Despite the atmosphere during the initial stages of bitcoin’s development, which attracted software developers, cryptographers, and technology enthusiasts primarily, the digital money has been on the run in 2017. Since the first signs of the massive bullish bitcoin trend set-in, the demand, and investments in digital money has drastically increased, creating more jobs for Blockchain experts and making early adopters and cryptocurrency investors rich.

A Growing Interest Cryptocurrency Jobs

In recent times, job postings relating to Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have become commonplace. These days, as observed by job search site Indeed, the number of job postings related to blockchain, cryptocurrency, and bitcoin has increased by approximately 621 percent since November 2015.

According to Forbes’s, large companies like Uber, eBay, Capital One,, and GEICO have also been searching for and contacting people who have listed “Bitcoin” or “Blockchain” in their skillset. On social media apps like Reddit, jobs based on the technologies as mentioned above are often found on subReddits like r/forhire, r/Jobs4bitcoin and many more.

After job postings, Indeed also boasts a 1,065 percent rise in searches on the website related to crypto-based jobs. There is a host of websites that crypto professionals can find decent positions on both the freelance basis and full-time employment. XBTFreelancer is another crypto-specific job site, with employers posting new vacancies every day.

Types of Crypto-Related Jobs In Demand

Specifically, more popular jobs in the ecosystem include Blockchain developer, project manager, cryptocurrency miner and technician, data scientist, crypto news writing and reporting alongside a host of many other positions.

In this developing work space, employees would typically be paid in bitcoin or sometimes their preferred altcoins. Of course, if a company is recruiting for an upcoming ICO, employees would get the new coins or tokens being created in addition to or in place of traditional payment.

One of the first steps in acquiring a position in the cryptosphere is to learn any and all aspects of the technology that interests potential applicants. While most universities have yet to offer Blockchain related courses, you could kick-start your learning by taking Princeton’s Bitcoin and cryptocurrency Technologies on Coursera.

Furthermore, it is always a good practice to have a background in the area of the crypto endeavor one sees their future. For example, if you want to build Blockchain based applications, it is natural that applicants also have a basic understanding of programming.

In summary, with the continuous adoption and integration of this technology by startups and established corporations, the demand for skilled workers in the field is expected to rise further. If you are currently unemployed, the best thing for you now is to start learning as much as you can about Bitcoin, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies because with them your future is bright indeed.

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