For citizenship by investment, Turkey  is the best place, but on the other hand, Montenegro citizenship by investment is a competition to the program as well. Investment is the use of the funds in order to achieve added revenue or value growth. An investment’s fundamental advantage is that it allows you to achieve a payout. This requires the investment of resources saved or de-consumed in the expectation that some benefits will rise in the future. “Investment” does not seem as clear as described.

Investment means allocating monetary resources to assets which, over a certain period of time, will generate certain profits or positive returns. The assets range from stable and risky investments. Financial investment is also referred to in this context. We are the “Money” providers, from the point of view of people who invest their assets. Investment is a pledge of the funds of a person to obtain future revenues by means of interest, dividends, rent, incentives, pension benefit, or an appreciation of the value of their main money.

It is not relevant for the financial investor whether money is being invested for a successful use or for the acquisition of second-hand instruments like current stocks and shares listed in exchanges. Many investments are known as transfers of one individual to another of financial assets.

The essence of financial investment varies from that of its economic usage. Investment ‘ implies for the economist the net addition of goods and services to economic capital, which is used to generate other goods and services. This term includes the construction, in new buildings, in new and competitive resources, sustainable equipment of new producers, such as plants and facilities. The economist’s concept of investment includes inventories and human capital.

The financial and economic importance of investment is interrelated, as investment is part of investments of individual people, which are divided into’ new’ and second-hand capital funding, into the capital market either directly or via institutions. The business reaches investors as’ suppliers’ and investors as’ payers’ of long-term funds. Nonetheless, this book will make use of investment in its’ financial sense’ and investment will include the instruments and structures in which investments are made.

In any country that adds an aspect of coercion to savings of an individual, taxation is one of the key factors. In our country, there are different forms of savings in the form of investments which help to reduce the level of taxation. These are discussed under investment media availability.

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