 TPC) Block target: 2.5 minutes Difficulty adjustment: every block (KGW) Block reward halving every 325,000 blocks before 1 minute limit. (after 325,001 block, the max reward still 1 TPC, just harder to get ) All coins will have been mined about 9.5 years Mined coins mature in 325 blocks Minimum TX-fee: 0.001 ,  10TPC - 10,000 TPC        0.001% TX fee, 10,000 - 100,000 TPC      1 TPC TX fee > 100,000 TPC                12TPC TX fee
Terracoin TRC SHA-256 10/26/2013 http://terracoin.org/ https://github.com/terracoin/terracoin http://trc.cryptocoinexplorer.com/ First terracoin releases were providing barely-modified bitcoin clients (headless & graphical qt-based), with no extra features compared to bitcoin's. While keeping up-to-date with bitcoin source code, regularly merging bitcoin's patches, a few extra feature additions are planned, especially toward merchants. Various terracoin-related web services may also be developped along the way.
TittieCoin TTC Scrypt 02/07/2014 http://tittiecoin.com/ https://github.com/tittiecoin/tittiecoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=437695.0 http://cryptexplorer.com/chain/TittieCoin 8008 coins per block 3 min blocks Block reward halves every 2 years 5.6 billion total coins RPC port: 8008 NET port: 8007
Titanium TTN Scrypt 03/18/2014 http://www.titaniumcoin.net/ https://github.com/TitaniumCoin/titanium.git http://cryptotrends.info/titanium/explorer/ Algorithm: Scrypt Difficulty Retarget : KGW Block time: 2,5 Min Block reward: 1000 TTN halved every 4 years Transaction confirmations: 4 Confirmations Mined Blocks: 120 Total supply: 2 Bln TTN Multipool protection: Kimoto Gravity Well Premine: 2% for future development, support and maintenance Bounties: 0.5% RPC Port: 3040 P2P Port: 3041
Federation Credits UFC Scrypt 09/02/2013 http://com-http.us/coins/ufc/ https://github.com/scificoin/FederationCredits http://www.ufc.cryptocoinexplorer.com/ 100 million cap PoS/Pow     mining port 12345     1 min block     50 credits per block     1440 blocks a day.  some are super blocks     block reward halves every 2 years     start diff is 0.1     transaction comment
UFOcoin UFO Scrypt 01/06/2014 http://www.ufocoin.cc/ https://github.com/ufocoin/ufo https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=399937.0 http://ufoexplorer.8x0.net/ Premine: 1.5% (1% bounties - 0.5% giveaways) Block reward: 5000 UFO Block time: 1.5 minutes Starting difficulty: 0.00024414 Diff retarget: each 960 blocks Max supply: 4 billion RPCPORT: 9888 P2PPORT: 9887
Ultimatecoin ULT Scrypt 03/17/2014 http://ultcoin.org/ https://github.com/ultcoin/UltimateCoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=519153.0 http://ultexplorer.ultcoin.org:2750/ Algorithm: Scrypt 240 second block targets 7,767,100,000 UltimateCoins after approximately 7 years 20,000 coins per generated block Kimoto Gravity Well algorythm Seigniorage of 100 Million ULT Bank Capital 900 Million ULT
UnbreakableCoin UNB SHA-256 03/27/2014 http://www.unbreakablecoin.com/ http://www.unbreakablecoin.com/unbreakablecoin-src.tar.gz https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=539945.0 http://www.theblockexplorer.com:2750/chain/Unbreakablecoin SHA-256 Algo 80 Million total coins 50 coins per block first 800,000 blocks 25 coins per block after 800,000 blocks No Premine
Union Coin UNC Scrypt 12/12/2013 http://unioncoin.org/ https://github.com/unioncoin/Unioncoin http://unioncoin.org/block/block_crawler.php Super secure hashing: 9 rounds of hashing from 6 hashing functions (blake, bmw, groestl, jh, keccak, skein). 3 rounds apply a random hashing function. CPU mining Quick block generation: 10 seconds 512 UNC per block (halving every 8192 blocks) Block reward will never drop below 1 UNC Total of 73 million UNC will be mined Difficulty retargets every 20 blocks (maximum 10% up or 50% down)
Unitecoin UNI Scrypt 12/10/2013 http://unitecoin.com/ https://github.com/Unitecoin/Unitecoin http://unitecoin.com/block-explorer/ Specifications : Scrypt Algo Proof of Work Re-target every 1440 blocks 50 Coins Per Block Halving at 84,000 blocks Max of 100,000,000 coins QR Code Support 120 Blocks for Mature Coins
Unobtanium UNO SHA-256 10/17/2013 http://unobtanium.io/ https://github.com/thegreatoldone/Unobtanium https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=313126.0 http://rockchain.info/ Block targets = 3 minutes; progressive difficulty adjustment. Block reward of .001 coin for the first 2000 blocks to come up to target, no premine. Block reward of 1 coin per block, halving every 102,000 blocks and finishing with a minimum subsidy of .00001 after 612,000 blocks. Maximum of 250,000 coins ever.
Unitedscryptcoin USC Scrypt 12/21/2013 http://usc.ax.lt/ https://github.com/united-scrypt-coin-project/unitedscryptcoin/ https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=353688.0 http://unitedscryptcoin.org/ Scrypt Algo 2.5 minute blocks Merge mining
Unitary Status Dollar eCoin USDE Scrypt 01/12/2014 http://usd-e.com/ https://github.com/USDE/USDE http://usd-e.com/talk http://cryptexplorer.com/chain/USDe 60 second block time 2-hour block difficulty re-target 5 confirmations per transaction 120 confirmation mined block maturity block halving every 1/3rd of the coin’s total supply
Ultracoin UTC Scrypt 02/01/2014 http://www.ultracoin.net/ https://mega.co.nz/#!w50DULQD!gJcGQcogmg446lmT5OctJCb13T_a7atRC49NqsujopQ https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=413978.0 Scrypt-jane Pow/Pos Total coins: 100,000,000 Premine: 2% (2 million UTC, please view public premine distribution ledger below.) Block time target: 30 seconds Block reward: 50, halving every 990,000 blocks Difficulty retarget:max 200% per 30mins Mined block confirmation: 50 Transaction confirmation: 5 Port: 44100 Rpc port: 44101
UniversityCoin UVC Scrypt 04/29/2014 http://universitycoin.co/ https://github.com/ProjectUniversityCoin/UniversityCoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=584689.0 Algorithm: Scrypt PoW + PoS Coins per block: 1000 UVC (The first 60 blocks reward was set to 1 UVC to avoid instamining) Block time: 30 seconds Difficulty retarget: Every block Confirmations on Transactions: 4 Confirmations on Mined Blocks: 50 Block reward halving: None Total Coins for PoW: 20m UVC Marketing Fund (Premine): 0.5% (1st to 50th block) (Strategic partnerships, bounties & giveaways) IPO: None P2P port: 10707, RPC port: 10708
Version V SHA-256 03/13/2014 http://www.versioncoin.com/ https://github.com/staycrypto/version http://revchain.versioncoin.com/chain/Version SHA-256 Proof of Stake 2.5 million total coins 10% Per Annum Proof of Stake Interest 5 day minimum coin age 30 day for full stake Block target time: 20 seconds Confirms: 10 Mined block maturity: 30 blocks Difficulty retarget: Kimoto Gravity Well
Vendettacoin VAC Scrypt 02/02/2014 http://www.vendettacoin.org/ https://github.com/Vendettacoins/vac https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=427255.0 Scrypt-Jane 21,000,000 Total Coins Difficulty retargets every week 30 second block time 6 Confirmations for Transactions. 250 Blocks for Mining Confirmation
VelocityCoin VEL Scrypt 12/29/2013 http://velocitycoin.com/ https://github.com/Velocitycoin/velocitycoin http://velocitycoin.com/forum Total Coins: 62,000,000 Block Times: 30 Seconds Confirmations Mined Blocks: 30 Transaction Conformations: 5 Port: 21333 RPCPort: 21334
VegasCoin VGC Scrypt 03/12/2014 http://vegascoin.co/ https://github.com/VegasCoin/vegascoin Scrypt Algo. 100 million coins. 120 second block time. 30 coins per block. Re-target every 1 day. NO PREMINE
ValueCoin VLC Scrypt 08/27/2013 http://valuecoin.org/ https://github.com/valuecoin/valuecoin http://vlc.webboise.com/chain/Valuecoin Algorithm: Scrypt Block Time: 30 seconds Difficulty: Starts at 0 Fair Start Policy - block 0-400: 0 coins - block 401-800: 2 coins - block 801-1200: 4 coins - block 1201-1600: 8 coins starting block 1601: 16 coins Reward: 16 coins per block, halved every 4 years – Consistent rewards encourage miners to support the network long term. Loyalty is rewarded. This also reduces volatility by setting the foundation on a stable path. Due to the fair launch policy, block rewards will grow in value until they reach the 20 coins per block reward. More details below. Maximum coins: ~133 million
Vaultcoin VLT Scrypt 03/05/2014 http://vaultcoins.com/ https://github.com/Vaultcoins/Vaultcoins https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=502160.0 http://cryptexplorer.com/chain/VaultCoin Total Coins: 66 Million Block Times: 2.5 Minutes, 6 Confirmations on Transactions. Aggressive Kimoto Gravity Well Retargeting Fair Distribution No Instamine Multipool Resistant Premine of 0.98% for Bounties, Giveaways, Development, Support and Maintenance Block Rewards 0-30 0 Rewards 30-10000 1000 Reward 10001-20000 500 Reward 20001-50000 250 Reward 50001+ 100 Reward Halving Yearly
Violetcoin VLT Scrypt 05/07/2014 http://com-http.us/coins/vlt-2/ https://github.com/VioletCoin/VioletCoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=599789.0 Algorithm: Scrypt Total coin: 10'000'000 (ONLY 10M) Block reward: 50 Block reward halving: 100k blocks Pure PoW no PoS! Asic Friendly. Block time: 60 Block diff adj: each block with kgw RPC port: 6585 Small Premine of 0,1% for giveaways and bounties!
Vampirecoin VMP Scrypt 03/10/2014 http://vmpcoin.org/ https://github.com/vampirecoin/vampirecoin-release http://explorer.vmpcoin.org/ Scrypt-based 2.5 minute block targets Subsidy halves in 800k blocks (3.8 years) 10,000,000 Vampirecoins total 6 coins per block 2 hours to retarget difficulty
ElectricCoin VOLT Scrypt 01/02/2014 http://electricvolt.net/ https://github.com/Devianttwo/Electric https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=396293.0 Max Coins: 10,000,000,000 VOLT Block Time: 60 Seconds Difficulty Retarget Time: 4 hours Premine: 2% for Giveaways and such.
Vertcoin VTC Scrypt 01/08/2014 http://vertcoin.org/ https://github.com/vertcoin/vertcoin http://explorer.vertcoin.org/ Algorithm: Scrypt-Adaptive-Nfactor (Not scrypt-jane) Symbol : v Max Coins: 84 million vertcoins. Block time: 2.5 minutes Subsidy halves every 840,000 blocks (~4 years) Difficulty Re-Target Time:  3.5 days Block Rewards: 50 coins per block
WeAreSatoshi WAS SHA-256 03/08/2014 http://www.wearesatoshi.net/ https://github.com/teacoind/WeAreSatoshi https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=506912.0 http://block.dsync.net/was/ SHA256 Algo No Premine Based on latest Zetacoin source Block target: 30 seconds Difficulty retargets every 2 blocks (Very Quick difficulty readjustment) Block reward: 100,000 #WeAreSatoshi, halving every 200,000 blocks (about 1 Month), not dropping below 1000 #WeAreSatoshi (inflationary) Total coin supply: 40 billion #WeAreSatoshi + yearly inflation 40 billion coins will be mined in around 12 months Thereafter around 1 billion per year (inflationary).
Whitecoin WC Scrypt 04/13/2014 http://whitecoin.co/ https://github.com/Whitecoiner/Whitecoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=568517.0 http://wcbe.cipherpool.com/ Block Time: 1.5 Minutes Difficulty Retarget: every block Confirmations on Transactions: 7 Confirmations on Mined Blocks: 350 Fees: Minimum transaction fee of 0.00005 WC Stake Interest: 2% annually Secure and Open Source Total Coins: 300,000,000 Block Reward: 30000 Total Blocks: 10000 POS After Block: 10000 Premine 0.78% for Dev support, and future development. Port 15814 RPC Port 15815
Worldcoin WDC Scrypt 05/22/2013 http://worldcoinfoundation.org/ https://github.com/worldcoinproject/Worldcoin http://wdc.cryptocoinexplorer.com/ Block Time: 30 Sec. Confirmations: 2 Difficulty Retarget: About 1 hour (120 blocks) Block Reward: 64 coins, reduced 1% every week (20,160 blocks) Coins: 265,420,800
Wecoin WEC Keccak 03/05/2014 http://wecoin.in/ https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=502337.0 Algorithm: Standard SHA-3 (Keccak) Total Coins: 100,000,000,000 WEC Block Time: 60 seconds Block Reward: 1-1,000,000 WeCoin per block, halving every ~2 months Difficulty: Retargeting using Kimoto Gravity Well algorithm
WildWestCoin WEST Other 05/13/2014 http://wildwestcoin.com/ https://github.com/wild-west-coin/WildWestCoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=607493.0 Algo: X11 Total Coins: 4 747 000 Block Time: 60 seconds Pow lasts: 10000 blocks Pos min age: 8 hours Pos max age: unlimited Premine: 1% Difficulty readjusts every block RPC port: 24731 P2P port: 24732
WikiCoin WIKI Scrypt 02/02/2014 http://wikicoin.wikia.com/ https://github.com/wikicoin-project/wikicoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=444014.0 Quark random 8 algorithm hashing funcion for CPU-only mining Total number of 30,000,000 WikiCoins Average of 30sec Block Generation Block halving at 81,000 block 50 WikiCoins Block Reward Multiple-Step Hashing 0,5% Pre-mine P2P-Port: 18455 RPC-Port: 18456
WPcoin WPC Scrypt 03/19/2014 http://www.whitepalacecoin.com/ https://github.com/WPCoin/WPCoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=522407.0 ALGORITHM: SCRYPT MAX COINS: 320,000,000 BLOCK TIME: 1 minute DIFFICULTY RETARGET: Dynamic CONFIRM: 1 MINUTES MATURES:360BLOCKS NO PREMINE P2P port: 25556 RPC port: 25555 Block 0 - 21,600: 60 WPCoin reward Block 21,601 - 43,200: 40 WPCoin reward Block 43,201 - 86,400: 20 WPCoin reward Block 86,401 +: 20 WPCoin reward
Dubstepcoin WUBS Scrypt 02/06/2014 http://www.dubstepcoin.org/ https://github.com/bartekww/dubstepcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=395599 Proof of Work algorithm: Scrypt Premine: Nope. Block reward: First 20000 blocks - 200 WUBS; Above 20000 - 100 WUBS; Block time: 3 minutes Retarget: 40 blocks Max supply: 110 millions P2P port:62030 RPC port:62040 Halve: 2 years
XCoin XCO Scrypt 01/22/2014 http://www.xcoin.co/ https://github.com/ig0tik3d/xcoin-cpuminer https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=421615.0 2.5 minute block target 6 Confirms per transaction Difficulty re-targets every 576.0 blocks Block reward controlled by moores law ( 1111 / (diff+1
Xedoscoin XDC Skein 03/19/2014 http://xedoscoin.com/ http://github.com/xedoscoin/xedoscoin http://xedoscoin.com:2750/chain/Xedoscoin POW Hash: Skein-SHA2 Block target: 1,5 minutes Block reward: 80 0.00000014 XDC Total coins: no more than 85 million Halving interval: 262800 blocks No premine. Every 3250-th block return 170 XDC Every 4250-th block return 180 XDC Every 6250-th block return 140 XDC Every 4800-th block return 221 XDC Every 25-th block return 79 XDC
Joulecoin XJO SHA-256 09/22/2013 http://com-http.us/coins/xjo/ https://github.com/joulecoin/joulecoin Block time: 45 seconds Block reward: 16 XJO Reward halves every 2 years Minimum reward 0.001 XJO Total coins produced: ~ 45 million XJO RPC Port: 8844 P2P Port: 26789 Difficulty retargets every block (exponentially) based on last 160 blocks
Libertycoin XLB Other 05/08/2014 http://libertycoin.co/ https://github.com/liberty-project/LibertyCoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=600322.0 http://libertycoin.co/explorer/ Algorithm: X11 Total coins: 16,500,000 Block Times: 1 minute POS interest: 1% per year Min stake time: 8 hours
LitecoinPlus XLC Scrypt 05/07/2014 http://com-http.us/coins/xlc/ https://github.com/XLCplus/XLC https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=599095.0 http://xlc.blockx.info/ Name: LitecoinPlus (XLC) Algo: Scrypt Proof of Stake Transaction time: 30 seconds Supply: 221,400 coins (x4 XBC supply) Stake: 15% annually
XenCoin XNC Scrypt 08/28/2013 http://www.xencoin.com/ https://github.com/xencoin/Xencoin http://xnc.webboise.com/chain/Xencoin  5% premined for use for cryptocoin bank Icobank - www.icobank.com, XenZino, XenBingo, XenLotto, PokerXen and more 3 projects.  20 seconds block target.  6 confirms per transaction. So every transaction will be confirmed in 2 minutes.  Difficulty: Starts at 0.00024414.  Difficulty retargets about 9 hours.  First 10,000 blocks reward is 2000. After 10,001 block - 200 coins per block, halves every 3 years (4,665,600 blocks)  Total 2,100 mln coins  connection port is 4334, RPC-port 4335  Scrypt
Primecoin XPM Primechain 07/07/2013 http://primecoin.org https://github.com/primecoin/primecoin http://primecoin.21stcenturymoneytalk.org/
StabilityShares XSI Scrypt 04/16/2014 http://stabilityshares.com/ https://github.com/stabilityshares/stabilitysharesxsi https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=572508.0 http://blockxplorer.com/chain/StabilitySharesXSI Algorithm: Scrypt Total amount of coins: 7,500,000 after 14 days Hyperbolic Reward Curve gradually lowers the block reward with no block halving Block time: 1.5 minutes Total amount of PoW blocks: 13,440, amounting to 14 days for total of 7.5 million coins The first 100 blocks will have a reward of 10 coins per block, starting the network fairly Difficulty re-target: every block Nominal stake interest: 3% annually Min transaction fee: 0.0001 XSI (Fees are paid to miners) Confirmations: 10, maturity: 40 Min stake age: 12 hours, no max age P2P port: 7714, RPC port: 7715
SiliconValleyCoin XSV ScryptN 03/18/2014 http://siliconvalleycoin.com/ https://github.com/licentia/siliconvalleycoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=520249.0 http://cryptotrends.info/XSV Proof of Work algorithm: Scrypt with N-Factor (use Vertcoin miner) Total coins: 35,000,000 XSV Premine: 48% to be Mail-Dropped in Silicon Valley. 2% to cover mailing, printing, and developer fees. Coins per block: 35 XSV Block target: 8 minutes Difficulty adjustment: per block Block reward halving Every Year Mined coins mature in 90 blocks p2p port: 13777 - RPC Port:17777
Traincoin XTN Scrypt 04/01/2014 http://com-http.us/coins/xtn/ https://github.com/traincoinproject/TrainCoin-1 https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=553436.0 http://explorer.trainco.in/ Algorithm: Scrypt Difficulty retarget: every 250 blocks (~5.2 hours) blocks per day: 1152 (1.25 minute blocks) Block rewards: vary (info below) Total XTN: 7 000 000 XTN (7M)
TurboCoin XTP Scrypt 01/10/2014 http://com-http.us/coins/xtp/ http://picadump.com/TurboCoin_XBT/TurboCoin_src.zip http://explorer.poolz.ws/chain/Turbocoin Scrypt PoW 600 second blockrate 50 XTB per block block reward halving every 210,000 blocks max coins ~21,000,000 XTB no pre-mine
CREDS XXC SHA-256 03/14/2014 http://com-http.us/coins/xxc/ https://github.com/creds-xxc/xxc https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/8084-creds-xxc-information/ http://www.webcoin.us/xxc/statistics/blockchain SHA-256 Algo CREDS network adjusts the reward at every block, to a level proportional to the contributing Hash rate, one of the first SHA-256 currency to implement this concept. Block time: about 1 min. Retarget:  every block Reward proportional to Difficulty; yielding 1 XXC per day, for every GH/s - every day! Blocks 0 to 349: Premined at 0 XXC per block, to safely bring the difficulty to a level adapted to current ASICs. (*) Blocks 350+ : Full Rewards per block, equivalent to 1.0 XXC per day, per GH/s offered to the network.
XXLcoin XXL Scrypt 02/01/2014 http://www.xxlcoin.org/ https://github.com/XXLcoinSupp/_xxl_src2 https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=442107.0 http://xxlcoin.org/explorer/ Scrypt Algo Progressive Difficulty Adjustment re-target every 2h 120 seconds block time first               65000 blocks - up to 12,000,000.00 XXL next 65001 - 100000 blocks - up to 5,000,000.00 XXL next 100000 - 200000 blocks - up to 2,400,000.00 XXL next 200000 - 300000 blocks - up to 1,200,000.00 XXL next 300000 - 400000 blocks - up to 500,000.00 XXL next 400000 - 500000 blocks - up to 250,000.00 XXL next 500000 - 600000 blocks - up to 120,000.00 XXL from 600000 - ***** blocks -  50,000.00 XXL rpc port 50771 p2p port 50772
YaCoin YAC ScryptN 05/05/2013 http://www.yacoin.org/ https://github.com/yacoin/yacoin http://explorer.yacoin.org/ Long-term GPU, FPGA and ASIC resistance Fast transactions (send and receive payments fast) Long-term energy efficiency (via Proof-of-Stake mining) High incentive CPU-friendly Proof-of-Work mining Secure and robust (based on Novacoin code-base)
YACCoin YACC Scrypt 03/12/2014 http://www.yaccoin.org/ http://github.com/yaccoin/yaccoin http://yacc.thedigitalmint.org/ Scrypt Algo 1024 coins per block found 23.5 years of coin generation 2 year half life 1.5 minute block time (90 second generation time target) Kimoto Gravity Well based difficulty adjustments 8.4 Billion total coins 100 confirmations for new blocks 6 confirmations for transactions
Yuan Bao YBC Scrypt 11/23/2013 http://www.ybcoin.org/ https://github.com/ybcoin/ybcoin
YellowCoin YC Scrypt 04/21/2014 http://www.yellow-coin.com/ https://github.com/YCteam/YellowCoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=578727.0 http://www.yellow-coin.com:1777/ Algorithm: Scrypt POW/POS Block Time: 20 seconds Difficulty retarget : every block Total Coin: 42M+ Premine: Premined 5M. Currently 750k left for further development and marketing (Details below) Mined Block Confirmation: 50 Transaction Confirmation: 3 Min stake age: 1 day Max stake age: 1000 days Port: 16789 Rpc port: 16889
BaconBitsCoin YUM Scrypt 01/09/2014 http://com-http.us/coins/yum/ https://github.com/MrBaconBit/BaconBits http://altexplorer.net/chain/BaconBits 30 Millions total baconbits Block time: 30 Seconds Difficulty retarget: 3 Hours Transaction confirmations: 3 confirmations Minted block confirmations: 130 confirmations
ZcCoin ZCC Scrypt 08/07/2013 http://www.zhaocaibi.com/ https://github.com/zccoin/zccoin http://be.botpool.org:2752/ Mining revenue recognition mature 520 times The initial difficulty 0.03 Nfactor starting value 12 RPC port 12210, P2P port 10583 Simultaneous release of mine pool to ensure a stable income
Zedcoin ZED Scrypt 01/26/2014 http://www.zedcoins.com/ https://github.com/zcoin/ZedCoin Difficulty re-target every 30 blocks  1 minute blocks 88 coins per block 120 million total coins Random 1day/month x2 bonus Transaction messages supported Coin maturity at 30 block confirmations The block payout will be halved every year, minimum payout 1 coin per block Early Bird bonus payouts, in order to provide some incentive to early adopters. Day 1: x2 payout Day 2: x3 payout Day 3: x5 payout Day 11: x2 payout Day 22: x2 payout
Zeitcoin ZEIT Scrypt 03/01/2014 http://www.zeit-coin.com/ https://github.com/zeitcoin/zeitcoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=487814.0 http://bt.nice-media.ru/chain/Zeitcoin
Zetacoin ZET SHA-256 08/01/2013 http://com-http.us/coins/zet/ http://github.com/zetacoin/zetacoin https://andarazoroflove.org/explorer/zetacoin/ No premine Based on latest Bitcoin 0.8.99 source Block target: 30 seconds (20x Bitcoin) Difficulty retargets every 4 blocks based on last 90 blocks (Quick difficulty readjustment) Block reward: 1000 ZET, halving every 80640 blocks (about 1 month), not dropping below 1 ZET (inflationary) Total coin supply: 160 million ZET + small yearly inflation 160 million coins will be mined in around first year Thereafter around 1 million per year (inflationary). This small inflation is a better incentive to keep the network hashing than purely transaction fees. Listen port: 17333
Zeuscoin ZEU Scrypt 10/10/2013 http://zeuscoin.webs.com/ https://github.com/zeuscoinproject/zeuscoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=308741.0 30 seconds block time Scrypt PoW Difficulty retargets every block Random 100 - 1000 coins per block Total coins will be around 321,552,000 coins 4 confirmations for transaction 50 confirmations for minted blocks support transaction message The payout will be halved every 3 months. Connect port : 13930 RPC port: 13931
Zombiecoin ZMB Scrypt 02/15/2014 http://zmbcoin.org/ http://www.github.com/zombiecoin/zombiecoin-release https://cryptocointalk.com/forum/912-zombiecoin-zmb/ http://explorer.zmbcoin.org/ Scrypt-based 2.5 minute block targets Subsidy halves in 800k blocks (3.8 years) 170,000,000 Zombiecoins total 102 coins per block 2 hours to retarget difficulty
Zimstake ZS SHA-256 04/27/2014 http://zimstake.us/ https://github.com/CryptoGir/Zimstake https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=583591.0 http://explore.zimstake.us/ Block Time: 60 seconds Difficulty Re-target: every block Confirmations on Transactions: 12 Confirmations on Mined Blocks: 125 Min transaction fee: 0.00005 ZS Fees are paid to miners P2P port: 12125, RPC port: 12126 Algo: SHA-256 Block reward: 512 ZS Max height: 12512 (a little over 8.5 days) Total POW Coins: 6.406.144 (6.4 million or so) Stake Interest: 12% annually (FOREVER!!) Min stake age: 12 hours, no max age Total Coins: 60 - 70 million after 10 years
Zenithcoin ZTC Scrypt 06/01/2013 http://www.zenithcoin.com/ https://github.com/eagleeyee/ZenithCoin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=219644.0 http://explore.zenithcoin.com/ A new genesis block will be created that is unique for this coin. This is essential to ensure the security of this coin’s block chain. There will be no-premining performed on release of the coin. Furthermore, the difficulty will be set appropriately so that early adopters are unable to mine coins with next to zero difficulty. A new ZenithCoin block is created every 2.5 minutes. That is the same as Litecoin and 4 times more frequent than Bitcoin. This is to be interpreted that there is 1 confirmation every 2.5 minutes. The standard today for confirmation prior to transfer is 6 confirmation, so on average it will take 15 minutes to completely transfer coins. The difficulty retarget block is every 9 blocks using a Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filter. With ZenithCoin 24 coins are created per block. Due to the faster block rate, 96 coins are created every 10 minutes. The total number of coins is targeted to be 42 million coins. This is twice that of Bitcoin. The coin subsidy rate will be halved every 420,000 blocks.
Zurcoin ZUR Scrypt 01/10/2014 http://com-http.us/coins/zur/ https://bitbucket.org/zurcoin/zurcoin http://zur.dream.org.il/ 50,000,000,000 coins 42 seconds block time 42 coins per block suppose to half in 42 years

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