Eating food is important, it is obvious that you will tend to die if you didn’t eat for several days. But eating the right food is a right for your body that you need to give to it. If you are eating almost anything then you can clearly look around what the world is suffering from now a day! So, it is best to eat what is good for you and what actually looks decent or at least that is not artificial. You must be wondering why we used the word artificial, well not completely but somewhat. You must have seen different TV ads of fruit and vegetables coming in from huge factories but ever since you were a kid, you always thought that fruits and vegetables were brought from the farm. So, why things are changing, well we would like you to know that like everything is having alternatives, there are alternative food options are well. 

So far now, there are now two kinds of food, inorganic food and organic food. Inorganic food is the type of food that comes from the factory and the organic food is the food that come from directly from the farm and fresh. So, do the math and see which kind of food is best for your body, obviously organic food that is because it has a lot of benefits like;

  1. Organic food has almost zero pesticides. Meaning to say that farmers spray less insect killing agents on the fruits and vegetables. There are some kind of insects that are good for your plants and there are some insects that are not. And the ones that are not good are killed by different agents but before tech was innovated, people used to save their fields by natural ways, and that is also why organic food farmers protect the food from insects in old ways that still work but they are slow but guaranteed and they don’t have any kind of side effect like the pesticides used by the inorganic industry.
  2. The second benefits are that the organic food in Dubai like almond milk in Dubai is always fresh. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables and dairy is like heaven. Even though organic food may be expensive but to know the different of it other than the price, the taste of the organic food will be change but in a good way that you will never forget.
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Dubai, UAE

Friday, Sep 18, 2020