Mental health is a very sensitive and very less talked topic. It needs more and more coverage and awareness so that people can understand that it is a normal illness like any other physical disease and has to be treated by the professionals. You need to go to a therapist for your mental health check up like you go to your general physician for a physical health checkup. There are many therapists in Dubai who are experts at their work.

This is a common question among people that how to know that you are going through a mental illness and it is time to see a therapist. So here are some of the reasons when you should see a therapist:

  • MOOD SWINGS: Mood swings are one of the most common symptoms of mental illnesses. If you are having unexpected mood swings or negative thoughts are surrounding you then look for a therapist as soon as possible. You can pour your worries and thoughts to your therapist without being judged because that is their job and they are assigned to listen to your condition and get a solution for it.
  • BIG CHANGES: If you are going through a big change in your life, it could be anything a new job, new house or wedding and you are unable to cope up with all the stress that is coming along then look for help from a therapist so that he or she can take you out from the stress and help you manage your life issues. This therapist can be an expert and even some one from your friends or family.
  • HARMFUL THOUGHTS: Harmful thoughts or dreams are one of the few things that affect your mental health and can be a hindrance in your life. These thoughts can only be solved by discussion and for that a therapist is needed.
  • FEELING WORTHLESS: It is one of the main symptoms of depression when the patient starts to feel that he is not important and he doesn’t have any value in this world and he is meaningless. Depression treatment in Dubai is gaining popularity and this is because of the increasing awareness of depression gained by the people there.

Therapy is absolutely normal and you shouldn’t be ashamed for seeking therapy. Try to talk without hiding anything from your therapist and you’ll see a visible change in your life.

Wednesday, Dec 8, 2021