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  1. Carolyn Jiang говорит

    Hi there:

    We’re looking to list our upcoming token sale. Would you please let us know the costs and requirements for listing on your site?

    Thank you!

  2. Nenad Trailov говорит


    We want to list on your website for our upcoming ICO. Could you please email me the information on how to proceed?


  3. Hunter говорит

    Great Information, This is really useful to all of us. please keep it up. Thanks for the sharing this valuable information.

  4. Nikonova Olesya говорит


    What are the conditions for placing an ICO project on the site https://www.bestcoins.co?
    What information should I provide?
    How long before the iCO should I post?

    1. ACH говорит


  5. Максим говорит

    Что можете сказать о рейтингах ICO на трекерах. Например, на трекере icopulse com ?

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