Crypto Fund Hires Philippe Cottier As A New Chairman

Tobias Reichmuth has been the co-founder at Crypto Fund, basically a digital asset manager. His successor is all familiar within the crown group of crypto firms. The Zurich digital asset funds provider states on Friday accepting this dilemma of replacing Tobias. However, Philippe seems a right choice to head to the position as a chairman.

Reichmuth is also amongst the co-founders at the firm. Also, he will remain at the same post associating other relating company- Crypto Finance. Crypto Fund is working with great exposure and currently is on a tear.

Back in June, it was the initial crypto manager to secure Switzerland operating asset manager license. The firm expresses shortly following its contemplation expand in Asia.

Cottier is a familiar Swiss former banker and investor. Since 2017, he was on the board with third hierarchy company falling within a group- Crypto Storage. In the management section at Crypto Fund, Bernadette Leuzinger is going to replace Mathias Maurer for the position of operating chief. Also, Maurer will stay the same as finance and risk boss.

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