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Vestoria is the first blockchain to utilize the microcosm of video games to implement a fair and selfsustainable economic system, with a safe and valuable digital asset exchange. Video games, like most forms of art, emulate life, but unlike a painting on the wall, a video game captures all the senses, and like the real world, video games can create an all-encompassing experience - an alternate life that serves as both a testing ground and a highly imaginative form of existence. Vestoria is a fair and decentralized blockchain based video-game ecosystem that implements the first Competitive-Proof-of-Stake consensus model. The Vestoria Ecosystem is a self-sustaining digital world, wIth the ideals of equal opportunity and the fair distribution of wealth. CPOS makes it possible to reward skilled gamers, and average users in a economically sustainable infiniteloop, thereby creating a world of play-driven harmony.
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