When you go to any construction related company you will see many architects in UAE. Some of them are having full time jobs and others are like doing this as a freelancer whom the industries hire only when they are needed. When there is a big project or any problem which is beyond the understanding of the current employees then hiring someone outside the firm is necessary for the time being. If someone wants to do the mechanical engineering in Dubai then they have to first get the formal education for this. You have to enroll in the bachelor’s degree, if you want to enter in this field. There are also some diplomas are available which you can do and start your career in this industry and then do your bachelors. If you think that diploma is enough for this field then you are wrong because in diploma they only teach you about the basics of this field and you will get the job of the lowest ranks only. If you want to earn more and go to the higher ranks then you have to take admission in the bachelor’s degree. Without the degree you cannot get the title of engineer.

There is also a sort of break down in the degree. Some people do only a two year degree program and then they got the job of a draftsman in mechanical engineering. If you have to time to study or if you have fewer resources to complete a 4 year program then you can do this 2 year’s program and start your job. After getting the job you can then re-start your study and complete your bachelor’s degree if you want to get hired for a higher rank. You have to take admission in the institute which is recognized by the engineering industry otherwise they will be reluctant to hire you. Admission in the best institute is necessary as this will have a direct impact on your learning and also on the type of job which is offered to you. When you get the degree from a recognized institute then you will get the job in best company and with the best salary package. But on the other hand if you get it from a low class institute then you may suffer.

Sunday, Jan 16, 2022