Computer have robbers and and thieves. Do you want to know about then aka viruses?

If yes then read below! But after reading go and search about antivirus download.

  • Leigh was the virus that infected the files of
  • Around 50 million computers were attacked by a worm, Atom, in 2007.
  • The first virus was launched JN 1990.
  • Smartphone viruses were appeared on 2005 firstly. They Remain called as commwarrior-A. 
  • Before networking systems, viruses were transferred via floppy disks
  • The first computer virus was created by Bob Thomas in 1971 at BBN Technologies for a purpose. The person could replicate the virus. 
  • WinVer 1.4 was the first Windows virus and Groove was the exe.file virus. Faroq Ali Brothers created the first boot virus of Windows. 
  • There are three main and braid elements that causes malware: worms,  torjon horses and viruses. They attack different bit are made on same instructions. 
  • It is found out that on the basis of contacts, 70 percent of writers of viruses work for companies to carryout this crime. 
  • Michelangelo was the worst virus of MS-DOS. It created multiple copies of itself and spread them while working from background. 
  • Eik Clober was one of the dangerous viruses that trigger 51 times and showed poems. It was gaming virus. 
  • Melissa was a macro virus that made Microsoft and other tech companies to shut their email services unless virus was removed completely. 
  • According to Microsoft security report, viruses have been affecting 40 percent of US houses. 
  • USA has the most chances of being attacked by computer viruses and Russia is the second target. 
  • Many countries considered virus writing illegal. Finland and Germany are two of them.
  • Because of increasing viruses and hackers, there is now cyber terrorism, cyber warfare and cyber extortion. 
  • MyDoom was the most expensive virus that damaged $38.5 million. It was created in 2004.
  • Viruses, Trojans and worms can attack your device when you click on certain mink that is provided to you in any email, otherwise a single email cannot do! 
  • People do not know that 90 percent of emails have viruses of different types. 
  • $500 is paid at Facebook to a person who can detect molested in system. 

So, these are few facts about computer virus that tell you about dangerous dude of gadgets. Therefore, download antivirus software and save yourself!

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