Whether you are buying motor insurance Dubai from an agent or online the terms and process can be extremely confusing and it is easy to get lost in it all. But don’t worry as here we have a proper guide for you to understand all the necessary things which one should be aware of before getting into car insurance. Medical insurance is a complete different case so be careful about this instead of confusing it all.

  • Understanding pricing factor

Usually every insurance company uses its own unique pricing formula but it would be safe to say that it revolves around the basic principles of the age and model of the car along with other different factors which are involved. If you are a young male driver than the insurance fee for you will be higher because according to statistics, married men tend to be involved less in accidents and more in safe driving or if the place you live in is at a higher risk of thefts and accidents then again the rates will be high.

  • Collision and comprehensive coverage

In order to be able to choose the right kind of insurance you must first understand the difference between these two coverage which suggests insurance claim on different situations. If you don’t understand this now then it will create a huge difficulty for you at the time of insurance claim. For the collision coverage it is understandable that when the car collapses with the other one or with a building due to your own ignorance then you will be able to claim the policy but if your car was damaged due to an accident such as fire, flood, vandalism, falling rocks and land sliding etc then you won’t be able to claim it because your car insurance policy says you are only able to claim insurance at collision.

  • You can choose a lower paying option

Many people are concerned about the insurance policy not proving to be worth it and when this happens they often want to drop it all together. This shouldn’t be happening because they can instead choose a lower paying option in different ways. For example if you know your cars is old and at a risk of destruction any time then simply deduct the comprehensive coverage from the insurance claim.

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Thursday, Jul 9, 2020