HTC to Release a Blockchain-powered Device «Exodus» this Year, Price and Features Details

HTC is soon releasing its blockchain-powered mega smartphone called HTC Exodus, probably at the end of 2018.

Phil Chen, the phone's developer disclosed the news in a one on one interview with
The Verge.

Phil said that the newly developed device will be valued similarly to the
Sirin Labs Finney, another perfect blockchain smartphone gadget that costs $999. Phil is very much optimistic about Exodus acquiring global release, even though regulations in China deem not to be available there.

Earlier, there was
information that Exodus will be a cold wallet for crypto, compatible with decentralised applications (DApps) and that every smartphone will work as a node on a new blockchain network system. The device will as well execute the blockchain-powered game CryptoKitties, even though it can be done by the already existing
HTC smartphones.

Device's Non-blockchain Related Capabilities

Sadly, there exists no detailed information about the device much beyond its blockchain credentials. Just for $1,000, it will be a big hustle to win the hearts of users that are outside the cryptocurrency world, otherwise, the device has to be extra impressive. The most costly version of latest HTC flagship is
HTC U12 Plus that costs $849.

As for the HTC Exodus smartphone, HTC revealed that it has already started receiving many pre-orders for the blockchain handset in the U.S large market and that desire plus demand has been very high. The smartphone device will become the globe’s first phone conscientious to decentralized applications and security.

The Taiwan smartphone producer has set a hard to achieve target, imagining that approximately 30 million people who have bitcoin wallets will embrace and use the Exodus smartphone to access and manage their crypto coins.

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