Giving the option of cake delivery in Dubai to your customers is in demand now because most of the people do not get time to come and pic the cake by themselves as they have to see around other things too. As a baker you need to provide this delivery of birthday cake in Dubai in order to increase your sales and to get more customers. But there are a few things which you need to take care of before you start this option. Here are those things to let you know about:

Delivery charges: When you go for this option then you need to understand that you have to hire at least one delivery boy for this purpose because you can’t send your regular workers for this purpose as they have other works to be done. With hiring a new delivery boy your expenses will be increased because you need to pay him so the delivery should not be free. You have to tell this thing to the customer when they ask for the home delivery. Your riders should be professional and know about alternative routes of city.

Packing: To make sure that your cake reach the destination in the proper shape you need to pack it correctly and with proper support so that if there is any accident happens then the cake will be safe. Your customers will never understand about any mishap that happens on the way, they will blame you for a bad shaped cake so it is important that you hire a professional rider and proper packaging for your cakes.

Plan: You need to plan about the journey in advance. You have to take a look at the route and make sure that your rider understands the route fully. Then you need to send the cake before time so that it will not reach there late. There are some rush or peak hours when they roads are full of traffic, you need to take care of those hours and plan to send the cake accordingly. If you have increased orders for delivery then you need to hire more riders and plan their routes in a way that one person will cover an entire area and there will be no overlapping, in this way you will reduce the expenses as well as the time will be saved.

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Dubai, UAE

Friday, Mar 5, 2021