China’s Oldest Technology Publication Currently Allows Crypto (Bitcoin) for Subscriptions

Beijing Sci-Tech Report (BSTR), China's longest-running technology publication which usually comes out as "Technology Life," is purportedly enabling and activating Bitcoin (BTC) payments for next year’s edition of the publication.

As per the
announcement, readers of Technology Life can today buy a 2019 subscription for 0.01 BTC which is around 450 Yuan, merely by sending the payment to the publication's specific BTC address.

Once Upon a Time in China

Rolled out more than 150 years ago, Technology Life has only lately entered into western markets. It was initially introduced to the US in the year 2015 and the firm has future plans to roll out a Chinese-English version of
Popular Science next year.

Technology Life reveals that in the event that the
Bitcoin price at the end of a subscription time is more than what the client paid at the beginning, the firm will reimburse the difference in price.

It is unclear how this new cryptocurrency payment alternative fits within the country-wide digital currency punitive clampdown by the government of China.

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